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Top 7 Common Air Conditioner Parts that Are Prone to Break

Air Conditioner is an electronic appliance that makes your summer life easy by cooling your room. It acts on the surrounding air of the room through a refrigeration cycle and replaces the warm air with a cooler one. Almost every home, especially located in a tropical climate looks needs the presence of air conditioners in their rooms to beat the summer heat and humidity.

When it comes to the maintenance of these electric devices, they need regular servicing before the beginning and at the end of the season. This always keeps them in running condition and ensures a problem-free summer tenure. However, being a machine, it may be prone to breakdowns.

Following Air Conditioner Parts that Are Prone to Break

The AC is a complex machine in itself and is made up of different parts that have functions linked to them. It consists of air filters, capacitors, fan motor, evaporator coils, compressor, contractor, fuses, fan blade, and a cover.

Any machine that has a set of parts working together to make it work is prone to breaking down too. Sometimes, a part gets affected and it starts interfering in the functioning of the other parts too hence, they need immediate attention when the symptoms manifest.

Air Filters

Air filters are like the lungs of the air conditioner which are neither a part that reflects any motion nor are they responsible for the electric function of the machine. Yet, they form a vital part of the air conditioner since they filter the air coming into your rooms and keep it clean. If the filters gather more dust than usual, they might cease to perform their function, and hence, it is vital to replace them if your usage of the ac is more. Also, you should look forward to changing them if you have pets at home or somebody has asthma at home.

Contactor / Capacitors

These are the parts of the machine that ask for maximum attention in the whole unit. And the reason is that they are the electrical parts of the air conditioner and hence, most of the wear and tear of the machine happens in the run/start capacitors along with the contractor, motors, fans, and wiring. Hence, during the entire life of your air conditioner, they are most likely to be changed more than once. Since, these run with electricity, it is best to get these checked once in two months to ensure there are no accidents at home. Also, these parts are dangerous and costly. So, do not try to fix them yourselves. Leave it to our experts to handle.

Blower Motor / Fan Motor

The compressor of your ac might get some rest when you plan to not have more cooling in the room but the fans are the most worked up part since they are always running. Thus, there may come a point when the fan blades face obstruction in their mobility or need some oiling on their hinges. The motors too at times burn because of excessive use. Our expert staff ensures to check the blower, motor, fans, and other parts for any kind of technical snag or failure which might occur if not taken care of.

Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils attract the maximum dust in the air conditioner machines that tend to interfere with their normal functioning. If they are not given due attention, they become more vulnerable to corrosion that creates tiny perforations in the sealed system. This can cause havoc since, this can lead to the release of refrigerant into the air, damaging them permanently. This problem may not be detected by the owners or the people who are in direct contact with the AC and hence, it makes it even more dangerous. These leakages can very well be taken care of by our technicians who use special equipment to detect and repair these leakages.


The most hardworking and expensive part of your air conditioner is the compressor which shares a heavy load of cooling your home. And since, it is always at work, it is one of the most sought parts of an AC service. The compressor can fail because of the dirty coils which make it run at a higher temperature and hence, might need a replacement. If the refrigerant lines are blocked, there can be a rise in the internal pressure which puts an extra burden on the system and might lead to the compressor exploding.


There can be times when you find out that your air conditioner is not running in the same manner that it was on the first day of the air conditioner installation, chances are there might be a leakage in the duct. This can result in the dissipation of almost 40% of the energy from an air conditioner, making you run for your money all the time. The ducts that are present outside should be well insulated with a clayey kind of material that can be painted on the ducts. This can be pretty rewarding for you since you tend to get an additional half a ton of the ac capacity simply by covering up the leaks.

Defective Thermostat.

The AC doesn’t work because of the malfunctioning of other parts of the unit. One of the most vital parts of the unit is the thermostat that measures the temperature and guides the machine on when to switch on and off. If the thermostat gets defective, it may instruct wrongly the AC unit to run when it should not and vice versa.

The lifespan of the furnace is usually 17 years after which it needs replacement. However, with the advent of new technology, companies are producing units with 40 years of lifespan. However, in both cases, the AC maintenance of the end user matters. For instance, air filters need to be constantly cleaned. Get the service of the unit regularly that takes care of everything in itself as all the faults can be taken care of.

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