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Smile HVAC helps you to get the best water heater repair, installation, and maintenance in North York, ON. We have certified and authorized water heater technicians in north york to provide you with the best service. Contact us to get an estimate on your next water heater service.

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Water Heater Repair in North York

Hot water is a must for surviving winters in North York. As per the NRCAN report, homeowners in Canada use 75 liters of hot water daily for washing, bathing, and other activities. It depicts a huge dependence of Canadians on hot water. With the invention of water heaters, we don’t need to go through the whole shebang of boiling water in big pots. Now access to hot water is as easy as turning on a switch. Since the water heater is a piece of machinery, it may break down. Proper installation and regular water heater maintenance can lower such breakdowns. We offer regular water heater repair in North York and across many cities of Canada.

In North York, winters are snowy and freezing. Temperature ranges between 16℉ to 79℉. Can you imagine surviving this temperature without hot water? No, right? But, we are all aware that without proper water heater maintenance, it can break down. We understand the importance of water heaters in day-to-day life. That’s why we hold your hand right from a new water heater installation to regular water heater repair in North York. Our team can also help you in choosing the right water heater for your needs.


Since water heaters are important, we should educate ourselves about the early signs of issues. Locating early signs and getting them fixed on time elongates the life of the machinery. That’s why we recommend yearly water heater maintenance. Schedule a regular water heater repair in North York, to avoid hefty replacements. By offering the following services, we have become a one-stop solution for all your water heater needs:

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Water Heater Problems in North York

No one enjoys a cold shower in the freezing winters of North York. Hot water feels like a blessing when the temperature drops. Water heaters work round the clock in winters. Without regular water heater maintenance, it can develop some issues. A proper water heater installation and regular servicing can increase its efficiency. That’s why we offer water heater repair in North York at reasonable prices. You need to pay attention to the following common problems.

Water Takes Time To Reheat

After turning on a water heater, do you wait for long to enjoy hot water? If yes, then you have a big problem at your end. It may happen due to faulty heating elements or excessive sediment build-up. Heating elements may develop issues due to wrong water heater installation. With regular water heater maintenance, you can avoid sediment build-ups. We offer water heater repair in North York to keep all heating elements up and working.

Discolored and Smelly Water

Are you tired of smelly, brown water? Stinky dirty water is not safe for any household chores, especially dishes. The water smells because of bacteria or damaged anode rod. To kill bacteria, you can boil water. But, for a damaged anode rod, you need replacement. Do water heater installation carefully to avoid any damage to the heating rod. With regular water heater maintenance, you can avoid corrosion which causes discoloration. For the smooth functioning of water heaters, one should not avoid water heater repair in North York.

Water Leaks

A poor water heater installation can cause loose connections, eventually leading to leaks. A sight of water pooled up around the heater may give you a scare. But, all water leaks don’t come with huge repair bills. Try tightening the connections and valves; if leaks continue, they may be due to cracks. Book a water heater repair in North York to deal with this issue. Regular water heater maintenance can save you from hefty repair bills.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in North York

Can you imagine having no hot water during the winters of North York? No, right? Think about washing clothes, showering, doing dishes using cold water during December-February. It may give you shivers. In winters, due to continuous usage, water heaters can break down. A high-quality water heater installation does not solve all your hot water problems. Undoubtedly, regular water heater maintenance can increase the efficiency of your water heater. But, sometimes, you may need an emergency water heater repair in North York.

That’s the reason we offer emergency water heater installation and repair services. We understand you can not wait for the next appointment in case of an emergency. If your home is flooded with water or you have any other issue demanding urgent service, contact us. We offer 24/7 emergency water heater repair in North York for 365 days. We aim to keep you and your loved ones safe with timely water heater maintenance.

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Best Water Heater Technicians in North York

We understand the importance of a good water heater and plumbing system. That’s why we offer you the best water heater installation and maintenance services. We train our technicians regularly with the latest technology. We have tackled many water heater maintenance issues across Canada. Our happy customers are the proof of our top-notch service. We aim to build long-lasting, trustworthy relations with our customers. We offer the best water heater repair in North York. We also offer the following services without any sacrifice on quality.

Common Troubleshoot Tips If You Have A Problem With Your Water Heater In North York

Water heaters are built to last for a long period. No doubt, they are one of the hardest-working home appliances. Even after the best water heater installation, you can face issues. It is due to excessive use. Regular water heater maintenance and proper installation can save you from hefty repairs. All water heater problems don’t require professional assistance. Therefore, before booking water heater repair in North York, try troubleshooting issues. Here are some common tips that you can use:

  • Not enough hot water- Are you showering without enough hot water? Are you tired of boiling water in a kettle for a shower? If yes, you have a case of not enough hot water. It may be a capacity issue, temperature issue or sediment build-up. Try adjusting the temperature and flushing the water tank. If the problem persists, contact us and book a water heater repair in North York.
  • Low water pressure- Do you want to know why tap water flows slowly? It’s because of low water pressure. The normal water pressure range is 30-80 PSI. Without regular water heater maintenance, sediment and dirt start building up. It blocks pipes and causes drainage issues. Rather than avoiding the issue, we recommend regular water heater repair in North York.

Professional water heater installation and maintenance increase the efficiency of your water heater.

Authorized Licensed Technicians

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