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Water Heater Repair Ajax

Smile HVAC is the most reliable company if you are looking for water heater repair, maintenance, and installation technicians in Ajax, Ontario. If you are facing any hot water issues, contact us. We offer all services, ranging from water heater installation to maintenance in Ajax. We are a team of licensed and authorized technicians serving the Ajax region for several years.


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Water Heater Repair Ajax

You pick the best water heater for your home. But, do you know what makes your water heater perform well? It is the professional service that makes it work well. When professionals perform water heater installation, the need for frequent repairs reduces. With a proper water heater maintenance strategy, its performance improves. Googling your way around repairs proves to be costlier than professional water heart repair in Ajax. After choosing the best water heater for your home, it’s time to pick the best installation and repair partner.

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Water Heater Problems in Ajax

Water heaters face problems with time but inspections and services help in avoiding such issues. You can save a lot of money by not buying a new water heater after every 2-3 years by maintaining your current one and repairing it whenever needed. You can contact us for customized water heater maintenance plans. Some of the common problems among water heaters are as follows.

Limited Hot Water

The most common problems are either limited hot water or no hot water at all. What is the benefit of having a water heater if you continue to struggle with hot water? Wrong temperature settings, loose valves, or clogged pipes cause limited hot water. You can try following the troubleshooting tips. But it’s better to seek professional help if the problem continues. We offer water heater repair in Ajax at pocket-friendly rates. We are happy to customize water heater plans as per your needs.

Bad water tank

A water tank usually lasts for 7-10 years. With sediment build-up and rust, it deteriorates over time. One of the best ways to enhance its life is regular water heater maintenance. With it, you can keep your water tank clean. Rusting happens when a wet tank comes in contact with air due to cracks. It is best to get the water heater repaired in Ajax on time to avoid rusting. There is no reversal from rusting, take preventive steps before it gets late.

Cracks and Leaks

A poor water heater installation causes weak connections, loose valves, and cracks. These further cause water leaks. With water heater maintenance, issues can be fixed before they get worse. Professional help is better when it comes to water heater repair in Ajax. With repairs, cracks and broken pipes can be fixed on time. Open cracks cause corrosion, dealing with them on time can save you from expensive replacements.

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in Ajax

Can you imagine taking cold showers during the harsh winters of Ajax? No. Laundry, dishes, and other activities get difficult without hot water. With water heaters, your dependence is so high that it’s hard to even imagine winters without hot water. We understand your needs. That’s why we offer emergency water heater repair in Ajax. With our emergency services, you will have continuous access to hot water.

We offer an emergency repair service for water heater in ajax city. With regular water heater maintenance, you can reduce the possibility of emergencies. To maintain your daily routine, it’s better to keep your water heater up and working. In this busy world, no one has time for water heater repairs in Ajax. If you ever need any service on an urgent basis, contact us.

Best Water Heater Technicians in Ajax

Hire an expert for water heater maintenance and never worry about hot water again. We have the most trusted technicians in ajax to handle all your water heater repairs in Ajax.

Common Water Heater Problems?

  • No Hot Water
  • Smelly or Foul-Tasting Water
  • Leaking Water Heater Tank
  • Strange Noise
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Pilot Light won’t Stay On


What to do when a water heater breaks down?

A quick overview of steps that you can take if your water heater breaks down- Turn off your water heater Turn off the source of water Drain the water tank Book a water heater repair in Ajax For a detailed understanding of how to handle the situation, refer here. We offer professional water heater installation and other services. With proper water heater maintenance, the chances of breakdown reduce drastically.

Do you deal with gas water heaters?

We offer water heater installation and other services for all types and models. Whether it’s gas, solar, or electric, we offer water heater maintenance for all. As long as it’s a water heater, irrespective of any brand, we are your partner for all water heater repairs in Ajax.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts and coupons on water heater installation and other services. For discounts on customized water heater maintenance plans, contact our team. We also offer water heater repair in Ajax at a discounted rate.

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