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Cost Of Central Air Conditioners in Vaughan

Welcoming summer in Vaughan is delightful; after all, you all have said goodbye to chilly, snowy weather. What if you have to endure the scorching heat, resulting in profuse sweating, rash, and burns?

This situation can get worse if you do not have the right central air conditioning for your house in Vaughan.

In this blog, you will know the actual cost of central air conditioning in Vaughan. Along with this, we are also going to tell you about the things that affect their price and which is the right option for you. So, let’s start with that and consider a breakdown of the cost model for Central AC in Vaughan, Canada.

How much does it cost to buy a central air conditioner in Vaughan?

The cost of central AC in Vaughan, Canada can range between $2,500 to $8,500 or more. Depending on the number of aspects like model, brand, capacity, size, type, etc can increase or decrease the price of a central air conditioner in Vaughan.

Let’s talk about each factor individually and understand how they affect the price of a brand-new AC.

Factor’s Affecting the Price of an Air Conditioner in Vaughan

Brand & Manufacturer Of the Air Conditioner

Depending on the manufacturer’s decision to launch at what price, the selling cost of a Central AC varies. It may be economic and regulatory constraints that will affect the actual cost of a central air conditioner. However, this does not diminish or undermine the impact of brand identity on the cost of units.

When shopping for AC units, you will find a variety of reputable brands across Vaughan. Introducing central air conditioners at a competitive price is an often task of almost every brand.

Due to brand goodwill, quality factors, and other modalities, the cost of the product varies between manufacturers. These brands can be broken down into three major categories, which often offer variations in the cost of their units:

Premium/Luxury tier manufacturers or Brands

Luxury tier brands, as the name suggests, are well known and are said to be market players, after all, they sell their products at the highest price without compromising on quality.

In general, they are the brands that deliver products to high-end consumers who are able to pay more to satisfy their lavish needs. They consider their luxurious demands by giving thousands of rupees more than necessary.

The cost of premium air conditioner brands in Vaughan is as follows:

• American Standard ($2,099 to $2,399)
• Carrier ($2, 299 to $3, 399)
Lennox ($2,199 to $3,099)
• Rheem
• Trane
• Bryant
• Ruud

However, the average cost of the premium Central AC brand category is anywhere from $3,500 to $ 8,500 or above.

Mid-range tier manufacturers/ brands

One of the cost-effective categories, mid-range tie brands, is quite famous among users.

Products from mid-range brands are excellent in terms of quality, cost, and efficiency, and most importantly, a great substitute for cheaper units. They have innovative technology, additional features, and higher SEER than brands in the least category.

For mid-price air conditioners, an average efficiency rating is typically between 13- 24.5 percent. This is why these central ac units are ideal options in terms of cost-effectiveness and price.

Speaking of famous manufacturers in the mid-range tier category, which includes the following:

• Amana
• Armstrong
• Heil
• Coleman
• Luxaire
• ComfotMaker
• Payne
• Napoleon
• Tempstar
• Daikin, etc.

However, the average cost of a mid-range central air conditioner in Vaughan can cost from $2,000, which ranges up to $5,000.

Economy-tier manufacturers/brands

Under Economy tier brands, the cost of an air conditioner is generally less, with the least features and higher utility. In addition to additional components, you’ll get a decent air conditioner at an affordable price.

Like upper-tier designs that come with all the whistles and bells, you can’t expect all those things from this category. Still, these manufacturers offer ample pocket-friendly units for your cooling needs.

Some of the notable brands from this category include:

• York
• Keeprite
• Goodman

However, the average cost of a central air conditioner from the economy tier is approximately $1,8oo, up to $4,800 or more.

2. Installation Charges of Central AC Unit

The cost of installing differs from the cost of buying a central AC. Some brands provide equipment with a price, while some do not. The installation cost is equally important when it comes to buying for ac unit.

However, the installation cost of a central air conditioner in Vaughan is typically $3,000, ranging up to $7,500 depending on location and size.

Undoubtedly, installing an AC is quite difficult as there are many components involved, like a fluid exchange, air handler, vents in some cases, etc. The installation cost covers the purchase and fixing of all these counterparts.

Simply put, numerous other elements influence the cost while installing a central AC. To know more about these elements, check the below aspects:

Air Conditioner Ducts

As a flow system to control temperature, having vents and ducts is important when installing a central air conditioner. To own a central AC, you must have suitable ductwork. There’s no need to do this if your space may already have holes in it.

While there are some split-ductless systems that generally use an air handler without vents. If you don’t want to do a major structural renovation or your home doesn’t have ductwork, opting for these units is a great option. But keep in mind that they are costlier than traditional central AC units.

In choosing between a ducted or ductless system, your expert will consider the wall structure and age of the home before making some suggestions. Both the installation process of these systems is slightly different from each other. Despite this, the price of buying and installing ducts anywhere ranges from $500 to $2,400.

3. Home Evaluation For Air Conditioner

Depending on your apartment/house’s size, requirements, and condition, every central AC installation work will be different and unique. If you don’t have an HVAC expert evaluation of your home, you can’t install central AC. It doesn’t matter who you hire as an installation specialist, they will probably suggest that you inspect the site before completing the work. With the pre-installation process, it is quite easy to find out the aspects affecting the project in the upcoming settings.

And avoiding this step will not ensure the success of the entire project. By following this important part, you can save a lot of money, don’t worry, it costs more than $350. From this step, you will be able to determine which AC unit is suitable for installation in your location.

In Vaughan, the estimated cost of a pre-installation evaluation is $400, up to $2,000. The cost will vary depending on the level of auditing you consider and how large your home is.

4. Charges of HVAC Technician To Install

Unless you are an expert, installing a central air conditioner can be difficult and overwhelming. In such a case, you will need to choose a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC specialist to ensure that the installation will be done appropriately. This means the labor fees of the technician will have to be spent. Well, labor charges are an essential part of installation charges.

As discussed above, the installation charge may differ based on your space’s shape, design, and size. The central air conditioners’ energy efficiency rating may also affect the money you will need to spend on the system.

5. Capacity and Size of Central Air Conditioner Unit

Generally, the larger the equipment, the more it will cost to buy and transport it. The same fact applies to a central AC as well. For installation and initial purchase, larger AC units demand a higher cost. Therefore, the bigger the unit you will likely buy, the more money you should have.

Note that the size of the space you want to cool will also affect how large the AC unit should be. Consider the efficiency of a central unit, in our opinion, over the large size. In tonnage, the size of the AC is calculated, and it is often directly proportional to the capacity of the AC.

One significant advantage of owning larger AC units is that they are more efficient. This does not mean smaller units are less efficient; some small AC have higher efficiencies but are not common.

The average price of a Central AC in each size category is as follows:

Central AC ( Size Category) Price in Canadian dollars
1.5 Ton AC $2,400- $3,200
2 Ton AC $2,600-$3,500
2.5 Ton AC $2,800-$3,800
3 Ton AC $3,000-$4,100
3.5 Ton AC $3,2000-$4,500
4 Ton AC $3,300-$5,000
5 Ton AC $3,500-$6,000

Final Words:

The price of buying a brand-new central air unit can be quite overwhelming. Depending on the size of the apartment, and the size of the AC size you own, the cost can be as high as $8,500 or high. But having a central AC is a must when it comes to comfort and convenience. You can spend less and save more when you hire experts out of season. Check out the affordable AC above in the blog and installation expert.