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Why My Air Conditioner Is Making A Weird Noise?

Written by Mahima

An air conditioner keeps our temperament sane when the outside ones unleash. However, if your air conditioner is making noise, the pleasant feeling will no longer be there. Most Air conditioners are equipped with technology that dampens the sound to 25-55 decibels. Compared to modern window Air conditioners, the central ducting HVAC units are louder. If your air conditioner is making noise, it indicates a problem that needs to be resolved.

air conditioner making noise

Reason Behind Air Conditioners Making Noise?

There can be various reasons why your AC is making weird sounds. Usually, damage over time is the leading cause. However, other reasons may include the location of your Air Conditioner, whether proper maintenance was done regularly or not, usage, etc.

Did you know that you can get to the root cause of the Air Conditioner malfunction with what kind of sound it is making? If not, here is your guide to why your air conditioner is suddenly noisy.

1. Shrieking Noise from AC

If your HVAC unit is letting out high-volume screeching or shrieking noise, there may be more than one reason.

Damaged Belt: The older HVAC units used belts to connect the motor and the blower. Over time, the belt gets loose or worn out, which results in high-pitched noise. In this case, the belt needs a replacement.

Impaired Motor: In newer systems, the condenser motor is responsible for pulling the air across the compressor. The squealing noise is due to impaired motor bearings. You will be able to hear the noise from outdoor units, hinting toward reinstatement.

2. AC Making Rattling Noise

Has your AC started sounding like a toddler’s rattle toy, only louder? Two minor reasons can be behind it.

Dirt in Condensor: The condenser can get dirty due to tiny dirt particles, leaves, and twigs getting caught in it. But this is not a significant problem, and all you need to do is clean the condenser regularly, yourself, or with the help of a professional.

Loose Parts: Usually, screws and other parts can get loose and out of place due to the vibration in the Air Conditioner. The loose parts result in a chattering sound. Make sure to check and fasten the loose parts before they cause significant damage.

3. Banging/Hammering AC Noise

Mainly, a faulty condenser is the culprit behind an air conditioner making an intense banging noise. Other possible issues may also cause the noise.

Broken Compressor: If you hear a banging noise as you switch on the AC, it is primarily due to a damaged compressor. The most favorable solution will be to get a new AC as replacing the compressor can be quite pricey.

Imbalanced/Damaged Fan Motor: Like a compressor, your fan motor can get damaged or imbalanced over time. You can pinpoint the noise to the broken fan motor if it is coming from inside the unit. Get in touch with an HVAC specialist to take better stock of the situation.

4. AC Making Wheezing/Hissing Sound

Do you wonder if a snake has gotten inside your HVAC unit due to hissing noises? However, that’s not the case; the likely causes can be as follows:

Refrigerant/Compressor Valve Leak: The refrigerant line can impair over time, resulting in leakage. A hissing sound is most likely due to a refrigerant leak. To resolve it, contact an HVAC professional. Also, the compressor valve can get broken and lead to imbalanced pressure in the refrigerant.

Excess Pressure Inside Compressor: The compressor is to blame if the hissing sound has converted into a high-pitched shrill. Shut down your AC immediately as the high-pressure inside compressor can be pretty dangerous.

5. Pulsating Noise from AC

A low pulsating sound from your HVAC unit is nothing to worry about. But if you can hear the outdoor unit pulsating from your room, it needs to be checked.

Parts Loosening: The outdoor pulsating noise can be due to a loose coil or fan blade. In such a case, fasten the loose parts and resolve your problem. Sometimes, the parts can get damaged over time, in which case replacement is needed.

Plastic Base or Walls in Contact with AC: A plastic base supporting the AC can make the entire unit pulsate. In this case, replace the plastic base with a wooden one. Another reason for the noise could be refrigerant lines touching the walls. To prevent this, add insulation using foam or rubber.

6. Air Conditioner Making Whistling Noise

The whistling noise is not problematic like other noises, but it can indicate an issue in the AC unit. Let’s look at some of the probable reasons.

Leaking AC Duct: If your home has central AC ducting, a leak in the unit can sound like someone is whistling. Moreover, the leak can increase your bill due to some energy loss. Hence, try sealing the duct correctly.

Dirt in Air Filters: Your AC can make a high whistling sound due to excessive pressure on the blower motor. When air filters get clogged, the motor puts extra pressure to blow air. Thus, making the air pass through cracks make a whistling sound.

AC Creating Buzzing Noise

Buzzing noise from the air conditioner can be attributed to various causes, and it can be low or high, depending on the root cause.

Debris/Lose Parts: The waste in the HVAC unit accumulated over time, or any loose parts can create vibrations. Hence, you need to clean the unit and replace the loose parts to prevent buzzing noise.

Damaged Capacitor: A worn-out capacitor can lead to friction and restrain the AC fan from working. You need to call an AC technician for a proper inspection and solution.

AC Parts Freezing Up: The buzzing sound can also come from the freezing of AC parts. Refrigerant leaks, low thermostat levels, etc., are some of the possible reasons for AC parts freezing up, which need an inspection from an HVAC technician.

Wire Issue: Some wires may come loose over time or rub against each other due to obstruction. Hence, the reasonable solution is to keep them insulated and covered at all times to avoid sparking and noise.

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