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Smile HVAC will help you with repair, service and installation of any HVAC equipment including furnace, air conditioner, water heater, humidifier, water treatment systems and more. We have best HVAC professionals at your service.

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Are you on the lookout for professional repair, installation, or maintenance of your HVAC system? Smile HVAC has been in the industry for years now and it is your company of choice for air conditioner and furnace repair in Caledon.

Your HVAC system is an expensive investment, and it should only be left to the hands of professionals like Smile HVAC. If your air conditioner or heating appliance breaks down, it can be pretty frustrating.

At Smile HVAC, we have the necessary experience and tools to take the frustration out of. We also offer air conditioner repair in Caledon as well as installation and maintenance services to help your HVAC system last longer.

Furnace Repair in Caledon

Have you been encountering issues with your furnace and looking for professional furnace repair services? If so, you have come to the right place! Smile HVAC is a top-notch furnace repair service that will get your equipment to its best working condition in no time.

Quality Furnace Repair Service in Caledon

When it is wintertime, we cannot help but appreciate our furnace systems. A furnace system that is in the proper condition will keep your home warm and cozy. Unfortunately, most furnace models are susceptible to breakdown.

A damaged furnace will not operate in peak condition and can significantly increase your energy bills. Some of the most common furnace repair problems that homeowners encounter include:

  • The furnace makes unusual noises
  • The furnace doesn’t turn on
  • The blower fan does not cycle
  • The blower fan remains on even after shutting down from the thermostat

Call Us for Your Furnace Repair Jobs

It can be pretty frustrating when your heating and air conditioning system malfunctions and you don’t know whom to contact for your repair job. Fortunately, Smile HVAC is a furnace repair specialist, and we are available 24/7 in Caledon. Don’t get left out in the cold anymore!

Just give us a call as soon as you notice that your unit has broken. Our qualified technicians will come to diagnose the problem and provide reliable repairs once and for all.

Furnace Maintenance in Caledon

Since your furnace works hard to keep you warm, you need to take care of it. Proper care and maintenance involve cleaning your HVAC system and getting regular inspections from experts to detect any issues early.

Extends Life

Scheduling regular inspections and check-ups help to extend your unit’s life and lower the chances of costly repairs. To most homeowners, repairing minor furnace damages is costly and unnecessary. However, allowing your damaged furnace to operate will only put additional strain on the unit, and this can shorten its life. This means that you will need to buy a new unit much sooner than expected.

Saves You Money

Annual inspections can help you detect minor damages early and prevents costly repairs later on. While it may be tempting to ignore minor damages, you are risking paying for repairs in the future. If your HVAC system is not repaired immediately, it will overwork and get more damaged. The cost of repairing it in the future is more likely to be high.

Enhance Home’s Safety

Other than costing you a lot in the long run, a malfunctioning HVAC system can also be a threat to your home’s safety. If not repaired in good time, it can release toxic gases like carbon monoxide or cause fires. Avoid all these by allowing Smile HVAC to inspect your furnace system today.

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If your furnace does not heat water like before, do not hesitate to contact Smile HVAC. We know how much your furnace matters to your family, and we will be glad to complete any necessary repairs. Whether you need furnace maintenance in Caledon or want to schedule an inspection, we are your to-go-to HVAC Company in Caledon.

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Smile Protection Plan

Smile Protection Plan is specially designed for those of us who don’t like unexpected “surprises”. “Surprises” like when you suddenly have to get out of pocket hundreds of dollars to repair your broken equipment.
Ask us about discounts on combined plans.

With Smile Protection Plan:

  • You pay a low monthly fee
  • You’ll never have to worry again about paying for repairs
  • You’ll get free maintenance of your equipment
  • You don’t have to pay for emergency calls

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Air Conditioner Repair and Installation in Caledon

If your system is not meeting your cooling needs, it is time to air conditioner repair in Caledon from professionals like Smile HVAC. Most people depend on air conditioning systems to maintain clean and fresh air in their homes and businesses.

At Smile HVAC, we are aware that your family’s comfort is important, and we strive to ensure that your HVAC system is working in its best condition.

Why You Need Air Conditioning Services in Caledon

Has your AC malfunctioned? Professional and reliable air conditioning services will ensure that your HVAC equipment in Caledon works again. Smile HVAC is a reliable HVAC company that has been providing top-notch air conditioning services to homeowners and businesses in Caledon.

Give us a call when your system shows any of the signs below:

  • Produces Unusual Noises- If your AC is noisier than before, it could be a sign that the fan has malfunctioned.
  • Doesn’t Turn On– Have you tried turning on your AC unit with no success? Well, this could mean issues with the thermostat or other serious problems.
  • Doesn’t Give Adequate Air- Contact us today if your unit seems to be struggling to provide enough air to keep you cool in your home or business.
  • Unusual Odor-Another sign that your cooling system needs repair is that it produces a weird or smokey smell. If this happens, turn off the unit immediately and contact Smile HVAC.

For quick, reliable, and highly affordable air conditioning service in Caledon, look no further than Smile HVAC. Give us a call to schedule a service with us today!

Best HVAC Technicians in Caledon

Finding the best HVAC technicians for your HVAC in Caledon needs can be daunting. Here are some tips for you:

Certified and Licensed

A good HVAC company should have technicians that are licensed and certified. Working with technicians that are certified will assure you of quality workmanship. An HVAC investment can be a great investment.

Therefore, you want to ensure that you only entrust your Caledon heating and air conditioner to professionals that know what they are doing. Also, it important to ensure that the company has certifications that prove its reputation for quality and customer service.


Experience is important when you are looking for the best HVAC technicians in Caledon. Although experience alone does not guarantee that they will do a great job, it can be an indicator that they are reliable. Narrow down your list to HVAC technicians that have stability in the business for your furnace repair in Caledon.

Meet Professional Standards

Reliable HVAC technicians should meet professional standards in terms of how they deliver their services. The customer support team should be courteous, warm, and willing to listen to your needs. The company should be honest and explain the furnace repair problem to you without using too much information that will confuse you.

Reliable HVAC Services

Smile HVAC is your to-go-to company if you are looking for a professional HVAC Caledon company with highly qualified technicians.

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Water Heater Repair in Caledon

If your water heater is not working as it used to, then it is time to get a water heater repair in Caledon. Your water heater is an essential appliance that helps to maintain the right temperature for hot water.

Unfortunately, this useful appliance can break down, and this can come with devastating effects. Malfunctioning water heaters will not only fail your heat your water but also increase your water heating costs. Fortunately, Smile HVAC can help you repair your broken water heater so that it operates well again.

We are Your Choice for Water Heater Repair in Caledon

If your water heater has malfunctioned, you need the right heating technicians that will properly service your system. Our water heater services are dedicated to ensuring that your heating system runs efficiently throughout the year.

We have a team of professionally trained professionals that are equipped with the right tools and experience to ensure that the issue is sorted. They will inspect your system and diagnose the issue before recommending the most viable solution. Our water heating experts will also advise you if it’s time to replace your water heater.

Set Up a Scheduled Maintenance with Us

Scheduled maintenance for your water heater will help you make significant savings in the future. We have a maintenance plan to check that your water heater is working properly before winter comes. During our routine maintenance, we will identify possible damages and repair them before they get worse.

Call us today for the best furnace repair services in Caledon!

Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe both indoors and outdoors can positively or negatively affect your health and comfort. If your house has poor air quality that makes you feel unwell and uncomfortable, you need to seek Caledon humidifier repair services. Smile HVAC also offers the best air filtration services in Caledon.

Why is Air Quality Important?

Air quality ensures clean air in buildings and structures, and this can greatly contribute to human health. Air quality is affected by various factors like temperature, ventilation, humidity, and contaminants.

While it is important to enhance your air conditioner and heating, improving your air quality will make all the difference. Normally, contaminants like dust, pollen, and pet dander cycle through the air and get to the lungs eventually.

Dirty and stale air can lead to other serious health issues like sore eyes, heart disease, cancer, respiratory issues, burning nose, and more.

Fortunately, Smile HVAC can come up with a plan to help improve the air quality of your premises.

Breathe Easy with Our Air Quality Services

When it comes to improving your indoor air quality, Smile HVAC has you covered. We have HVAC technicians that are experienced and highly skilled in doing repairs and installations for HVAC systems.

We provide in-depth air quality services that will help you breathe easier and enjoy life. All our services are designed to meet the specific needs of business owners and homeowners. If you need professional humidifier repair in Caledon, don’t hesitate to reach Smile HVAC today and our HVAC technicians will gladly exceed your expectations.

Water Softener Repair and Installation in Caledon

Is hard water becoming a problem for your home? Smile HVAC is a water softener installation and repair company that is renowned for providing quality water softener repair in Caledon. We can do fast and effective repairs for your unit to keep it working at all times.

Is Hard Water Dangerous?

Hard water is not necessarily dangerous. However, it causes various issues that may lower the quality of your life. This is where a water softener comes in handy. However, your water softener may malfunction and this can lead to common hard water issues like;

  • Unpleasant taste
  • Difficulty lathering soap
  • Dry skin, unhealthy hair, itchy scalp
  • Leaves spots on dishes and glasses
  • White film on faucet and fixtures
  • Soap scum on shower walls and doors
  • Clothes become stiff after washing
  • Change in water quality and pressure

Smile HVAC Water Softener Repair and Installation Services

If your water softener has malfunctioned, the best possible solution is to repair it. Smile HVAC offers water softener repair services for units of all brands. So whether your unit is from Whirlpool, WaterCare, or GE, we have you covered. Our trained technicians get continuous training for water treatment, and they can test for water hardness in no time.

Smile HVAC goes beyond repairs as we also offer Caledon water softener installation. We have extensive in the industry, and we have been installing units for residents and businesses in Caledon. We only use high-quality products and our customer services are top-notch.

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Smile HVAC is authorized and licensed to service over 30 brands, so if you own any HVAC equipment from these brands, you don’t need to call two companies. Smile HVAC will help you solve all HVAC-related issues and will assist with repairs and installations. We work with all brands including Lennox, Goodman, Amana, Keeprite, Bryant, Daikin, Carrier, York, Trane, Comfortmaker, Payne, Tempstar, Rheem, Ruud and Mitsubishi Electric

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Choose Smile HVAC Service For Your Needs

If you need an exceptional air conditioner, heating, and plumbing services in Caledon, look no further than Smile HVAC. Here are reasons why you should consider our services:

Experienced & Reliable

Our experience in the industry and solid reputation make us stand out from our competitors. For years now, we have served and met the expectation of both home and business owners in Caledon. Our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and we achieve this through high-quality, honest work, dedication, and exceptional customer service.

Certified Technicians

All our HVAC technicians have extensive experience in the industry and are highly trained for HVAC jobs. They are also fully licensed, and no job is too large or small for them. Besides, our technicians follow industry standards and are always up-to-date with the latest developments and products in the industry.

Affordable Price

Our prices are very affordable without compromising on quality. We always give you value for your money.

No Hidden Fees

The reason Caledon turns to our HVAC services is that we have no hidden fees. We also offer upfront pricing so you will know what you will pay beforehand.

No Appointment Cancellations Fees

In some cases, you can schedule an appointment with us, and then something comes up. In this case, Smile HVAC will not charge you any cancellation fees.

Flexible Working Hours

At Smile HVAC, we have flexible working hours, and we will attend to your needs when you need us. Just tell us when and we will be there.

Save a significant amount of money on your energy bills by availing yourself of our air conditioning & furnace repair services in Caledon. Give us a call and schedule a service with us today!