Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Repair in Toronto

Having access to hot water is a necessity, and a blessing, especially if you live in Toronto, or anywhere else in Canada. We often take such blessings for granted, and in doing so, overlook the regular maintenance water heaters require. If that’s the case, chances are you’re struggling with getting hot water in your house.

Water Heater Repair in Toronto

You depend on your water heater every single day. A report by NRCAN reveals that Canadians use an average of 75 liters of hot water each at home every day- for washing dishes and clothing, cleaning, and showering or bathing. In such scenarios, if your water heater abruptly stops heating water, it would be a nightmare for you. Regular water heater maintenance in Toronto offered by professional water heater repair in Toronto services can help you avoid sudden water heater damage.

Are you getting cold water despite your water heater being ON for a longer time? Probably, there’s a fault with heating elements or thermostats. Your water heater may need the replacement of heating elements. The more you delay calling water heater repair in Toronto, the more is the damage i.e. water heater unit continues to overheat making strange noises. This may cause a dangerous pressure buildup inside leading to water heater explosions. Though such explosions are rare, if they happen, are devastating. In most cases, irregular water heater maintenance in Toronto results in water heater damage.

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Water heater problems In Toronto

Water temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations result because of the thermostat. A too low thermostat results in a cool temperature while a thermostat that is too hot results in boiling water. Sometimes, a 12-15-year-old water heater can also cause temperature fluctuations. To diagnose the exact cause report problem to water heater repair in Toronto.

Smelly or discolored water

Smelly water occurs because of rusting of pipes. Rusting occurs with an increase in mineral levels such as iron and copper. Sometimes, the water smells sewage-type which is the result of bacterial growth inside the water tank. Perform regular water heater maintenance in Toronto and call professional water heater repair in Toronto to replace the damaged pipes.

Water heater leakage issues

Water heater leakage is mostly because of a broken drain valve. There may be a problem with the temperature and pressure relief valve because of too much pressure if the water is too hot. Sometimes, internal sediment build-up can cause damage to the hot water tank resulting in leakage. In such a case, a new water heater installation is recommended. Call licensed and authorized water heater repair in Toronto to diagnose the exact cause and suggest the right solution.

To quickly address such issues, a water heater repair in Toronto store with licensed, skilled, and experienced Smile HVAC technicians is the just thing needed for you.


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We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan. So if you need any urgent help with your equipments, we will send an emergency crew out to take care of you as soon as possible. For work that can be scheduled, we will arrange a day and time that suits best for you.

Emergency Water Heater Repair Toronto

Water heater bursts are rare but when they do happen, they can cause expensive damage. Despite regular water heater maintenance in Toronto, water heater emergencies can occur.

If your water heater takes a long time to heat water, there’s probably a temperature pressure buildup inside. The more the temperature, the more pressure buildup will be. To ease the pressure, the temperature relief valve will open. This means you’ve to check this valve regularly. If this valve breaks or cannot open, it may cause unwanted fatalities like a water heater burst.

If you suspect something similar issue with your water heater, don’t wait for the catastrophe. Call immediately to water heater repair in Toronto and report an emergency. For your family’s safety, immediately disconnect the water heater from the main supply under any emergency circumstances. This can avoid deterioration of the heating system.

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My water heater igniter won't spark. Do I need professional help?

If the ignitor spark stops working, it might take longer to get hot water. The thermostat might be broken. You need a professional to look at your water heater immediately.

Can you repair an electric heater making noise?

If you keep hearing unusual sounds from your water heater then probably the tank or pipes are damaged. Luckily we can send a technician to service the electric heater. They will carry out diagnostic tests to find what causes the noise.

My water heater won't light. How soon can you service it?

If you keep hearing unusual sounds from your water heater then probably the tank or pipes are damaged. Luckily we can send a technician to service the electric heater. They will carry out diagnostic tests to find what causes the noise.

What should I do when the water heater pilot lights but not the burner?

This might be a problem with the electronic system or motor. Our team will verify the true nature of the problem. Call us for a consultation today. We never disappoint.

What are my options if my water heater won't stay lit?

We provide many options for a noisy water heater. One option is to replace any malfunctioning parts. You can also opt for a brand new water heater at an affordable price.

I hear my water heater clicking all the time. Is it damaged?

Many things can cause a water heater to click when you turn it on. Constant use without servicing will cause such a sound. We will send someone to find out what is the cause of the clicking sound.


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