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HRV Services in Toronto

It’s common for home owners to treat electrical appliances as something that should function properly all the time even with little-to-no maintenance. So when it comes to heat recovery ventilators, people tend to forget about cleaning them. 

The reality is, a lack of maintenance and care affects the performance of an HRV system a lot. When dirt gets into the filter, the appliance becomes noisier. Not only that, but dust, pollen, bacteria, and other potentially dangerous particles surrounding the HRV system get dispersed all over the place. 

Another reason why homeowners are cautious about cleaning heat recovery ventilators is due to the high risk of damaging the unit. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t accept ventilator units when they find out that the owner has opened the appliance on his own. 

To make sure you’re not harming yourself by missing out on heater ventilator maintenance and avoid the risk of breaking the unit — reach out to a team of professional technicians that will handle maintenance and repair for you.

SmileHVAC — Best HRV Services Company in Toronto

When looking for an expert team of technicians that’s going to make the most out of your HRV unit, look no further than SmileHVAC. Here you will be able to get maintenance-related consults from professionals. We can visit you and inspect the HRV in every area of Toronto, as well as a suburb

Thanks to our maintenance and repair services, you will be able to maintain a consistent normal humidity even during winters and filter the air efficiently, making it cleaner and more enjoyable to breathe. 

Here is the full range of maintenance and repair work you get by reaching out to SmileHVAC for HRV services in Toronto:

  • Manufacturer-compliant unit cleaning that doesn’t compromise the product’s warranty;
  • A thorough inspection to determine the issues in the ventilation system before it breaks down completely;
  • Full cleaning of vent walls and ceilings;
  • Airflow check and rebalance to ensure you’re never short of oxygen;
  • Regular consults and hacks on taking proper care of the ventilator — our commercial team will also share maintenance and care tips;
  • Inspecting the sensor to ensure it’s not worn out or damaged, along with damper defrosting.

We specialize in supporting households, businesses, and public offices — whatever the scale of the building you want us to inspect, feel free to reach out. The SmileHVAC team will design a custom strategy for the ultimate maintenance efficiency.


High-Quality Toronto HRV Services at SmileHVAC

Our team does not fall short of technical skills, experience, and assistive tools to maintain and repair ventilation systems effortlessly. Other than offering city residents our expertise and dedication, we want to make sure the collaboration process is smooth and effortless.

Here’s how SmileHVAC works:

  • Fill in the contact form to let us know you’d like to get a consult from a technician. You will get a call or an email shortly after — whichever you’re more comfortable with. Our account manager will help you schedule an evaluation appointment and put you in touch with the team. 
  • On-site assessment. On a chosen day, our technical team will show up to your place te examine and thoroughly inspect the ventilator. If the repair process is straightforward, we will fix the issue then and there. For more complex cases, detailed planning, budget, and deadline estimation are needed. 
  • Planning the repair process. SmileHVAC professionals collect the best industry practices and go through their experience to find the best way to solve any ventilator-related issue. Based on this thorough analysis, we draw up an HRV services cost estimate and a timeline breakdown — both are reported to a client in a detailed and transparent way. 
  • Repairing the HRV unit. Typically, it takes one full day of work to repair most HRV issues. By the end of the day, your unit will be up and running.
  • Maintenance and continuous support. Our team will email you every once in a while to ensure that the unit is working well. If you don’t mind, we will be sending HRV maintenance and care-related emails. In case you have questions or there’s an HRV-related emergency, feel free to reach out to our team any time — we will respond to every single one.

Over the years of hard work and customer support, SmileHVAC has become a trusted local team. Here’s why new clients are comfortable reaching out to us and the old ones keep coming back for home management:

  • We don’t charge extra. Either for a cancellation on the same day or extra work, there will be no over-the-top price. We will do all that needs to be done on your terms and stick to the original estimate. 
  • We always have your back. For SmileHVAC, a successful project is not a completed one but the one that works well and leaves every customer happy. As strong advocates for clean and high-quality air, we treat our work responsibly and strive to perform it to the best of our ability. 
  • We offer personalized assistance. Since day one of working with SmileHVAC, you will have a personal assistant that will offer status updates, answer your questions, and connect you with the technical team. 
  • We respect deadlines. When you hire a SmileHVAC technician, you can be confident the work will be completed with no delays. We treat deadlines seriously and stick strictly to an offered timeline. 
  • We are professionals. All of our technicians are certified — you can ask for our BBB certification as proof of quality. Most importantly, we have successfully performed hundreds of repairs — you can see some of them in the company’s portfolio. 

Reach Out to SmileHVAC for a High Quality and Affordable Cost of HRV Services in Toronto

Taking continuous care of your heat recovery ventilator is a better long-term investment than paying to replace an HRV unit, as well as the installation services. Other than that, by paying attention to maintenance issues you will be able to keep the air quality at its peak and ensure your family will not be inhaling debris or contaminating substances that get stuck inside of the ventilator. 

To handle your HRV properly, it’s better to reach out to a professional team rather than to mess around with the appliance on your own, risking shortages or shutdowns. If you’re located in Toronto, there’s no better team than SmileHVAC to take care of your HRV. 

Contact us for heat recovery ventilator repair and maintenance services — our team looks forward to a productive and satisfying collaboration.

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