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A furnace in one’s home is an essential requirement for your family’s quality of comfort. At the same time, it’s a major investment, which requires quite a lot of research before making a big decision.

There are multiple factors to think before taking the big leap and it’s only right to do a lot of research on furnace installation services in Toronto.

Our expert technicians can assist you along the way to evaluate what type of furnace suits your needs.


Types of Furnace You Can Install in Your Home

The three types of furnaces you will come across are:

  1. Gas Furnaces
  2. Electric Furnaces
  3. Oil Furnaces

Gas Furnaces are the most common type of furnaces as they are a perfect choice for weather like Toronto experiences. The frequent harsh cold weather throughout the season requires a system that will be cost effective and lasts long with lower maintenance costs.

Gas furnaces may have high upfront costs but the monthly operating costs are low that it offsets the overall expense. Plus gas furnaces are extremely efficient, which means your home gets warm faster and in less time.

Some additional costs to consider would be the furnace installation services cost, replacing cost, and maintenance cost.


Electric Furnaces are generally energy efficient even though they could become relatively expensive to operate due to electricity costs.

However, electric furnaces have the lowest upfront costs in comparison to Gas & Oil. Since these furnaces don’t require special vents and pipes, they are simpler to maintain and last up to 10 -15 years.

Oil Furnaces are not that common in Toronto but they are also a good choice for areas with harsh cold weather.

There is an additional cost for the fuel storage tank that one needs to consider plus space. The monthly operating costs are relatively lower than electric because you fill oil tanks quarterly or semi-annually.


When thinking of furnace installation services, we understand that it can get overwhelming to consider all options and which one to choose that fits perfectly with your own home’s requirements.

We are here to help you decide which furnace best fits your needs and budget.

When using SmileHVAC Furnace Installation Services you can be rest assured that we have your best interest in mind. We want to help you get the best deal for your heating needs and to make sure your family is comfortable in their home.

Our main goal is always to ensure that furnace installation services are of such high quality that your decision to choose SmileHVAC is a long term relationship. We want to help you maintain but not in any way that may cause property damage or be a fire hazard.

We pride on our work ethic and will build the relationship with you, till you are not ultimately happy and satisfied with your furnace installation service.


4 Steps to Installing Your New Furnace

Installing a furnace can be a stressful decision, but we can make easy for you. It may be tempting to DIY the process and save on the services fee but such an installation contains various complicated components that can be dangerous if executed right.

To give you an idea of what our process entails, here’s a look at SmileHVAC furnace installation services:

Step 1: We help you choose the type of furnace that best fits your home and also guide you on what location within the home it should be at.

Step 2: We then help you decide where the return air duct and drain can be.

Step 3: Then we connect the ducting system, vent pipes, gas supply, electrical supply and finally condensate drain.

Step 4: The last and the most important step we do one final quality check to ensure that the whole system is working perfectly.


Select Smile HVAC for Your Furnace Installation Needs

Furnace installation services can be complicated, so let SmileHVAC help you and be the answer to your needs. With our team of highly trusted and experienced technicians in Toronto and GTA, let us take care of your furnace installation needs.

Remember, if you don’t need a replacement, we will never sell you one. Because we’re not after your money, but a long-term relationship.

Call us today at (+1) 437-777-4555, or contact us through our contact page, to book a consultation.