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At Smile HVAC, our professional technicians provide exceptional HVAC services. It includes furnace repair and installation, water treatment services, air conditioning repair and installation, R.O. systems installation and replacement, air filtration services.

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The air conditioning and furnace units at your place will eventually go through some wear and tear over time, making furnace repair in Whitby vital. Having a professional maintenance and repair service will help keep your air conditioning and furnace units in top performance and help you avoid further damage in the long run.

It might be very tempting for you to do a DIY furnace and air conditioner repair in the Whitby project on your own to save some cash. However, furnace and air conditioning repairs and installation are better left to the professionals like Smile HVAC.

We have done numerous furnace and air conditioning repair projects, and you can count on us to help you with your unit.

Your safety and the security of your family is too important to take unnecessary risks. That’s is why our experienced repairers will answer your questions and solve your problems in no time.

Furnace Repair in Whitby

When the winter comes in, Whitby, there’s nothing more important than having a properly working furnace in your house to keep you warm and comfortable. If you notice that your furnace makes strange noises or maybe you feel a drastic temperature difference between rooms, it means you need immediate help from your local HVAC in Whitby.

Another sign of a malfunctioning furnace is a sudden increase in your electricity bills. This can be caused by a power leak in your furnace system, forcing the system to consume more electricity to provide enough heat. Besides your electricity bills going through the roof, this can also result in other electrical hazards.

A simple problem like strange noises usually can be solved by turning the furnace system off and then turning it on again. However, more severe issues like power leaks or gas leaks will require help from a trained electrician.

If you experience serious furnace issues, the first thing you must do is to turn your circuit breaker off, then call a Whitby heating and air conditioning technician. While you wait for the technician to arrive at your place, don’t forget to find a safe spot for you and your family. This especially applies to cases of gas leaks.

Furnace Maintenance in Whitby

Most people call for professional help only when they experience problems with their furnace system. However, it is also vital to get furnace maintenance services to extend the life of your equipment.

Furnace maintenance is a preventive procedure that includes a comprehensive inspection and adjustment of your furnace system. If you call Smile HVAC for a furnace maintenance service, our trained technicians will check every part of your furnace and see an issue with them.

During the maintenance service, they will do a thorough inspection of the vent system, air intake grills, and heat exchanger. The technician from Smile HVAC will also check for any blockage or corrosion. Maintenance also involves checking the blower motor’s amp draw to see whether it is still at its top performance or not. If you use an oil or gas furnace system, the technician will also check for any potential gas or oil leak.

In general, you will need regular furnace maintenance at least once a year to keep your system running efficiently. Of course, twice or more per year would be better. It is best to do your regular furnace maintenance before winter to make sure everything works perfectly when the temperature drops.

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Air Conditioning Services in Whitby

You need to find the proper air conditioner repair in Whitby if it is mid-day in the summer and your air conditioning unit acts up again. Having a damaged air conditioner can be frustrating, especially during the hot months.

A reliable HVAC company will not only offer reparation but also installation, maintenance, and replacement services for your HVAC in Whitby as well. It will help extend your air conditioning unit’s life, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a new unit.

Smile HVAC offers the best air conditioning service in Whitby. Our services include cleaning the air filter and condenser coil, flushing the drain using an anti-algae solution, calibrating the thermostat, and checking the refrigerant’s pressure. There will also be an inspection on the other safety factors such as exposed wires and potential power leaks.

If you call the right technician to do your air conditioning services, you should not be worried about malfunctions in your air conditioning unit again. Along with providing you with high-quality service results, our trustable air conditioning technician should also educate you on what are the dos and don’ts in using an air conditioner so it can stay in its best condition possible.

Best HVAC Technicians in Whitby

Are you looking for the best technician for your HVAC in Whitby? Worry not! Smile HVAC has got you covered. We are your to-go-to company every time you want a reliable service provider for your heating or air conditioning needs.

Whether you need furnace repair Whitby, heat pump installation, air conditioner inspection, or thermostat calibration services, you can always call us for unmatched products and air conditioning services Whitby.

How to Choose the Best Technicians in Whitby

  • Licensed – To get the best HVAC technicians, the first thing you must do is making sure that they are licensed and authorized to HVAC services in your area. Ensure that the HVAC technician has adequate skills in handling gas, electrical, and plumbing lines and is licensed to operate in your area.
  • Research Online – Going online and searching for an HVAC technician should help you find your needs’ best technician. You can also ask if there is any experienced HVAC technician in your area that offers the best Whitby heating and air conditioning services.
  • Experienced – Technicians with extensive experience in the industry are more likely to give the best service results. So, keep this in mind when choosing an HVAC company for your HVAC Whitby.
  • Effective Communication – Ensure that your HVAC technician of choice has excellent communication skills and can fully understand your needs. They should tell you the problems with your furnace and suggest possible solutions for furnace maintenance Whitby.

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Water Heater Repair in Whitby

Things like water not getting hot enough, water gets smelly, or water leaks are some of the signs you need an immediate water heater repair in Whitby.

The first benefit you can get from a water heater repair is increased efficiency. Water heaters run continuously, particularly during the winter months. Because of the constant use of your water heater, buildups typically begin to accumulate inside the water tank. When treated properly, we can remove those buildups and improve the efficiency of your water heater.

The second benefit is an increased hot water supply. Outworn water heaters will lose their efficiency, leaving you with a cold shower and poor water quality. The reduced efficiency may also lead to increased electricity bills.

Lastly, by having a water heater repair, you can increase the lifespan of your water heater. A water heater is undoubtedly not a cheap investment in a home. Thus, regular water heater maintenance by a reliable water heater service can save you some money from not having to replace your water heater.

After all, don’t put yourself in danger by trying to mount or repair your water heater on your own. Call Smile HVAC today for professional water heater repair to improve your water heater’s performance, reliability, and durability.

Air Quality

Air filtration services in Whitby are vital for improving the air quality in your home or office. You also need air filtration services in Whitby if your unit is not performing as it used to.

Since pollutants in your house are generally invisible to the naked eye, most homeowners are unaware of the importance of installing a home air filtration system. Unknown to most people, the quality of the air in our homes and workplaces directly impacts our daily performance.

This is where humidifiers come in handy in helping enhance the air quality and circulation for overall well-being. Good air quality means better oxygen content in your body and improved circulations. This is especially beneficial if you suffer from asthma or allergies.

The other benefit is that a well-functioning air filtration will also help you in the odor management aspect. Lasting odors that don’t go away easily are one of the problems typically found in homes with pets or small children.

To ensure proper installation and functioning, you need to get help from professional HVAC technicians. Smile HVAC has been installing and repairing humidifiers for homeowners and business owners in Whitby.

If your humidifier is not functioning well, we will send our technicians, who will inspect the unit and identify the issue. So, if you need Whitby humidifier repair, you can trust our HVAC technicians to solve your problems immediately. Call us today to know more about our services.

Water Softener Repair in Whitby

Water softener repair in Whitby will help restore your damaged water softener system to its original state. This way, you won’t have to deal with hard water anymore.

Hardened water is usually indicated by the presence of a soapy layer on your water. While hard water is not necessarily harmful to one’s health, it can lead to other problems such as noticeable water spots on your dishes, sand-paper-like texture on your fresh laundry, and chalk-like layer buildups your plumbing tools like faucets and drainages.

For this reason, a water softener system is essential for areas with hard water. A water softener system works by removing minerals that harden water, usually mainly containing soluble pieces, calcium, and magnesium. By eliminating the materials setting the water, you will enjoy purer and clearer water.

Compared to other methods, a water softener is the most effective method in resolving challenging water issues. It is chemical-free, meaning it is 100% for you and your family. Smile HVAC is very experienced in installing and repairing water softeners. We have been providing professional Whitby water softener installation using state-of-art technology.

If hard water is becoming a problem for you, give us a call today for practical solutions.

Reasons to Choose Smile HVAC

There is a reason why we have continued to dominate the market over the years. We are reasons why you should partner with us in your HVAC repair or maintenance projects.

Extensive Experience

Here at Smile HVAC, you can find certified technicians who have years of experience helping clients meet their heat, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. Smile HVAC doesn’t stop there.


Over the years, we have built a name for ourselves in the industry regarding air conditioning and furnace repair services. We only use products from reputed brands, and our technicians strive to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Certified Technicians

At Smile HVAC, all our technicians are well experienced and certified to provide a wide range of HVAC services. Once they inspect your unit, they will be more than willing to provide effective solutions that exceed your expectations.

Prompt Response

Do you need immediate professional help with your heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system? Calm down and give Smile HVAC a call. We will send our highly-trained technicians right away to wherever you need them because we have flexible working hours.

Competitive Prices

You should not be worried about paying too much when using services from Smile HVAC. Our prices are very competitive, and we guarantee that there are no hidden fees. We will not even charge you for appointment cancellation.

Have your HVAC system stopped working correctly? Worry not! Call Smile HVAC today and let us take care of your repair or installation needs. You can depend on us to meet your needs at any time of the day.

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