Do These 7 Things and Your Furnace Will Die in Less Than 1.5 Years

Do These 7 Things and Your Furnace Will Die in Less Than 1.5 Years 02 Nov

Most people take their furnaces for granted. However, just like in a relationship, if you take them for granted, problems start happening! So don’t only assume that your furnace is working entirely as long as you flip the switch and get your home heated. Furnace maintenance should be scheduled even if your furnace is working correctly. It can be harmful to you and your family if you skip it. Please keep reading to discover some tips you should not do to your furnace to keep it working correctly, from the HVAC experts of Toronto furnace repair.

Don’t keep the area around your furnace free of clutter and dust.

Your furnace is powered by fuels or electricity. For this to happen correctly, you need to allow for enough ventilation. The best thing to do is to clear every item around vents and air intakes. If you just got your filters changed, make sure to throw away the old filters and do not let them just lie there next to your furnace. Also, make sure you do not leave anything that could fall on your furnace.

Do not reduce fire risk

Many fires start because of a furnace that is not maintained properly. You do not want this to happen to you. There are many steps you can take to reduce fire risk.

Firstly, many people tend to store combustibles in the basement, and most of the time, that is precisely where the furnace is. Do not make that mistake. Keep any paint, oils, gasoline, and other combustibles away from your furnace, preferably in a separate room.

The same thing applies to all cleaning products and air fresheners. Make sure they are stored far from your furnace.

The ideal is to get your furnace maintained every fall, preferably in October, so that you make sure it is working correctly for winter and keeping you warm during the harsh Canadian winters.

Put your cat’s litter near your furnace.

As said before, most people will have their furnace in the basement. It is also common for cat owners to keep their pet’s litter in the basement, away from everybody’s eyes and far enough, so the smell doesn’t bother the family or guests. The problem with that is that if the litter is close to the furnace, the odor could be carried away into the house through the furnace. Also, your heat exchanger might be corroded by the ammonia fumes. So make sure the litter is far from the furnace at all times.

Do not keep your furnace well lit.

Little things sometimes make a big difference. Most of the time, furnace rooms or basements are lit very poorly. That’s an issue because it makes it harder for your furnace expert to do his job correctly. Make sure your furnace room has enough light to avoid this issue. Similarly, always keep a flashlight in your furnace room with a rechargeable battery. If you have a power outage, you can reach light easily this way.

Not replacing your filter every month to every three months

Do not make the mistake of forgetting about your furnace filters! If they are clogged or dusty, these harmful substances will be spread in your air inside the house. That will create many health issues, especially for the elderly, respiratory problems, and kids. Make sure you schedule a maintenance every month or every three months to have your furnace maintained and your filters replaced.

Not listening for any weird noises coming up from your furnace.

Sometimes, you are just sitting home alone, and then you hear a weird sound coming from the basement or the furnace room. Instead of getting scared that a ghost might be there, or just ignoring the sound, check on your furnace and make sure it is not making any weird sounds. That may indicate that your furnace needs repairing.

Not checking for any weird smells coming from your furnace

Sometimes, furnaces can spread bad smells, like a burnt smell or anything else that is unusual. That indicates that your furnace needs some cleaning done. Sometimes, filters get dusty, and dust piles up so much that it starts burning and emitting a bad smell through your furnace. There are other instances where the furnace spreads terrible odors and other reasons why it happens. Make sure you are aware of this.