4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Furnace for Your Home 18 Sep

Your home. Your heat. Getting both just right is essential in creating your very best nest; one you and your family can thrive in and enjoy for many, many years. That perfect temperature welcomes you every time you step through the door, every time you serve a meal, relax with friends and drift off to sleep. In this article, we are going to provide information on how to choose the right furnace. Getting that ideal temperature depends totally on the heating system you select.

Being extremely careful about how you make that selection will affect your family’s wellbeing now and in the years to come. As daunting as that may seem, it truly isn’t. Your choices are easy, once you target your specific needs and seek accurate information keeping these four considerations in mind:


Not too big. Not too small. Determining the correct size of furnace for your home is vital to providing you with adequate comfort while not requiring unnecessary heat and fuel costs.

Factors that need to be considered include your home’s square footage and insulation as well as how high your ceilings are and how many windows you have. A furnace that is too large can result in uneven heat, as well as frequent on/off creating a shorter lifespan and expensive furnace repairs.

A furnace that is too small won’t be able to keep up with outdoor cold temps and will run constantly also causing a shorter lifespan and costly repairs. An appropriately sized furnace will warm evenly and gradually thereby creating less stress on the system and longer furnace life.

Energy Efficiency

Although oil and electric heat are still viable options, natural gas furnaces remain most popular in Ontario. What you must remember, however, when purchasing a gas furnace is that you still need electricity to operate your furnace’s motor. Always ensure you are buying the most efficient motor for your system.

Ask your contractor about the energy benefits of an electronically commutated motor that starts and runs gradually, thereby reducing motor stress and lasting longer. Other options to think about including are air filtration and humidity control. It often makes good sense to address your entire HVAC system when exploring a new furnace. Your contractor will bundle together everything you need for comfort and efficiency. The question on how to choose the right furnace usually comes down to the energy efficiency and the size of your house.

You’ll save up to 6% energy by considering only ENERGY STAR®-certified models, and remember that high-efficiency furnaces gain their reputations through 92 to 97 percent efficiency, as opposed to older models which the only rate about 65 percent efficiency.

The cost of your new furnace will rise in accordance with its energy efficiency but you are sure to reap long term savings.

Energy efficiency can be found by looking at your furnace’s EnerGuide label which will provide you with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating.


Your furnace should last fifteen to twenty years and it will, with proper maintenance.

High-efficiency furnaces are always your best choice and you can maximize that efficiency and life by keeping the filters clean. This means changing them regularly. A good rule is to change furnace filters every three months but that may become more frequent when considering factors like pollen or drywall dust.

An end of summer service check-up should also be on your annual calendar. A licensed contractor will vacuum away all debris, as well as clean the blower and pilot light. Keeping your furnace clean now will benefit your system for many years to come and save you on later maintenance costs.

Being careful about furnace maintenance isn’t just for the sake of your furnace, it’s also essential in maintaining your family’s health. It will lower your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In Ontario, in addition to maintaining the safe operation of your furnace through regular service, you must also install a carbon monoxide detector outside of all bedrooms and on every floor of your home.

Hire the Right Contractor

The heating, ventilating and cooling of your home is a huge task and one that should not be taken lightly. You need to be comfortable with the end result and feel secure during the entire installation process. Choosing your HVAC system should only be trusted to an experienced, professional contractor. They can give you full information about how to choose the right furnace for your home.

A qualified, licensed contractor will walk you through the purchase, installation and maintenance process easily and efficiently. In Ontario, make sure your licensed HVAC contractor is registered with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority.

Always be sure to get three contractor’s quotes in writing. Their estimates should include your home’s size as well as construction and overall layout, complete with a specific calculation of heat loss. They should also address the suitability of your existing ductwork for the heating system they are recommending, and advise you on what changes will be necessary. In addition to supplying you with replacement details and warranty information, a good, reputable contractor will detail how they intend to maintain the new furnace as well as how they will be disposing of the furnace they are replacing.

Also, check for insurance coverage and references. You can verify references, credentials and reviews of all potential contractors through the Better Business Bureau. When you are investigating each contractor, a good start is to look over their website, making sure they are detailed and explicit regarding their company’s business practices.

Finally, after your furnace is installed, be sure you have it inspected by a Technical Standards and Safety Authority representative. All of your careful attention will pay off through the safety, value and longevity of your new furnace.

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