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Smile HVAC provides you with the best air conditioner repair and installation Service in Toronto, Ontario. We have brand-authorized and certified technicians to help you with your air conditioning service and maintenance.  Call us today and get a free service call for all Toronto residents.


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Toronto Air Conditioning Repair Service

Are you looking for an Air Conditioner repair in Toronto? When it comes to fixing, servicing, or installing Air conditioners and addressing Air conditioning emergencies near Toronto, we know only one thing: Quality.

Air Conditioner Repair Service In Toronto

OurBrand certified technicians deal with all kinds of air conditioner repair and installation in Toronto. We also offer same-day air conditioner service in Toronto.

24X7 Air Conditioner Repair Service in Toronto

No cold air? Unusual noises coming from the air conditioner? Or your AC is continuously running? You may have a broken air conditioner that needs repair. Don’t wait until your house is all hot! Call us and get your cooling system service in no time.
With Smile, you can reach our helpful representative anytime. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

10-Year Installation Warranty.

If you are looking to install a new air conditioner in Toronto. We offer you a 10-year installation warranty that if there are any issues with the installation we will come back and repair that issue for free. What else do you need if you looking for an air conditioner installation near you?

Plus, you’ll find comfort in knowing that we offer upfront pricing, so it will be clear how much you will be charged and allow a satisfaction guarantee.

Free Air Conditioning Service Call For The Residents Of The GTA.

We also provide free service calls for our residential customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Call us today to book an appointment.

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Best Air Conditioner Maintenance Service Toronto

SmileHVAC offers Toronto’s best air conditioner maintenance and repair services. Regular maintenance is important for ensuring that your air conditioner functions at its best, while repair services can quickly address any issues that arise. With professional maintenance and repair services, you can keep your air conditioner running smoothly for many years.

SmileHVAC Comes with a proven track record of success, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a team of skilled technicians who can provide reliable and efficient service.

Call us to get a new air conditioner install in your home in the GTA.

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Toronto

Air conditioner explosions happen. Though they’re rare when they happen, can be devastating. Another serious AC problem is carbon monoxide leaking. A report by NFPA states that approx. 7,800 home structure fires were caused by damaged air conditioners or related systems. In such fires, an estimated 50 persons were killed.

Several studies have shown that a wrong air conditioner installation or a malfunctioned air conditioner unit can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas can harm your body with headaches, nausea, fainting, chest pains, etc. To avoid this in the first place itself, report an emergency to air conditioner repair Toronto in case you see the following air conditioner problems:

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Toronto Homeowners Choose SmileHVAC

At Smile HVAC, we are committed to delivering a pleasant and hassle-free air conditioner repair experience to our customers in Toronto. Our promise is backed by a range of features, including:

Expert Technicians: Our team comprises certified and experienced technicians who specialize in repairing all types of air conditioners in Toronto.

Transparent Pricing: We believe in providing transparent pricing, so our customers always know the cost of their air conditioner repair upfront, with no hidden fees or charges.

Same-Day Service: We offer same-day service to our customers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to ensure their air conditioner is up and running as quickly as possible.

24/7 Availability: Our emergency air conditioner repair service is available 24/7 in Toronto, so you don’t have to endure the cold for long.

Quality Parts and Equipment: We use only the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that your air conditioner is repaired to the highest standard.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our service, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

Furnace Heater Repair Service Near Me

Are you looking for a furnace repair, maintenance, or installation service near you? Don’t worry we got you covered with our brand-certified technician to help you get your heater ready for your daily use.

Take advantage of our 10% discount on water heater cleaning, maintenance, and service today.

Furnace Heater Repair Service Near Me

Benefits Of Air Conditioning Maintenance In Toronto

Air conditioner maintenance is an important aspect of owning an AC unit in Toronto, as it can provide a number of benefits. Some of the benefits of air conditioner maintenance in Toronto include:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Regular maintenance of an air conditioner can help improve its energy efficiency. This means that it can operate more efficiently and use less energy to cool your home, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.
  • Longer Lifespan: Regular maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of your air conditioner. This is because it can help prevent wear and tear on the unit and catch any potential problems early before they turn into major issues.
  • Improved Air Quality: A well-maintained air conditioner can also improve the quality of the air inside your home. Regular cleaning of the filters, coils, and other components can help remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from the air, making it healthier to breathe.
  • Reduced Need for Repairs: By catching any potential problems early on, regular maintenance can help reduce the need for costly repairs down the line. This can save you money and reduce the likelihood of your AC unit breaking down during the hottest days of the year.
  • Increased Comfort: A well-maintained air conditioner can also provide greater comfort in your home. It can cool your space more effectively and provide consistent, even cooling throughout your home.

Overall, regular air conditioner maintenance is essential for keeping your AC unit running smoothly, efficiently, and reliably, and can provide numerous benefits for your home and family.

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How often should I get my air conditioner serviced?

It's recommended to get your air conditioner serviced once a year to ensure it is working efficiently and to prevent potential problems.

How can I tell if my air conditioner needs repairs?

If you notice reduced cooling performance, strange noises, leaks, or unusual odors, it may be time to call for air conditioner repair services in Toronto.

How much does air conditioner repair in Toronto cost?

The cost of air conditioner repair in Toronto starts from $100 and can go up to $1000 depending on what kind of problem your AC is facing.

How long does air conditioner repair in Toronto take?

The duration of air conditioner repair services in Toronto depends on the extent of the problem and the type of repair needed. A professional repair service will provide an estimated timeline for the repair.

Is it better to repair or replace my air conditioner?

It depends on the extent of the problem and the age of your air conditioner. A reputable air conditioner repair service in Toronto will provide an honest assessment of the problem and recommend whether repair or replacement is the best option.

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