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Humidifier Maintenance Services in Toronto


During hot summer months, air conditioners and fans can help you keep you cool. But they can dry out the moisture from the air in your home. Even during the winter months, central heating systems can have the same effect on the quality of your air.

In both weather conditions, humidifiers can be of great help. They help to improve the air quality in your home by infusing in the moisture. So don’t let yourself or your family suffer through dry climatic conditions, by keeping your humidifier well maintained.

Expert technicians at SmileHVAC will take care of your humidifier maintenance need for you. Call us today to book an appointment.


Humidifier Maintenance by Expert Technicians

Humidifiers protect not only your family’s health, but also protect your furniture, hardwood floors, and other important ornaments around your house from damage. The right humidity levels are also important to prevent static electricity build up – yes we’re not fond of getting shocked every time we touch an appliance in our house.

Ignoring regular maintenance of your humidifier often causes it to break down. And repairing and replacing it can cost you more money vs regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance also avoids the hassle of finding someone to fix it immediately. At SmileHVAC we recommend you to get on our humidifier maintenance plan, and let us keep your humidifier running all year round.

Give us a call at (437) 777-4555, and we’ll guide you through the process.


Too much humidity is not good either, make sure you keep the below in check:

  •  Hot showers can lead to extra humidity in your house. To make sure you keep the extra humidity from hot showers out by turning the ventilation fan on.
  •  Boiling a lot of water at home (if you’re cooking for a big party) can build up extra humidity in your house. The kitchen range hood with a ventilation fan works best to keep the odour and humidity out.

In both circumstances above, and when you suspect the humidity levels of your home may rise, make sure to turn your humidifier off.


Here are some humidifier maintenance tips for you to do it yourself (DIY):

  •  Keep your humidity in check by monitoring humidity levels (invest in a humidistat)
  •  Regularly change and check the water levels in your humidifier
  •  If your humidifier has a filter, keep an eye on it and replace it when it is time
  •  Using water that has minerals can help mold build in your humidifier; only use purified or distilled water to ensure proper functioning.
  •  Take time out clean your humidifier on a regular schedule; it is often easy to forget that your humidifier needs cleaning
  •  Humidifiers can last you a very long time if serviced regularly

Call us and let us take of your humidifier’s proper functioning. We can maintain a wide variety of humidifiers:

  1.    Drum style humidifiers with water tanks
  2.    Flow through style humidifiers
  3.    Fan assisted humidifiers
  4.    Steam humidifiers
  5.    Stand-alone whole home humidifiers

Nothing is worth more than your and your family’s health. If you notice a problem with your humidifier, call SmileHVAC to speak to a professional technician today


Great Humidifier Maintenance Services in Toronto / GTA with SmileHVAC

When was the last time you called a professional to service your humidifier? If you haven’t in a long time, you can try out our expert services.

We recommend you to sign up with our humidifier maintenance plan so your humidifier never fails you. Call us today at (437) 777-4555, and let our team of professionals get your humidifier serviced the same day.

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