Furnace & AC Repair in North York, Humidifier Installation and other HVAC Services

Furnace & AC Repair in North York

Smile HVAC is a reliable company that provides any HVAC services in North York, including furnace repair, installation, maintenance and service, water treatment, water heaters installation and repair, air filtration services. Our company also offers air conditioner installation and repair at affordable prices. Smile HVAC has the best fully licensed technicians at your service.

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10-Year Installation Warranty for HVAC Systems

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If you are looking for a reliable contractor to handle any installation or repair inside your house, office, or rental property in North York, Smile HVAC is the right team for you. Our technicians don’t go strictly by the book, coming up with custom ways to maximize the performance of heating, cooling, air quality, and water heating systems.

All the experts at Smile HVAC are certified and experienced in maintaining a healthy indoor environment in small apartments, large houses, offices, and shopping malls. They are skilled at a range of heating and air conditioning services in North York — after working with our company, you won’t want another team. There’s no HVAC service we don’t specialize.

Furnace Repair in North York

If you type on Google furnace repair in North York – know that Smile HVAC is the right company to help you! In winter, a furnace is go-to appliance that homeowners, commercial property, and office managers rely on to comfortable stay in North York. A heating system malfunction makes the living experience uncomfortable, increases the amount of energy needed to keep the place warm, and reduces the longevity of the furniture inside the house.

If you are moving into a house, you need to approach choosing a furnace with specific considerations. We know how hard it is to break the tie between electric, gas, and oil models while you are not an expert in reading tech specs. Smile HVAC expert team provides consultations to help household owners make the right choice of a furnace — we will find the model that’s going to be running smoothly for years.
After you chose a furnace for the house, our team can assist in the installation process. We will make sure the system is efficient, safe to use, and fits the house interior well.

If a homeowner already has a heating system, but it doesn’t deliver enough heat, there might not be a need to replace the equipment yet. With Smile HVAC furnace repair in North York, you will make the most out of the furnace and prolong its lifespan by 2-3 times.

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Smile Protection Plan is specially designed for those of us who don’t like unexpected “surprises”. “Surprises” like when you suddenly have to get out of pocket hundreds of dollars to repair your broken equipment.
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With Smile Protection Plan:

  • You pay a low monthly fee
  • You’ll never have to worry again about paying for repairs
  • You’ll get free maintenance of your equipment
  • You don’t have to pay for emergency calls

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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services in North York

It’s hard to stay productive in summer when it’s hot inside the house. To make sure overheating doesn’t get to you, install a conditioning system inside the house. Don’t worry! Smile HVAC provides excellent air conditioning installation services in North York. We will help you. If you are wondering whether an AC or a ductless system is the right fit for your home, contact Smile HVAC — our team will examine the house and break the tie between the two.

Other than that, we will research the market and find the ventilation model with the right specs for your place. The team offers air conditioner replacement services as well — we will come to the house as soon as the system is delivered and complete ductless installation.

Our account manager will calculate the estimated budget and amount of time needed to complete the process — you will know what you are paying for in detail.

To optimize the performance of a heating system you already have, contact Smile HVAC for air conditioner repair in North York. Here are the ways our team approaches ductless repair and makes the system look as good as new:

  • Thoroughly clean the filter;
  • Take care of the coils;
  • Remove the algae buildup and protect the system from future pileup;
  • Run an AC capacitor annual inspection in North York and test it thoroughly;
  • Assess the condition of duct blades;
  • Measure and optimize the compressor amperage.

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Water Heater Installation in North York

Water heating issues are incredibly frustrating because they don’t allow house owners to enjoy morning showers, do the dishes, or cook enjoyably. A heating system malfunction brings many frustrations into daily life — that’s why you shouldn’t ignore it. If the performance of your heating system has deteriorated over time, hire professional HVAC contractors in North York to repair it.

At Smile HVAC, we conduct water heating services. To start with, we inspect the heating system thoroughly. After an issue is diagnosed, our team designs the repair plan and sends it to the client for approval. Then, we come to the house and repair the water heater — typically, it doesn’t take more than a day to resolve any emergency. Smile HVAC also offers water heater installation in North York in case you bought a new water heater and have difficulties to install it properly.

We help homeowners choose water heating systems for households as well. Depending on how hot you want the water to be, what budget you have, how much space there’s in the bathroom, we will find the right model that’s going to deliver excellent heating for the house.
Our team offers installation heating and cooling services as well — schedule an on-site appointment to have a technician at your place and install the heater in nothing but a few hours.

Air Quality

Although we often don’t notice if the air we are breathing is contaminated, mood swings, low productivity, and seasonal allergies might have to do with air quality inside your place. To create the right environment for you and your family, increase the efficiency of work and studies, it’s crucial to monitor air quality.

To set up an air filter, contact Smile HVAC. We will schedule an introductory call with you to find out what type of filter is better for the property. Then, the team will go through the models available on the market and find the right one for you.

You can rely on Smile HVAC’s air filtration services in North York when it comes to filter unclogging or repair. We will inspect the system, come up with custom ways to improve it and optimize it in such a way that dust, pollen, and other contaminated particles are trapped inside the filter efficiently.

If you need help with humidifier installation or humidifier repair, our HVAC technicians can fix the model without jeopardizing its warranty.
An HRV system is another way to keep the temperature balance inside the house. To make sure you are not breathing in cold air and irritating your sinuses, install an HRV unit. Our team will help you choose the right one, set it up, and keep the system up and running. Smile HVAC technicians have all certifications to perform HRV services in North York.

Water Softener Repair in North York

If you are looking for water softener repair in North York, look no further than Smile HVAC. We provide affordable, quality service with no hidden costs or extra charges for all your water softener repair problems.

If you notice a reduction in pressure in your water softening system, it could mean your water treatment system needs servicing. Scaling and a decrease in water quality, where it does not feel ‘soft,’ may also indicate that your water softening unit requires repair.

Just give us a call. Our qualified, trained, and licensed technicians will get in touch with you to understand your problems. You can rely on our certified service technicians to inspect, locate issues, and service your systems. We handle all servicing types, be it clogged filters that need repair or replacement or any other problems. All this at affordable prices.

Indications that your water softener unit needs servicing/repair:

  • A decrease in water pressure from your water softening system.
  • Scaling on faucets or areas in contact with water from your system.
  • The water quality from your unit seems to have deteriorated.
  • The water does not feel ‘soft.’

We suggest that you get your water softening system inspected by our professionals at least once a year. They will inspect your unit, check all settings, and test the water quality of the system. They will use their experience to suggest options in case of servicing or the need to upgrade.

North York Water Softener Installation

When you live in an area with hard water, you need to install a quality water softener to prevent the water from making your chores a dread and destroying pipes and appliances in your home.

Your existing softening unit may be outdated and cost more to maintain than buying a new company. Trust our skilled professional team to help you select the right model to suit your budget and needs.

Before installing a new system, our licensed technicians will first inspect your system to provide accurate solutions for your specific needs. They will then educate you on the necessary products and services that will work around your needs.

Smile HVAC wants you to enjoy cleaner water for drinking, cooking, and washing. Don’t let hard water take a toll on you anymore!

For reliable North York water softener installation, don’t hesitate to contact Smile HVAC. We will make sure to satisfy your needs, do a site inspection, and suggest the best solution for you.

Smile HVAC — First-Choice Contractor in North York

Smile HVAC is a team of experienced, certified local technicians that handle HVAC services in North York, the suburb, and Ontario. Our goal is to cater to clients flawlessly. We want the outcome of our work puts a smile on our customers’ faces. Here’s how we make sure our clients enjoy the collaboration process:

  • Work with no hidden fees. The quote listed in the cost estimate will be the final one — you don’t get charged for transportation costs or overtime;
  • Free same day cancellation — we respect our clients and their schedules. Don’t worry about cancelling the appointment in case something comes up and you can’t have the team over at the house;
  • Customizable price plan — even if you are on a budget, our team will find a way to make your heating, cooling, or air quality system maintenance affordable;
  • Quality assurance. In case you have any questions surrounding the performance of the system, our team will stay in touch and offer additional tips to make sure you leverage the potential of a heater, air filter, or conditioner.

To get in touch with our team, leave us a message. We will reach out shortly after and schedule a call to discuss your installation or repair project.

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Smile HVAC is authorized and licensed to service over 30 brands, so if you own any HVAC equipment from these brands, you don’t need to call two companies. Smile HVAC will help you solve all HVAC-related issues and will assist with repairs and installations. We work with all brands including Lennox, Goodman, Amana, Keeprite, Bryant, Daikin, Carrier, York, Trane, Comfortmaker, Payne, Tempstar, Rheem, Ruud and Mitsubishi Electric

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We serve all the GTA area Including:

Furnace & AC Repair in North York

North York is one of the six municipal districts of Toronto; Canada. It is situated in the Municipality of Toronto’s central northern section, approximately surrounded to the west by the Humber River north by Steeles Avenue, east by Victoria Park Avenue, and the Southern boundary is roughly around Lawrence. The total area of this town is 176.9 km² approximately and as of the 2016 Census, it had a population of 869,401.

North York is a safe place to live and had to be regarded as an agricultural regional center made up of dispersed villages. Summers are warm in North York; the winters are freezing, dry and windy; and all year round, it is partly cloudy. The temperature usually ranges from 18C° to 26C° over the course of the year and is rarely below 18C° or above 30C°. The York region has a diverse economic base and this provides a wide variety of jobs and opportunities for residents. Because of becoming a hub for different markets, there are many foreigners living over there for their business purposes. And to maintain this economic rate, it is very essential to provide them with a comfortable and peaceful environment in such extreme weather.

The use of HVAC is recommended in North York, which helps to maintain an indoor environment and provide you with a positive vibe and satisfaction in cold winters. This is a modern city with a number of industries here, so there may be a greater pollution rate and climate alterations, which require the necessary use of air conditioners in summers to avoid suffocation. To avoid any hassle in such a fluctuating environment, make sure to have a perfect HVAC installation, which indicates that it works correctly.

It is highly recommended to measure furnace heat loss and select the right furnace for your home. The installation of the correct furnace size is essential to performance and expense. There are competent North York furnaces services guaranteeing that a safe and powerful component of your home heating system would be your North York furnace.

People from different regions come here for business purposes and may have difficulties to manage in such an extreme environment, so a well maintained HVAC system is highly required.

It is significant to make daily furnace management appointments to stop your North York furnace from shutting down, or not working correctly. Make sure that your furnace is always prepared for the winter or cold spring days. You may save a lot of money if you maintain your furnace. The more efficient your furnace is, the lower your energy bills will be.