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Cost To Replace Furnace in Ontario

Written by Akshita

If your furnace is giving you signs of replacing it, then the first thought that will cross your mind is how much the furnace replacement will cost.

With Ontario winters, one cannot take risk of waiting till the last moment to replace the furnace. The decision has to be taken beforehand and it becomes more difficult if you have no idea how much the replacement is going to cost you.

Typically, the furnace replacement cost in Ontario falls in the price range of $2000 to $5500. Although the final cost varies depending on various factors such as the model, installation type, warranty, brand, and size.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Replacing The Furnace

Cost Depending On The Budget You Have

There are different furnaces that fall into different price range categories. And depending on your budget you can choose your new furnace. We can simply divide the furnaces into three categories i.e., high-range, mid-range, and low-range.

Cost Depending On The Brand You Pick

A brand name can have a good impact on your cost to replace your furnace. A popular brand furnace will cost you more than a furnace with an unpopular brand. Brands like Lennox, Bryant, Carrier, and Goodman are quite popular brands that make furnaces of higher quality. And it is rightly said, the higher the quality more the probability it last longer. So, choosing the right brand furnace for your home is very important.

Cost Depending on the Model you pick

Different brands come in different models. All the furnace models come with an efficiency rating which is the main factor that affects the price of your furnace. The more efficient your furnace is, the more its cost will be. A high-quality furnace also has a highly efficient venting system as well as multiple fan speeds to suit your individual needs.

The efficiency rating of any furnace is measured by its AFUE rating i.e., annual fuel utilization efficiency. So, if your gas furnace comes with a 95% AFUE rating. It means that for every dollar spent, 95 cents will be spent on heating your home. So, the higher the AFUE rating, the higher the efficiency of your furnace.

But as said before, the higher the efficiency of your furnace higher the cost of replacing your furnace will be. But if we consider it in long term then a more efficient furnace will help you in saving your fuel cost over time and provide value for the extra cost you paid before.

Cost Depending On The Size You Pick

Picking up the right size furnace for your home is as important as picking the right brand and model. Depending on the size of your home, the right size model should be chosen. Not always bigger is better. If you choose a furnace that is way much bigger or smaller for your home then it will start up or stop more often.

A big furnace will heat up your home too quickly through shorter heating cycles whereas a small furnace will take too long to heat up your space and hence will increase your fuel cost. The correct size furnace is important as it will heat your home the way you want with fewer stops and starts. This will ultimately result in increasing the life span of your furnace.

Cost Depending On The Type Of Furnace You Pick

Cost Depending On The Warranty

As you already know the better the warranty the more will be the cost to replace your furnace. But, choosing a good warranty along with your furnace is always a good option. It is good to have a furnace backed up with a good warranty. Also, if a company is providing a warranty along with its product, it means it is a good sign that the furnace is well-built and will last you longer. A low-built quality furnace will come with less or no warranty at all. So, it can be a good factor to consider while choosing your furnace.

Cost Depending On The Installation Type

The installation plays an important role in your furnace replacement cost. It is always recommended to opt for a professional expert for your installation who is certified and skilled in installing furnaces. No matter how expensive your furnace is, if it is not installed properly then you will not be benefitted from it.

A professional may cost you more but it is important to choose someone who knows what he is doing and doesn’t damage your new furnace. Also, the overall price will go up if you have your current furnace in oil and want to convert it into gas. If your furnace can be installed upside down or sideways, then it is a sign of a good furnace. For furnace installation near Toronto call Smile HVAC.

Cost Depending On The Location You Are Located

Generally, the prices are the same within Ontario. But, if you are from a far more rural location where there are no local options and long driving hours are required to reach, then you need to pay a bit more. But, if you are located in larger areas like Toronto or Mississauga where there is stiff competition and many companies are available, then you may have to pay lower prices for your furnaces.