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10 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

AC units are used and installed by people across the planet. Due to such reasons, there is a high demand for these systems, especially during the hot summer months. By 2050, the international usage of these systems is expected to reach around 5.6 billion.

But at times, these cooling systems can also face unexpected problems, such that they start producing cool air instead of the chilly air it normally does. This type of problem can also occur during the hot months.

However, there are certain reasons why your AC unit is not operating well in the cooling section. Let’s analyze these issues and what you can do to fix them.

AC Blows Cool Air Instead of Cold: Causes and Solutions!

There are several reasons that prove why your AC blowing cool but not cold air, and you will find them noted below:

Reason 1: An Unmaintained External Unit

The outdoor unit is exposed to debris, rain, and even sunlight. For such reasons, it requires proper servicing to operate correctly. When the AC is not blowing cold air, inspect the external unit without any delay.

To make sure it has a good airflow, remove all the grass, weeds, and other things that stop the air from flowing. If it still doesn’t function, it might contain rubbish for which it can’t release the heat. You can clean it or do it yourself or contact an HVAC technician to get the job done.

Reason 2: Frozen or Unclean Evaporator Coil

Another reason your AC blowing cool but not cold air is due to an unclean or rigid evaporator coil. This part is found inside the AC unit. It can cycle the refrigerant right through the coil to soak the humidity and warmth.

When the evaporator coil becomes mucky, it will stop operating correctly. Junk and dirt can make these coils frozen. This can force the AC to shut down quickly, break down, or cycle the room-temperature air.

You must get this issue settled by hiring a repair person. They have the tools to eliminate all the dirt present in these coils.

Reason 3: Blockage in the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line lets the AC unit release the humidity from the indoor air outside your residence. Like a normal pipe, the drain line will gather ice, algae, and even dirt. If the drain line gets clogged/blocked, the condensation will back up into the cooling system.

Blocked drain lines will shut down the AC system. Please call an experienced HVAC technician to resolve this problem.

Reason 4: Low Levels of Refrigerant

One of the primary reasons your AC blowing cool but not cold air is because of less Freon or refrigerant. When the refrigerant spreads with the air, it fills up a space with cold air.

If the refrigerant/Freon levels are much lower, it will not produce cold air. You can get the refrigerant refilled by a skilled technician.

Reason 5: An Poorly Handled Thermostat

The thermostat communicates by switching on/off the AC unit. If it’s broken or doesn’t operate correctly, the AC will not function properly. The home’s interiors will also not get conditioned air.

If the thermostat gets erroneously calibrated, it can force the system to produce warm air. To resolve this matter, investigate the thermostat setting. Check to see whether or not it’s set to “COOL” mode. When the setting is okay, inspect the temperature settings to make sure no one in the house has changed it.

Contact a professional if the registers constantly blow cold air. The professional will check the thermostat and will replace/repair it so that your AC starts to operate again.

Reason 6: An Unfitted AC Unit

Another reason why your AC blows cool but not cold air is when you don’t install the correct AC unit. The system might be way too small or too big for the residence. It’s advised that you don’t just choose a cooling system randomly.

You should learn more about the are where you want to place the AC unit. Check how many windows the space has, how much sunlight gets and so on.

Reason 7: The Compressor Malfunctions

Compressors play a critical role in AC units as they spread and condense the refrigerant in the air conditioner. When the compressor stops operating, it will affect the whole system. The AC will lose its cooling capability, and the vents will deliver warm air. The compressor can malfunction for many reasons, some of which are:

If the compressor is broken or faulty, you must contact a professional who will diagnose and resolve the issue. They are experts in detecting the actual issue and deciding the best action to restore the AC unit.

Reason 8: No Proper Servicing of the AC Unit

Just like all other machines, the air conditioner also requires good supervision so that it functions well. A professional mechanic will begin the servicing by adjusting the filters and checking all the other parts of the AC unit.

You should get the maintenance work twice every year. One servicing should be done during the springtime and the other during the fall season. The technician will inspect the HVAC system and make all the repairs/replacements right before the weather gets hotter.

Proper servicing will not just enable the AC unit to run efficiently but will also reduce unwanted breakdowns and costly issues.

Reason 9: Leaks in the Ductwork

When the air blows out the ducts but does not cool your room, you must inspect where the air is going. If there are leaks in the ductwork, the conditioned air will flee before it reaches the room. This conditioned air will make specific rooms warmer while other spaces will feel much colder. To get it fixed, you must call the technician for the job. Fixing the leaks in the ductwork can improve the efficiency and the performance.

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It’s important to stay well aware of why your AC blowing cool but not cold air. Once you know what the problem is, you can hire experienced and skilful experts from Smile HVAC. Our professional can swiftly identify the issue and fix it promptly.

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