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Best Central Air Conditioner To Buy In Canada

Written by Mahima

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Are you planning to install a central air conditioning unit to keep your entire house cooler? Wondering which is the best central air conditioner available in Canada?

Then here is your brief guide on what is the best air conditioner for you and your house.

Investing in a central air conditioning unit is a pricey affair, and you want to gain the maximum value for your money through ultimate comfort from your AC. Hence, it is vital to first know what you should be looking for in a central air conditioner before making your final decision.

Things to consider while buying a Central Air Conditioner For Your Home

You may be confused about what to look into in an air conditioner. There are just too many features and aspects in the market! After reading these five things, you will be able to make your decision with much more clarity.

5 Best Central Air Conditioner To Buy In Canada

Let’s look into five credible air conditioner brands and their models.

1. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning

American standard the most reliable ac in canada

American Standard is one of the most dependable brands in the Canadian market when it comes to picking a new air conditioner for your house. They have three air conditioner ranges, namely platinum, gold, and silver. The brand is also known for bringing innovation with every model and is famous for its features, such as there Aero Quiet II system.

SEER: up to 22

Price Range: $2000 to $5800

Warranty: 12-10 years

High Ranked Models:



Shop now on the American Standard Website

2. Lennox Air Conditioners (Recommended)

lennox the best air conditioner in canada

Lennox is one of the high-end brands that give ultimate value for the price paid. It is known to have the highest SEER rating. Hence, it is extremely energy efficient and easier on your electricity bills. Moreover, It is also one of the quietest ones with intense innovation and credible performance.

SEER: up to 28

Price Range: $2500 to $6000

Warranty: 10 years

High Ranked Models:



Shop now on the Lennox Website

3. Carrier AC

Carrier is one of the most superior and celebrated air conditioning brands. It is the oldest air conditioning company, with its reach in almost 170 countries. Since its inception, Carrier has become a household name which signifies its trustworthiness. The brand is known for its quietest condensers due to its quality chassis and insulation.

SEER: up to 21

Price Range: $2200 to $6000

Warranty: 10 years



High Ranked Models:

Shop now on the Carrier Website

4. Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman Air conditioners

Goodman is a huge name in the air conditioning industry and has its operations worldwide. Hence, it also has a massive range of AC models suitable for every need. The brand is also known for its affordable price range and highly durable manufacturing. Goodman is one of those rare companies that offer a lifetime warranty on specific models.

SEER: up to 19

Price Range: $1500 to $4800

Warranty: Lifetime to 10 years

High Ranked Models:



Shop now on the Goodman Website

5. Trane Air Conditioners

Trane Best air conditioners in canada

Trane has won many accolades, including North America’s most trusted HVAC brand. Hence, overall customer satisfaction is relatively high. One of its most remarkable features is the linkage of thermostats with smartphones for optimum control and operation. It is also known as Spine Fin Coil, which is made of aluminum, rendering faster cooling and minimal corrosion.

SEER: up to 25

Price Range: $3400 to $5800

Warranty: 10 years

High Ranked Models:



Shop Air Conditioners on Trane’s official website

Tip To Remember While Buying A Central Air Conditioner

No matter which brand or model you go for while choosing your central air conditioning system, make sure the size is sufficient for your entire house. The whole purpose of buying the best central air conditioner will get defeated if the cooling is not consistent in every room. Moreover, make sure that you get your central AC regularly serviced for longevity and better performance in the humid summers of Canada.

If you need help with your air conditioner in the Toronto and the GTA area. Call us at 437-777-4555. We will help you to choose the best air conditioner for your house.

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Which central air conditioner is the most reliable?

Lennox is one of the most trusted air conditioner brands in Canada. Lennox Have a great variety of air conditioner system for different needs making it affordable and convenient to everyone's need.

What size central air conditioner Do I need in Canada?

The size of the central air conditioner totally depends on the area the air conditioner will be used for. The bigger the area the bigger the air conditioner system you need.

How do I choose an air conditioner in Canada?

First of all, you need to find what size air conditioner you need for your space. Then the question comes is what brand suits your budget and requirement.

What SEER rating should I buy in Canada?

In Canada, an air conditioner works for a maximum of 3 months a year. So your investment in a high-efficiency air conditioner will come back in 10-15 or even 20 years. Is it worth it?