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The carbon filter might break anytime especially if it wasn’t maintained properly. We provide carbon filter repair services in the GTA.

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Do you think it’s time for a carbon filter repair for your unit? If you noticed a different smell or a taste in your home, then it’s time to call a carbon repair filter service. Replacing your carbon filter by yourself is possible, but it is best to get carbon filter repair services for a professional result. Before we do that, it is best to understand these filters and how they work.

Carbon filters are essential for screening particles, volatile organic compounds, and dust in water or air that passes through. It catches these gas molecules through a layer of charcoal through the process of adsorption. Adsorption is when particles stick on carbon’s highly reactive porous surface. Charcoal and carbon are used interchangeably and refer to the remainder of incomplete combustion.

For industrial use, carbon is made by heating wood, coconut shells, or coal in a vacuum chamber to release volatile compounds. Activated carbon undergoes additional chemical treatment so that it can have improved adsorption for a broader range. Carbon filter repair service will know how to repair filters with activated carbon.

Types of Carbon Filters We Repair

Carbon filters are primarily used for their filtration capabilities in different industries. It is primarily used in water and air filters, vape cigarette filters, and industrial gas processing. There are two types of carbon water filter systems in the market today. You can choose between a granular activated carbon filter and a solid block carbon filter. Granular activated carbon (GAC) are small charcoal pieces in the system and have no limit in the particle size it can screen. On the other hand, solid block carbon filters have a chunk of carbon with a pore size of about 1-5 micron. The two types of GAC filter systems include Whole House Filters installed at the home water’s supply and Point of Use Filters installed in the faucet.

Activated carbon air purifiers effectively remove the bad smell, chemicals, fumes, and smoke. Most air purifiers have HEPA filters installed that work alongside carbon filters for double protection. HEPA filters clean the air of pollens and allergens. Since families need a good quality of water and air, these appliances will be used daily. You should always check these filters for maintenance to avoid high carbon filter repair costs. Whether it’s the water filter or air purifier, Smile HVAC can quickly repair them to extend the life of your filters.

Carbon Filter Repair Service Near Me

Wear and tear are inevitable for filters, so you should start asking yourself, where are the nearest carbon filter repair near me? Over time, the activated carbon layer will be filled up with particles through adsorption, and there won’t be any area left for particles and dirt to stick to. You can check with Smile HVAC for professional carbon filter repair services in your area.

If you have checked Smile HVAC already, always check if your filters are ready to be changed. Always check for clogged filters, which happen much faster when there are more contaminants in the air or water supply. Apart from the quality, the volume and frequency of use also contribute to wearing out the carbon filter. Carbon air filters usually last for about 6 to 12 months, while carbon water filters last for 12 months. Even carbon filter repair service agencies do not advise using the filters beyond this time since it won’t be efficient in taking out the dirt. The most common sign is when the taste of water or the air smells funny already. When this happens, owners can rebid the filters themselves, but it will be best to have a professional carbon filter repair service to do it for you. This ensures the job is well done, and you won’t have to worry if it will give in soon.

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Carbon Filter Maintenance

Aside from regular servicing, carbon filter maintenance is essential. First off, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid repeated filter change, buying the right carbon filter is necessary. Purchasing a thick layer of carbon will ensure the long life of the appliance. In general, a good carbon weight is about 5 lbs. which is large enough for more adsorption areas in the filter. Going for thinner carbon filters will mean more frequent carbon filter maintenance.

Take note that carbon air filters will not last in rooms or areas with high humidity. The high rate of water droplets in the air will clog the carbon bed and block gas particles from sticking to the carbon’s surface. This also includes rooms with humidifiers since their primary purpose is to add moisture to the air. For water filters, be mindful of the water pressure and close it when not needed to minimize dirt collection for unused water. Most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s guide on how often the carbon filter should be replaced. This will also depend on the rate and frequency of usage to quickly change the filters.

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If You Need a Carbon Filter Repair – Contact Smile HVAC

Repairing carbon filters have to be perfect since the safety of the house owner depends on it. The best way is to call up a reliable and professional team to repair your carbon filter, just like Smile HVAC.

Smile HVAC has field experts who know how to repair and reinstall all kinds of carbon filters. Never worry about shoddy work since Smile HVAC makes sure they send the professionals who will do the job seamlessly. For other companies, carbon filter repairs are costly, but Smile HVAC is cost-effective and delivers excellent results. They also use high-quality materials for their jobs and provide the best equipment for their team. Most importantly, an expert can be at your home the same day you requested for emergencies. Smile HVAC services are available in critical areas like Toronto, Mississauga, Barrie, North York, and so much more. Give Smile HVAC a call today and experience their care for your comfort.

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