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10 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Global warming is increasing day after day and we all are well aware of this fact that if it is not being stopped at the right time, then things would be disastrous for the planet and its inhabitants, including people. In such horrible conditions, all the people need to have air conditioners at home.

Still, along with this, we also want to discuss some of the essential facts due to which the air conditioner doesn’t work appropriately as it should. Sometimes, the air conditioner stops doing its job and instead of blowing cold air, it either blows hot or warm air.

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air

1. Bad Quality Air Filters

The first reason that keeps your air conditioner from blowing cold air is that the AC air filter is not of good quality as it should be. This is important because the pressure and quality of cold air coming out from the air conditioner entirely depend upon this air filter. When air filters are in bad condition, they need to be replaced with better ones.

2. Clogged Air Filters

Also, when the dirt particles get clogged into the air filter, it becomes one of the primary reasons why your air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air. As a result, the air filter needs to be cleaned soon. Make sure to call Smile HVAC for a proper filter cleaning to get your air conditioner up and running quickly!

3. Power Issues

The third reason that could cause your air conditioner not to blow cold air is a power issue. This may sound obvious but if the air conditioner is not blowing out cold air at all, then make sure to check that it is being plugged into an outlet accurately. You should also check that its power cord is still much intact. If both the outlet and the cord are okay, it can be an issue with your electric panel. Air conditioners are appliances that need a lot of power.

4. Ice Buildup

Many different kinds of AC units have a built-in mechanism that automatically shuts down the unit if the filter is clogged out. This is being done to prevent damage to the motor and overheating as well.

The next reason that may make your air conditioner not blow cold air, is ice buildup. There are multiple reasons for the ice buildup in an AC, dirty filters, or the coils that further result in low airflow and even lack of refrigerant as well. Always try to clean up the coil of your air conditioner.

5. Clogged Drains

Many air conditioners remove moisture from the air. However, with clogged drains, the equipment won’t let out clean air and might even stop blowing cold air. Here, the pipe can be replaced or even cleaned up with a mild kind of bleaching solution. Make sure to use gloves if you are brave enough to DIY, else, contact Smile HVAC for quick cleaning.

6. Dirty Compressors

Dirty compressors can also be another common reason. Make sure to clean the compressor regularly and then cover it up with something during the winter season when it is not in use to keep it from becoming dirty. Dust build-up can happen fast, and it is always best to protect it than let it get dirty.

7. Airflow Switch

The next reason behind this is the condensate airflow switch. Some air handlers contain an integrated safety float switch, which shuts off all the units when the drainpipe backs up all along with the water.

8. Low Electricity Voltage

The eighth common reasons behind the air conditioner’s slow cooling are the low electricity voltage. When the voltage of electricity is down in the home, then sometimes, the air conditioner’s output stops working, and ultimately, cooling doesn’t take place in the house at all.

9. Refrigerant Leak

Another reason for this can be due to the low refrigerant level. One of the most common reasons for the lack of cold air is the leak of the refrigerant. Sometimes, there’s a leak, which further drops the refrigerant levels over time.

10. No Maintenance

The last reason that can explain why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air is that air conditioners might not get good service when the summer comes. This happens in many homes. The AC maintenance service once in a season is essential to keep your air conditioner in good shape and ready for the hot summer.


Different reasons have been discussed above why your air conditioner doesn’t blow cold air. In case it is easy for you to spot the problem and solve it on your own, great! If not, don’t panic, Smile HVAC experts are here to help!

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