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Furnace & AC Repair in North York

Smile HVAC will help you with furnace and air conditioner repair in North York, Ontario. We have brand-certified and authorized professionals to help you with your HVAC equipment. We provide all kinds of services for any heating system or cooling equipment.


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North York Furnace Repair Service

Are you looking for a furnace? When it comes to fixing or installing furnaces and addressing HVAC emergencies, we know only one thing: Quality.

North York Gas and Propane Furnace Repair

The Smile HVAC technicians understand the importance of furnaces in North York, Ontario. Our certified technicians believe in providing the leading service in North York. We also offer same-day furnace service in North York.

Broken Furnace in North York?

No heat? Unusual noises coming from the furnace room? Or your furnace is continuously running? You may have a broken furnace that needs repair. Don’t wait until your house is freezing cold! Call us and get your heating system checked in no time.

24X7 Furnace Repair in North York

Furnaces don’t always break during regular office hours. They can happen during dinner or in the middle of the night. With Smile HVAC North York, you can always reach a helpful representative. And we do mean always. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

10 Year Furnace Installation Warranty

If you are looking to install a new furnace in North York. We offer you a 10-year installation warranty that if there are any issues with the installation we will come back and repair that issue for free. What else do you need if you looking for a furnace installation near you!

Plus, you’ll find comfort in knowing that we offer upfront pricing, so it will be clear how much you be charged and allow a guarantee of satisfaction.

Licensed, Experienced Furnace Technicians in North York

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to help you with your furnace system. We are also known for our punctuality, efficiency, and affordability. We are locally owned and operated and have been serving the people of North York for a long time.

Our HVAC Customers are the Happiest

We have many contended and returning customers. We believe in building long-term relations and becoming your reliable HVAC partner with our impeccable services. Our technicians cater to furnace repairs in North York with efficiency. Click here to check what our customers have to say about our services.

Call Us For Emergency Furnace Repairs in North York

Click here to get an estimate of your service or installation of a furnace in North York or nearby. Call for emergency service.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services in North York

It’s hard to stay productive in summer when it’s hot inside the house. To make sure overheating doesn’t get to you, install a conditioning system inside the house. Don’t worry! Smile HVAC provides excellent air conditioning installation services in North York. We will help you. If you are wondering whether an Air Conditioner or a ductless system is the right fit for your home, contact Smile HVAC — our team will examine the house and break the tie between the two.

Other than that, we will research the market and find the ventilation model with the right specs for your place. The team offers air conditioner replacement services as well — we will come to the house as soon as the system is delivered and complete ductless installation.

Our account manager will calculate the estimated budget and amount of time needed to complete the process — you will know what you are paying for in detail.

To optimize the performance of a heating system you already have, contact Smile HVAC for air conditioner repair in North York. Here are the ways our team approaches ductless repair and makes the system look as good as new:

  • Thoroughly clean the filter;
  • Take care of the coils;
  • Remove the algae buildup and protect the system from future pileups;
  • Run an AC capacitor annual inspection in North York and test it thoroughly;
  • Assess the condition of duct blades;
  • Measure and optimize the compressor amperage.

Furnace Repair North York

If you type on Google furnace repair in North York – know that Smile HVAC is the right company to help you! In winter, a furnace is a go-to appliance that homeowners, commercial property, and office managers rely on to comfortably stay in North York. A heating system malfunction makes the living experience uncomfortable, increases the amount of energy needed to keep the place warm, and reduces the longevity of the furniture inside the house.

If you are moving into a house, you need to approach choosing a furnace with specific considerations. We know how hard it is to break the tie between electric, gas, and oil models while you are not an expert in reading tech specs. Smile HVAC expert team provides consultations to help household owners make the right choice of a furnace — we will find the model that’s going to be running smoothly for years.

After you chose a furnace for the house, our team can assist in the installation process. We will make sure the system is efficient, safe to use, and fits the house interior well.

If a homeowner already has a heating system, but it doesn’t deliver enough heat, there might not be a need to replace the equipment yet. With Smile HVAC furnace repair in North York, you will make the most out of the furnace and prolong its lifespan by 2-3 times.

Emergency Furnace Repair in North York Assistance

If you’re suddenly experiencing nausea, headache, irritated eyes, etc. probably your furnace’s heat exchanger has been damaged. A cracked/damaged heat exchanger releases toxic carbon monoxide into your home causing some health issues. You need furnace repair in North York immediately in the following emergencies:

  • Loud banging sounds of the blower motor
  • Yellow pilot light – indicates leakage of harmful carbon monoxide gas.

If you experience any such issues, shut down the furnace and immediately Call Emergency furnace repair in North York – SMILEHVAC. Our technicians will reach your location within 24 hours. They’ll quickly diagnose the issue and fix it. We advise you to perform regular furnace maintenance in North York to avoid last-moment emergency runs. SmileHVAC offers regular furnace repair in North York for your furnace to function continuously and efficiently.

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in North York

Air conditioner explosions are rare, but when they happen, can be devastating. A report by NFPA states that approx. 7,800 home structure fires were caused by damaged ACs or related systems. In such fires, an estimated 50 persons were killed. Another serious air conditioner problem is carbon monoxide leaking. Several studies have shown that a wrong air conditioner installation or a malfunctioned air conditioner unit can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. As per the report from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, carbon monoxide poisoning claims the lives of more than 50 people each year in Canada. CO gas can trouble you via headaches, nausea, fainting, chest pains, etc. To avoid this in the first place itself, report an emergency to air conditioner repair in

North York in case you see the following AC problems:

  • Your AC unit stopped abruptly on an extremely hot sunny day
  • You have elderly adults, or heat-sensitive patients at home but AC stopped suddenly.
  • You smell something burning-like from your air conditioner system.

If you experience any of these, don’t wait for DIY troubleshooting, better call quickly to ac repair in North York service – SmileHVAC stating an emergency. Our licensed technician team will reach you within 24 hours. They’ll quickly diagnose the problem and fix it. For safety measures, we recommend regular Air conditioner maintenance in North York. If you’ve purchased a new air conditioner, our experienced technicians will help you with perfect and error-free Air conditioner installation.

Customer Reviews

Jedd Fritz Frias Jan, 2023

Source Reviews Jedd Fritz Frias

I’ve heard so many horror stories about HVAC repairs that I couldn’t help but be skeptical when the technician from Enercare (the company I called first) seemed to be really pushing me to buy a new furnace. This was one of many red flag warnings that told me not to trust him and I’m glad that I didn’t.

After searching online and seeing all the positive reviews, I ended up calling Smile HVAC around 10 pm for a second opinion, and the next day technician Carl came to look at my furnace. He was very transparent, and thorough, and walked me through his process. He was able to easily diagnose that it was a problem with the condensate pump. He then gave me a quote, I agreed, and he fixed the problem. Easy as that! Nothing complicated and no need for a new furnace.

Thank you Carl for your excellent professional service! And thank you Smile HVAC for being a bright spot in an industry full of shady business. You have earned my trust and you will for sure be my first call for any of my future HVAC needs.


Dogan Fealcen Feb, 2023

Source Reviews Dogan Fealcen

Our furnace broke down on a Friday afternoon. I made the call, there was an immediate answer on the phone, and by mid-afternoon, our furnace was repaired and in good working order again. Smile HVAC was superb. A special thanks to Christopher and the team at Smile HVAC for being absolute professionals, providing outstanding, timely, and very reasonably priced service.


Theo Wilson Mar, 2023

Source Reviews Theo Wilson

After having a furnace inspection done by another company, I booked a same-day repair with Smile HVAC because of their competitive pricing. When the technician arrived, he was able to resolve my furnace issues without replacing the parts that the other company had quoted me for, saving me nearly $1000. Quality service and absolute transparency about what service I needed and what it would cost. I would certainly use it again or recommend it to others. Thanks, Carl!


Sarah Dsilva Mar, 2023

Source Reviews Sarah Dsilva

After calling so many companies, I decided to go with Smile HVAC. They provided us a clear plan which was reasonable and had their installation persons install the furnace the very next day. Valery and Manmath installed the furnace very well, they were professional and were on time, they provided me with all the info about the system installed. To all those looking for HVAC services Smile will provide u with a plan and service.


Perfect Air Conditioner Installation to Avoid Air conditioner Problems

Faulty installation of your air conditioner can also cause serious ac problems. Wondering how?

Below are the examples of faulty installation and its negative impact on your air conditioner performance:

  • Wrong AC Size – Oversized air conditioner for small rooms prevents dehumidification and results in faster wear and tear of your ac parts.
  • Wrong Wiring – Unauthorized or inexperienced technicians can do sloppy tasks of connecting the wrong wiring of your ac.
  • Lack of Insulation – The absence of proper insulation reduces your air conditioner’s efficiency. The suction line’s refrigerant is usually insulated by ac installation in the North York service provider.
  • The inaccurate optimum length of refrigerant pipes

Best Furnace and Air Conditioner Repair in North York

Leave your furnace and air conditioner repair problems with SmileHVAC. SmileHVAC is quick to help you with your furnace and air conditioner repair in North York. Our technician team has several years of experience in furnace repair in North York, furnace installation, and furnace maintenance in North York.

If you’re living in North York and looking for reliable furnace and air conditioner maintenance in North York, just call us and we’ll be right there for your furnace and air conditioner repair in North York or furnace installation.

You can also call us for your next water heater repair in north york.


1. What does Furnace Repair in North York Include?

Our technicians will check all your furnace system’s essential components. They’ll inspect the vent system and air intake grilles. Wherever necessary, our technicians will adjust, test, clean, lubricate the parts, and remove blockages if any. They’ll also check the heat exchanger to see if there is any damage or corrosion.

We also offer furnace installation, furnace maintenance in North York services.

2. How Often Should Furnace Be Serviced?

At least once a year. Regular annual furnace maintenance in North York i.e. a thorough examination and cleaning of all parts can prevent many furnace serious issues. If a sudden unusual furnace repair in North York occurs, call SmileHVAC immediately.

3. How much does Furnace Repair Costs?

Our furnace repair costs are affordable to all. We have coupons and discounts on various furnace installation, furnace maintenance in North York, and repair services. Call us today for discount offers on repair furnaces in North York.

4. When Should I Replace my Old Air Conditioner?

It is ideal to do replace your current system by looking at a few signs: your unit is over 10 years old, it isn’t keeping up with your needs, your energy costs are going up, or it needs regular refrigerant refills. It may only need a simple ac repair in North York, but if it isn’t safe or feasible to put more money into your air conditioner, we’ll explain that as well and recommend what is best for your system.

5. How long does ac repair in North York take?

Depending on the size of the air conditioner, the servicing takes 20-45 minutes, while installing/dismantling/gas charging ACs may take 30-60 minutes. Call us for more details on ac maintenance in North York and ac installation.

6. How much does it cost for Air Conditioner Maintenance in North York?

Our AC installation/repair/maintenance charges are very reasonable and affordable to the common public. We also offer coupons and discounts on our services. Give us a rush call to know more about Air conditioner repair in North York pricing discounts

Common Furnace Problems?

  • Strange Noises
  • Furnace Won’t Turn On
  • Randomly Stops Working
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Ignition Problems
  • Furnace Continously Running

Authorized Licensed Technicians


Area's we cover in Ontario

Furnace & AC Repair in North York

North York is one of the six municipal districts of Toronto; Canada. It is situated in the Municipality of Toronto’s central northern section, approximately surrounded to the west by the Humber River north by Steeles Avenue, east by Victoria Park Avenue, and the Southern boundary is roughly around Lawrence. The total area of this town is 176.9 km² approximately and as of the 2016 Census, it had a population of 869,401.

North York is a safe place to live and had to be regarded as an agricultural regional center made up of dispersed villages. Summers are warm in North York; the winters are freezing, dry and windy; and all year round, it is partly cloudy. The temperature usually ranges from 18C° to 26C° over the course of the year and is rarely below 18C° or above 30C°. The York region has a diverse economic base and this provides a wide variety of jobs and opportunities for residents. Because of becoming a hub for different markets, there are many foreigners living over there for their business purposes. And to maintain this economic rate, it is very essential to provide them with a comfortable and peaceful environment in such extreme weather.

The use of HVAC is recommended in North York, which helps to maintain an indoor environment and provide you with a positive vibe and satisfaction in cold winters. This is a modern city with a number of industries here, so there may be a greater pollution rate and climate alterations, which require the necessary use of air conditioners in summers to avoid suffocation. To avoid any hassle in such a fluctuating environment, make sure to have a perfect HVAC installation, which indicates that it works correctly.

It is highly recommended to measure furnace heat loss and select the right furnace for your home. The installation of the correct furnace size is essential to performance and expense. There are competent North York furnaces services guaranteeing that a safe and powerful component of your home heating system would be your North York furnace.

People from different regions come here for business purposes and may have difficulties to manage in such an extreme environment, so a well maintained HVAC system is highly required.

It is significant to make daily furnace management appointments to stop your North York furnace from shutting down, or not working correctly. Make sure that your furnace is always prepared for the winter or cold spring days. You may save a lot of money if you maintain your furnace. The more efficient your furnace is, the lower your energy bills will be.

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