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Furnace Repair And Maintenance Mississauga

Are you looking for furnace repair in Mississauga, Ontario? Smile HVAC offers the best furnace repair and maintenance service in Mississauga. Our team of trusted and certified technicians is known for their efficiency and knowledge when it comes to heating and cooling equipment repair in Mississauga.


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Mississauga Furnace Repair Service

Are you looking for a furnace repair in Mississauga? When it comes to fixing, servicing, or installing furnaces and addressing HVAC emergencies near Mississauga, we know only one thing: Quality.

Gas, Propane, And Electric Furnace Repair In Mississauga

Our brand-certified technicians are here to solve any furnace issue that comes their way. From repairs to installations, we offer every kind of furnace repair service in Mississauga. Smile HVAC is all about efficiency and getting the job done right away.

Are You Looking for Air Conditioner Repair Near You?

Our top-class technicians have you covered in over 60 cities across Ontario. We offer air conditioner repair and maintenance services in cities including Toronto, Richmond Hill, North York, Whitby, Scarborough, Ajax, Newmarket, Brampton, Durham, Markham, and many more.

Same-Day HVAC Repair Service in Mississauga

Is your home feeling cold? Hearing strange noises from the furnace room? Or is your furnace running non-stop? At Smile, we offer same-day furnace repair service in Mississauga. Reach out to our friendly representatives anytime, any day. Smile HVAC is available 24/7/365 because your comfort matters to us.

Free Repair Service Call

When it comes to furnace repair and installation, we offer unbeatable prices that are the best in Mississauga. But that’s not all, We go the extra mile by providing free furnace repair service calls for residential customers.

Frequent Furnace Problems We Fix

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Emergency Furnace Repair in Mississauga

When you need same-day furnace repair service in Mississauga, Smile HVAC is here to help you. We understand the nightmare of a malfunctioning furnace, especially when it’s -20 outside.

That’s why we’re here with our emergency same-day furnace repair in Mississauga, available 24/7. Smile HVAC provides you with emergency furnace repair in Mississauga for all your sudden needs. You can book your service slot by calling us and our technicians will be there according to your need. Our skilled and certified technicians can find the fault in minutes and get your furnace back to running in no time.

Furnace Maintenance in Mississauga

Regular supervision is the key to keeping your furnace in tip-top shape. If you’re seeking certified and professional technicians for furnace maintenance in Mississauga, Ontario, Smile HVAC is your best partner. Contact us, and we’ll provide cost estimates and assign a skilled technician to handle your request.

When maintaining your furnace, we prioritize a few crucial tasks. First, we ensure proper airflow and energy efficiency by regularly replacing air filters. We clean the furnace and blower, expelling dirt and debris to optimize performance. The thermostat gets a thorough check and testing, with battery replacements as needed. And fear not; we keep exhaust vents clear to prevent airflow restrictions caused by pesky obstructions.

Call us today to book your furnace maintenance service in Mississauga.

Furnace Installation Mississauga

In the search for the ultimate furnace installation in Mississauga, choose Smile HVAC – your trusted furnace installation partner. We don’t just install furnaces; we back our expertise with a solid 10-year installation warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. Our machinists have the latest knowledge and skills to efficiently install furnaces across Mississauga, leaving no room for compromise.

Call us today and let Smile HVAC help you install a new furnace.

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Smile HVAC for Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Mississauga

SmileHVAC is the top choice for furnace repair services in Mississauga. We take pride in providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience for our customers. Our furnace repair services are backed by the following features:

  • Certified Technicians: Our furnace repair superheroes are certified, skilled, and experienced in tackling any furnace issue in Mississauga.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees and surprises. We believe in transparent pricing, so you’ll know the cost of your repair upfront. No tricks, just honest and fair pricing.
  • Same-Day Service: We understand the urgency of a malfunctioning furnace. That’s why we offer lightning-fast same-day service. We’ll swoop in and have your furnace roaring back to life.
  • 24/7 Availability: Cold nights know no boundaries, and neither do we. Our emergency furnace repair service is available 24/7 in Mississauga. Don’t suffer in the cold – day or night, we’ve got your back.
  • Quality Parts and Equipment: We don’t mess around regarding quality. Only the finest parts and equipment make it into our repairs, ensuring your furnace is restored to top-notch condition.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re confident in our skills and service. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not satisfied. We’ll go above and beyond to make it right.

Call us at any time, and we will provide you with a free service call in Mississauga. We strive to deliver the best furnace repair services to our customers and ensure their comfort during the cold winters of Mississauga.

Customer Reviews

Jedd Fritz Frias Jan, 2023

Source Reviews Jedd Fritz Frias

I’ve heard so many horror stories about HVAC repairs that I couldn’t help but be skeptical when the technician from Enercare (the company I called first) seemed to be really pushing me to buy a new furnace. This was one of many red flag warnings that told me not to trust him and I’m glad that I didn’t.

After searching online and seeing all the positive reviews, I ended up calling Smile HVAC around 10 pm for a second opinion, and the next day technician Carl came to look at my furnace. He was very transparent, and thorough, and walked me through his process. He was able to easily diagnose that it was a problem with the condensate pump. He then gave me a quote, I agreed, and he fixed the problem. Easy as that! Nothing complicated and no need for a new furnace.

Thank you Carl for your excellent professional service! And thank you Smile HVAC for being a bright spot in an industry full of shady business. You have earned my trust and you will for sure be my first call for any of my future HVAC needs.


Dogan Fealcen Feb, 2023

Source Reviews Dogan Fealcen

Our furnace broke down on a Friday afternoon. I made the call, there was an immediate answer on the phone, and by mid-afternoon, our furnace was repaired and in good working order again. Smile HVAC was superb. A special thanks to Christopher and the team at Smile HVAC for being absolute professionals, providing outstanding, timely, and very reasonably priced service.


Theo Wilson Mar, 2023

Source Reviews Theo Wilson

After having a furnace inspection done by another company, I booked a same-day repair with Smile HVAC because of their competitive pricing. When the technician arrived, he was able to resolve my furnace issues without replacing the parts that the other company had quoted me for, saving me nearly $1000. Quality service and absolute transparency about what service I needed and what it would cost. I would certainly use it again or recommend it to others. Thanks, Carl!


Sarah Dsilva Mar, 2023

Source Reviews Sarah Dsilva

After calling so many companies, I decided to go with Smile HVAC. They provided us a clear plan which was reasonable and had their installation persons install the furnace the very next day. Valery and Manmath installed the furnace very well, they were professional and were on time, they provided me with all the info about the system installed. To all those looking for HVAC services Smile will provide u with a plan and service.


Water Heater Repair Service Near Me

Are you looking for a water heater repair, maintenance, or installation service near you? Don’t worry we got you covered with our brand-certified technician to help you get your water heater ready for your daily use. Take advantage of our 10% discount on water heater cleaning, maintenance, and service today.

Also, Looking for AC repair in Toronto?

Water Heater Repair Service Near Me

Furnace Repair Service in Mississauga? Here is a checklist

Is your furnace giving you coolness? Don’t worry; Smile HVAC has a handy checklist to help determine whether your furnace requires a repair.

  • No heat: Is there no heat coming out? Time to check the thermostat and ignition system for a quick fix.
  • Strange noises: Strange noises like bangs, rattles, or squeaks are red flags that your furnace needs attention.
  • Weak airflow: This could be a clogged filter, misbehaving blower, or even ductwork issues.
  • High energy bills: Experiencing a shocking increase in bills? Your furnace may be working more than it should. Let us diagnose and repair the efficiency gremlins.
  • Frequent cycling: A faulty thermostat, dirty filter, or a misbehaving part could be to blame.
  • Yellow pilot light: It could indicate a gas or combustion issue. It could be a serious safety hazard.

Our stellar reputation and years of experience make us the highest-rated HVAC company in the Mississauga Area.

Contact us today and let Smile HVAC bring warmth and comfort back into your life.

Common Furnace Problems?

  • Strange Noises
  • Furnace Won’t Turn On
  • Randomly Stops Working
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Ignition Problems
  • Furnace Continously Running


How often should I get my furnace serviced?

It is recommended to get your furnace serviced at least once a year, ideally before the start of the heating season. Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and ensure that your furnace operates efficiently.

What are some signs that my furnace needs repair?

Some common signs that your furnace needs repair include strange noises, unusual smells, weak or no airflow, and higher than normal energy bills.

Can I repair my furnace myself?

It is not recommended to repair your furnace yourself unless you are a licensed HVAC technician. Furnace repair can be dangerous and requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

How much does furnace repair cost?

The cost of furnace repair can vary depending on the extent of the repairs needed and the type of furnace you have. It is recommended to get a quote from a licensed HVAC technician before proceeding with any repairs.

How long does furnace repair usually take?

The length of time it takes to repair a furnace can vary depending on the extent of the repairs needed. Minor repairs can typically be completed in a few hours, while major repairs may take several days.

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