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How Do I Naturally Purify the Air in My House?

Written by Raksha

Improving the air quality of your home is essential for your health and well-being. Not improving the air quality inside the house can be a lot worse than you think.

Inadequate indoor air might trigger many health issues like allergies, headaches, etc. But to keep the indoor air purified and hygienic, many homeowners all over the world today use a range of indoor air filtration methods.

Because of this, the air cleaning market grew by $20.12 billion in 2022. However, certain air purifiers include toxic compounds that might affect your health. You may naturally purify air in house using a variety of methods that are both effective and greatly enhance indoor air quality. Let us discover what they are!

Purify the Indoor Air Naturally at Your Home: Top 10 Tips!

When you wish to naturally purify air in-house, there are some great ways to get it done. This section contains certain pointers that you can opt for to improve the air inside your residence.

Tip 1: Clean the House with Non-Toxic Chemicals

The house cleaners that are normally found at stores consist of harmful chemicals, which can lead to lung, throat, nose, and eye irritation. Even though it’s important not to use them, if you do, please open the windows while using them.

However, making household cleaners by yourself will help you keep the indoor air clean and prevent unwanted health-related issues. To create the cleaners, you can use essential oils, vinegar, citrus juice, or baking soda.

You will also come across many well-known and reliable companies that sell toxic-free home cleaners that are pretty effective compared to the conventional ones. Using these cleaners will also prevent you from making your own.

Tip 2: Run the AC System

Having an AC unit means having an entire-house air filtration system beside you. AC systems can take out the indoor air, cool it, and then release it back inside your residence. Many of the units have air filters that you must change periodically, and these filters can also get blocked due to dirt or dust while doing their work.

When you keep changing the filter, you can naturally purify the air in the house effectively. If you plan to change the air filters, you must contact the AC technician to get it done as they have tools and equipment for it.

Tip 3: Using the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Heating a crystallized salt, which is 200-million-year-old, by placing a small bulb inside will release negative ions. These adverse ions will help balance the air impurities inside your residence. You will come across these salt lamps in diverse sizes, so it’s vital to look for one that is perfect for your space. You can set this salt lamp in the area of your residence, and it will not just act as a nightlight but also distill the indoor air.

Tip 4: Place Houseplants

Another great way to naturally purify the air in the house is by placing unique houseplants. It’s because plants can help people breathe well as they can pull in carbon dioxide and then release oxygen. There are some plants that can terminate the following:

So, when you want to place a houseplant at your home, you should opt for any one or two of the following:

You can also opt for Bamboo Palm, Snake Plant, Boston Fern, and even Peace Lily. But before you opt for any houseplant, please do some research on them. Learn how beneficial they are and how they can purify the indoor air.

Tip 5: Utilizing Bamboo Charcoal

Charcoal can easily sanctify water and is also utilized in many skin and cosmetic items. However, charcoal can efficiently filter your home’s air. There are air-purifying packs made of linen that include bamboo charcoal.

Charcoal’s porous nature allows it to remove allergies, contaminants, and even microorganisms from the air. It can also soak moisture, which prevents mildew and mold by trapping pollutants in its tiny pores.

You should rejuvenate the charcoal by putting it inside the bag and placing it under the sun just once every month.

Tip 6: Using Essential Oils

The essential oils have the power to naturally purify the air in house by lessening the airborne bacteria. Using these oils will be highly beneficial for you because you mostly spend time breathing harmful indoor air, which can cause bacterial infections.

If you wish to breathe clean and fresh indoor air, you should add some essential oil to the cleaning items, soap, or the diffuser. Furthermore, below, you will find several great essential oils that are ideal for purifying the indoor air:

Special Note: If you have asthma, it’s better to use the air purifier. That way, you can instantly remove all the harmful air particles from your residence.

Tip 7: Placing Beeswax Candles

The beeswax candles can easily neutralize and ionize the harmful air particles and release a sweet and unique fragrance. This makes the candles an outstanding option for purifying the indoor air.

Beeswax candles also burn pretty slowly and will not release any toxins. This can prevent you from replacing them frequently. You can put the Beeswax candles can the area of your home and get to breathe clean air.

Tip 8: Eliminate the Mould

Mould is a sort of fungus that can release its spores into the indoor air and will cause allergy-related symptoms. Mold is a kind of fungus that can discharge its spores into the indoor air and will cause allergy-related signs. However, it is not necessary to bleach it to remove it completely. You can hire an expert or use chemical-free products.

Tip 9: Keep the Pets Properly Groomed

Dander is quite harmful to your health as it can trigger asthma symptoms or might worsen the asthma if you already suffer from it. If you keep pets at home, be sure to remove pet dander by grooming them appropriately. You can brush them outside your residence and vacuum the furnishings and floors with the HEPA filter periodically.

In a Nutshell

Improving the air quality of your residence will not just let you breathe pure and fresh air but will also keep your health in great condition. Instead of using air purifying products, you can naturally purify air in-house with the help of the pointers/steps listed in this content.

On certain occasions, the HVAC system at your home can also pollute the indoor air when its air filters and other parts are dirty. You can contact the experts from Smile HVAC to get them cleaned.

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