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Ductless Repair Services in Toronto


Ductless heating systems are a good way to be in charge of the microclimate inside your house. They are easy to use, energy-efficient, and look stylish. However, it’s also true that HVACs require complex maintenance and on-the-spot repair to work at their peak performance. 

The lack of regular maintenance will cut the lifespan of a ductless system short and reduce its overall efficiency. As you install an HVAC at home, you should hire a team of professionals to perform the following maintenance steps every once in a while:

  • Checking the proper operation of the thermostat;
  • Ensuring that the filter is clean and unclogging it regularly;
  • Checking the responsivity of controls and the proper function of electric components surrounding the system — otherwise, you risk shortages and performance issues;
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger and ensuring there are no cracks on the surface. Cracks in the heaters are dangerous since they leak carbon monoxide into the living space;
  • Checking if the evaporator coil is clean and does not obstruct the stream of air to the room.

The long-term benefits of ductless heater maintenance are tremendous. For one, it will save you money since the HVAC will be less likely to break down and stop working completely. Other than that, you will ensure there’s no leak of CO and other dangerous substances that could harm yourself and your family.

Finally, the energy efficiency of the system and the air quality will increase exponentially if you take good care of the ductless system. 

SmileHVAC — Ductless Repair Services in Toronto

SmileHVAC is a leading Toronto-based HVAC maintenance and repair service company. We specialize in assistance and repair services that help make the most out of your ductless heating systems.

  • We cater to residents. If you want to ensure your family breathes in clean air, gets more heat during winters and cool during summers, and has a system that absorbs odors and bacteria, contact SmileHVAC for ductless system repair at your home. 
  • We cater to businesses. If you’re a commercial business, office, or manufacturing center manager, SmileHVAC can inspect, maintain, and repair the heating system you have in place.

We have been supporting Toronto and suburb residents and organizations with installation, repair, and maintenance services for years. When a client reaches out for ductless system repair, here’s how SmileHVAC can help:

  • Air duct cleaning according to national standards. Our specialists will help get rid of dust, dirt, and bacteria that could be dispersed in the area through the heating system. 
  • Quarterly HVAC inspections that will save you from expensive repairs or having to replace the ductless system altogether. 
  • Fixing power issues when the HVAC doesn’t turn on or consumes too much power and causes shortages.
  • Mitigating odor issues and cleaning the unit thoroughly — our specialists will remove the dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold pileup from the system.
  • Fixing the noise issues that are usually caused by a loose cabinet or a dirty fan blade.
  • Ensuring that the unit blows enough air consistently throughout the day. 


How the Best Ductless Repair Services Company in Toronto Works

SmileHVAC takes pride in hiring highly professional employees who are eager to learn and adapt. We keep in line with industry trends and improve continuously to offer fast and efficient ductless repair services. 

We make sure that every client who reaches out to SmileHVAC gets a fast response from the local team and can schedule a repair appointment as quickly as possible. Here’s how we typically work on a new project:

  • Getting back to a prospective client who filled in the contact form and discussing maintenance and repair requirements. We find out how much money the customer is willing to invest in ductless maintenance and how urgent the appointment is. 
  • Assessment visit. We prefer to see the issue before taking any repair actions. This way, the team can get to the root cause of the problem and come up with the most efficient fix. 
  • Planning the repair strategy. We examine the cases that are similar to the client’s issue and devise the fastest, most efficient and affordable solution. We report the final strategy to the customer and proceed with it only after getting approval. 
  • Repairing the unit. A team of skilled technicians goes to the customer’s area and conduct the repair procedure. The process is complete only when we ensure that the unit works at its peak efficiency and the issue that bothered the members of the household is mitigated. 
  • Maintenance — we stay in touch with clients, assist in case of an HVAC-related emergency and give maintenance tips that help control the state of a ductless system of your own.

As you can see, our team is thorough, dedicated, and reliable. Other than giving every project our full and undivided attention, we make sure that our clients have as much freedom and decision-making power as possible.

  • No cancellation fees. We realize that an important event or a business trip may come up and prevent you from having a repair appointment — that’s why we don’t mind same-day cancellations and don’t charge for them. 
  • No need to pay for extra work. If an expert technician arrives at the site and realizes the issue is more complicated than the team had thought, you will not have to pay for extra time — we will stick to the original price estimate
  • Transparent and honest estimates. We send our clients detailed estimates, with an explanation of the total ductless repair services cost and the timeline. You don’t have to worry that the team will charge more than the work is actually worth.
  • Long-term payment options. If you can’t afford to pay the full cost of ductless repair services in Toronto at once, SmileHVAC offers a range of loan and long-term payment plans to make sure our clients are not financially pressured. 
  • Collaboration on your terms. We assign a personal account manager to every project — feel free to reach out to him with questions and status updates anytime. 


Choose our High-Level Toronto Ductless Repair Services

Since dustless systems are quite complex and challenging to repair on your own, call a team of professionals instead. At SmileHVAC, we offer professional and affordable HVAC repair services. 

We will inspect the unit, thoroughly clean it, improve the responsiveness of controls, and remove extra noises a unit might make. This way, you will not have to replace a ductless system and will be able to use the current one efficiently for many more years. 

We look forward to working with you. Leave SmileHVAC a message — we will answer it in a matter of hours.

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