Air Conditioner is Making Clicking Noises. What to Do?

Air Conditioner is Making Clicking Noises. What to Do? 04 Feb

Climate is not stable in Canada, and more often, we need the services of an air conditioner to survive in the houses, offices, and even in our vehicles. Air conditioners make it possible for people to regulate the temperature in the house. However, if you want to enjoy your air conditioner for a long time, you need to maintain it well. If your AC starts making unusual noises, you need to take actions immediately. It is an indicator of something wrong. Is your air conditioner clicking? An air conditioner could be making noise due to different reasons. Read to know the common causes.

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Clicking?

Cause 1: Fan Obstruction

One of the main reasons why an air conditioner is making clicking noise is fan obstruction. The clicking sound increases with time as the unit becomes warmer. It could be due to the fan blades hitting the AC inside. In this case, the clicking sound is heard every time the blade hits the body. This will continue until the obstruction is either removed or the blade breaks. In such a case, the first step is to check the fan unit inside the air handler. You need to assess whether any obstacles are blocking the AC fan.

Cause 2: Capacitor Control Board Issues

In this case, usually, air conditioners produce a click sound at the start up time. It happens as the thermostat sends a signal to the capacitor to fire up the system, and this is usually a single click sound. If the click sound persists and the unit fails to turn on, the system may have an electrical problem.

In this case, the thermostat could be sending a signal to the capacitor. The command cannot be executed since the wires have been shorted together or the capacitor control switch or the relay could be faulty. In such a case, the best action to solve the problem would be to call a professional technician to inspect the AC system and do the necessary repairs.

Cause 3: Compressor Hardware Problem

Sometimes the clicking sound could be coming from the outside. It could be due to a problem with the compressor. The problem with the compressor could come as a result of the loose bolts. Besides, flexible refrigerant tubing could be another reason for the air conditioner making a clicking noise. It causes the tubing to hit the frame of the air conditioner hence producing a continuous clicking sound.

Vibrations sometimes accompany this sound. The potential solution to this problem could be tightening the bolts or removing any debris within the unit. Furthermore, the clicking sound is accompanied by a gurgling sound, and this could be due to the problem with the refrigerant line. You need to call an expert technician to look at the system before any repairs are done. It is to ensure that correct fixations are done to avoid further damage to the AC system.

Cause 4: Icing of the Unit

Another problem could be that the unit is icing up. In this case, the clicking sound comes in a form of cracking and popping sounds. It happens when the temperature has been set too low. The faulty drainage system of the unit could be another reason. AC units are made with sensors to detect the formation of ice. The sensor turns off automatically to allow thawing. In this case, you will hear cracking as the ice echoes within the system. The noises might stop after a while, and the system will be okay. This means that the ice has melted out and drained out properly.

If the system makes a noise again, this is a signal of a potential problem within the unit. It may need to have a professional inspect the system and carry out the necessary repairs. It is also possible for you to check and see whether the system is draining properly. Sometimes the pan could be full of water, meaning that the drainage system is clogged and the solution lies in unclogging the system. The instructions for doing this might be provided in the user manual.


ACs are necessary items in houses as they play a role in cooling the homes. However, they get faulty over time. The first signal of a broken item is unusual sounds coming from the elements. You must take action immediately and assess the source of the noise at the early stages. The first time you hear the unusual noise, detect the problem and solve it before it becomes risky for the system. Sometimes DIY repair of the system may be helpful and bring the system back to normal condition. However, in cases where you are not sure of what to do, it becomes necessary that a professional is involved in the inspection, detection, and fixing of the problem. If the problem has gotten bad enough, there could be more significant additional damage. Some issues could be due to electrical problems which may pose a danger to an unqualified person repairing. It is wise to call experts to inspect and repair your system.

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