5 Useful Tips on How to Increase Refrigerator’s Lifespan

5 Useful Tips on How to Increase Refrigerator’s Lifespan 19 Oct

Everyone’s homes have different styles and shapes, but the kitchen is always the heart of it. It’s where you fuel your work and passions, your family, and yourself. Lucky for us, since 1923, the most important part of any kitchen has been its refrigerator, keeping your fuel fresh!

Just like anything integral, though, you can easily take it for granted until something happens and sends you reeling!

So to help save you from waking up to a bad smell and a warm fridge, and the pain in the wallet of replacing it, I’m going to serve up some knowledge today! All to help keep your refrigerator as healthy as an ox!

Common Refrigerator Problems

The fridge is too noisy
We like talking about this one first because it can really make your bill high, as your unit is trying to cool itself so much! This can be caused by the coils at the back of your refrigerator being gunked up and dirty, and is a quick fix with a dry rag! But if this doesn’t solve it, you could have the temperature too low, or have a defective part!

There’s so much ice built up in the freezer
We all know the horror stories of someone impatiently chipping away at that ice, and puncturing something important! That’s quite a repair bill! But the cause is simple, foods not properly in containers give off the moisture that then sticks to packaging and the walls of your freezer. This causes freezer burn, clogs, odors, and other nastiness.

The fridge and freezer aren’t cold enough
This one is super common, and you can check for it by putting your hand on the back wall of your freezer. If it’s cold, listen for a running fan! That’s your evaporator fan, and if you can’t hear it, no cold air is being brought in from your evaporator coils! But if you can hear it going, then it’s likely caused by the compressor coils in the back being filthy! But if none of these are the answers, it’s time to call an expert in refrigerator repair services!

Great Tips for Prolonging Your Fridge’s Lifespan!

#1 Scrub the Big Three

No, we don’t just mean making sure you clean up spills, there’s more to it than that if you want your fridge to live long and healthy. Your door’s rubbery gasket should be cleaned of any debris or mess, it’s the seal around the door that keeps the cold air inside after all. Behind your refrigerator, you have the coils! As mentioned earlier, you should vacuum them up and go over them with a rag to keep your fridge from having to struggle to do its job. Finally, I like to wipe down, vacuum out, and spray compressed air in the vents around the fridge! Just these simple cleaning duties can really take the strain off your fridge!

#2 Watch where you put your fridge

Whether you’re buying a new fridge, or moving into a new place, watch where your fridge is! Putting it out into the sun can warm the whole thing up and shorten its life-span. Putting it next to radiators, your oven, or hot air vents is even worse for it! Ovens and radiators warm it up and hot air vents warm it up and push dust towards it while they’re at it! Heating your fridge up makes it work harder than it should to keep your food cold!

#3 Handling frost in your freezer

The best practice is to empty your freezer and defrost it every few months, just to keep everything above board. But we’re busy people, we forget or never find the time. But NEVER stab at the ice for a quick solution! People can get very hurt if they jam metal objects into the walls of freezers, not to mention the big repair bill! Instead, you can simply move your perishables into an icebox or wait for a day it’s nearly empty. Unplug your fridge, wait a good 4 hours with the freezer door open. Use old towels and flat pans to catch the run-off, and then wash the inside thoroughly before plugging the unit back in to get cold! Repeat every 6 months or so and it’s easy!

#4 Don’t forget to package properly

This one seems like we’re just being nit-picky, but hear us out! When you put open or unwrapped food into a freezer or fridge, the moisture from it evaporates in a closed space! For your fridge, this means funky smells and potential mold, and in the freezer, it means funky smells and ice build-up! On top of preventing freezer burns and stopping you from getting sick, it also helps your fridge’s materials last longer, your freezer frost over slower, and keeps you from cleaning so much!

#5 Recognize problems before they get really bad

This one isn’t as obvious as the others, but like all your appliances, you should be listening to your refrigerator! Keeping our tips in mind, you can keep a close eye on your kitchen’s most important piece of equipment and know when it’s best to call refrigerator repair service to come and save the day! Remember, it’s always best to call a professional if you’re not sure. Don’t forget that old saying; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Well, folks, that’s all we have for you today! We love sharing our passion for HVAC systems with you and hope you tune in for more insight into these incredible systems!