Quick Checklist on How to Troubleshoot Broken Furnace

Quick Checklist on How to Troubleshoot Broken Furnace 06 Nov

There is probably nothing as disturbing as working the whole day and coming home to find out that your furnace has broken down, especially during the cold months. A comfortable home during the winter season requires a fully functional furnace. However, these are things that we do not have control over. Even if you are maintaining your furnace frequently, there might be a day where your furnace breaks down. It is recommended that you seek an expert if the problem appears to be complicated. Smile HVAC provides professional furnace repair services in Toronto. Whether you need their services for a quick emergency or schedule an annual repair appointment, their experienced technicians can work on any furnace model.

Read on for advice on how to repair and quickly troubleshoot furnace problems.

Furnace Fails to Turn On

Failing to switch on is one of the most apparent signs that your furnace is malfunctioning. Before anxiety and stress can creep into your mind, there are simple solutions you can implement to repair it.

Check the Thermostat

In this case, you will take a look to ensure that the thermostat is set correctly. This is the easiest way of solving the problem. The thermostat could be causing it because of reasons such as the thermostat temperature being too low to start the furnace, the thermostat is set to cool instead of heating, or it is too close to a high-temperature source and therefore leading to false readings.

Tripping Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker won’t trip itself; something must have caused it. In this case, you will simply need to check the circuit pane and ensure that it is turned OFF. Then you will turn ON the circuit. If there is a fuse that has blown, a replacement should be done accordingly. There is also a switch near the furnace that could turn the furnace ON or OFF. It will be prudent to countercheck to ascertain that no one accidentally flicked it.

Check the Pilot Light or the Ignition Problem

A pilot light is found in the older models of furnaces while the ignition is located in the modern ones. Standing pilot light or ignition has the potential of causing the furnace’s failure to turn ON. You can use a screwdriver to open the furnace’s cover panel to have an exact look at the pilot light and then relight it. The blue color is attributed to a successful pilot light. However, if the color appears to be yellow or orange, it is multifunctional, and it needs a replacement.

Furnace Running Continuously

Sometimes your furnace may fail to turn off and will just run constantly. This may be very uncomfortable for some people as the house will continually be warm. There are simple steps to find a solution to this.

Check the Thermostat

In this scenario, the primary area you will check is in the setting section at “heat.” It should be “auto” and not “ON.” There is a difference between “auto” and “ON.” “Auto” means that your furnace will operate automatically depending on the surrounding temperatures. Therefore, if the cold temperature persists, the furnace will continue to ensure a specific set temperature is maintained. The “ON” setting will hold hostage your gas bill as it will continue to blast the heat.

Ensure Your Ducts are not Leaking

It is essential to ensure that the ducts are properly functioning and there are no leakages. A house cannot heat to its thermostat if the heat keeps on spilling along the way. Therefore, duct leakages could be harmful to the overall distribution of heat in the house. This problem could, however, be solved. To identify the area where the duct is leaking, explore the ductwork while the furnace is working. Once you locate the precise leaking point, tape it.

Furnace Turning ON and OFF and Blowing Cold Air

It isn’t comforting when a furnace keeps on turning ON and OFF and blowing the cold air. Many users will wonder about doing in such circumstances. You do not have to replace your furnace if you experience this kind of problem. There is a simple solution that you can implement to rectify the situation.

Clean the Air Filter of the Furnace

The air filter’s primary function in a furnace is to reduce the possibility of contaminated air distributed in your house. By nature, nothing functions efficiently forever; the air filter of the furnace will be clogged with debris. When the air filter is clogged, it may lead to restriction of the flow of air, funnel running for a more extended period something that will lead to overheating and as a result distributing cold air, reduced quality of air, turning ON and OFF of the furnace, and even total shutdown of the entire system. This should not cause you anxiety as it can be solved.

To solve the issue, you will need to check and replace your air filter. To check the air filter condition, you need to remove it then hold it against the light. If you cannot see through it, then it is probably clogged, and it needs replacement. It is quite a simple process. All you will need is switch OFF your furnace, trace the air filter’s location, and replace it manually.

Call Smile HVAC to Fix Your Furnace

A furnace plays a vital role in our lives when it comes to changing environmental conditions. During the cold season, a furnace comes in hand by bringing warmth. Equally, during the warm season, it aids in getting a cool breeze. However, it has its challenges. It sometimes breaks down, and we are left stressed and anxious. This is a minor problem which you can solve.

You may not be able to repair your furnace every time, but there are circumstances where you may need to contact experts to troubleshoot or even replace the entire furnace. Learning these simple tips can save money and be of great help in the future. Smile HVAC is a trusted HVAC company in Toronto and GTA. We will help you with furnace installation, repair, and maintenance. Call us at +1 (437)-777-4555 or book an appointment using the button below.