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Water Heater Repair, Maintenance and Installation in Whitby

Need a water heater repair in Whitby, but don’t want to wait for hours? Smile HVAC offers quick solutions for all your HVAC problems. Simply call us, and we’ll have a technician at your house shortly. We aim to perform water heater installation and repairs as quickly as possible.

Water Heater Repair in Whitby

No one likes to freeze themselves in cold showers, especially during winters. You need hot water for daily activities. Boiling water in large pots is not a feasible solution for daily needs. Hence, you need a water heater to have easy access to hot water. You can make the most of it through professional water heater maintenance and repairs. A proper water heater installation helps in lowering breakdowns. Trust a reliable HVAC partner for urgent water heater repairs in Whitby.

As scams are so common these days, it must be hard for you to trust any HVAC partner. We have many satisfied customers who back up our reliable service. We ensure you safe water heater installation and repair services. You can trust us for routine water heater maintenance. Your comfort is our aim. Not only do we provide water heater services, but also reliable information to keep you informed.

If you are tired of scams, unnecessarily high billing, and frequent repairs, contact us. We offer all the HVAC and plumbing services at the most reasonable prices. Our pricing and invoicing systems are transparent. Whether it’s a water heater installation or repair, we can help you with all. We offer the following services in Whitby.

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Water Heater Problems in Whitby

Only if you know what to seek, you can find the right contractor for water heater repair in Whitby. Being familiar with the signs and solutions to problems will help you handle them on time. Some problems that are common among all brands and types of water heaters are as follows –

Water smells bad

If you are experiencing odor issues with either cold or hot water, it is likely a plumbing issue. But, if it is only with the hot water, it’s a water tank issue. When dirt or sediment accumulates, it leads to a bad odor. Water also becomes unfit for consumption. Water heater maintenance and general check-ups can help you. Don’t delay water heater repairs in Whitby.

Limited hot water

Water heater users complain the most about not having enough hot water. It may happen because of wrong thermostat settings, broken pressure relief valves, or damaged dip tubes. You can try resetting the thermostat. We suggest availing of professional water heater installation services to avoid such issues. For relief valves and tubes, hire a professional for water heater repair in Whitby.


Water heaters’ loud strange noise is an indicator of a problem. Before it gets worse, seek professional water heater repairs in Whitby. Broken elements, dirt, or sediment cause disturbance. With water heater maintenance, it’s easier to deal with such issues on time. A proper water heater installation also saves you from breaking any component.

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We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan. So if you need any urgent help with your equipments, we will send an emergency crew out to take care of you as soon as possible. For work that can be scheduled, we will arrange a day and time that suits best for you.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in Whitby

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed urgent help but couldn’t find any? Imagine that urgency being a gas leak or no hot water while the weather is freezing. We understand the importance of a working water heater and the urgencies that can emerge. That’s why we offer water heater repairs in Whitby on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.

We are always at your service, whether it’s for a quick water heater installation or in-depth repairs. We put our customers and their families first. With us, hot water will never be a problem for you. You can depend on us. We are also happy to plan water heater maintenance appointments around your schedule.

Best Water Heater Technicians in Whitby

We always want the best in everything, then why settle for any less when it comes to HVAC services. Smile HVAC has the best technicians for water heater repair in Whitby. All our services – water heater installation and others, are priced fairly. We believe in regular training to stay updated with the latest technology. We always try to find the best solution for all your problems. We offer various water heater maintenance plans and combo deals. Contact us if you want the best services for your HVAC needs.

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Common Troubleshoot Tips if You Have a Problem With Your Water Heater in Whitby

We understand some water heater repairs in Whitby can be unnecessary. You can avoid expensive repairs and replacements with routine water heater maintenance. You can also use the following troubleshooting tips before contacting an expert.

  • For limited hot water, try setting the thermostat at a desirable temperature. If it’s due to pressure valves or dip tubes, contact an expert for water heater repair in Whitby.
  • For odor, try cleaning the tank. Make cleaning the tank a part of routine water heater maintenance. For continuing issues, contact an expert for water heater repair in Whitby.
  • For disturbing noise, first, try cleaning the tank. If you fear it is due to a broken element, contact an expert. We recommend a professional water heater repair in Whitby over self-tuning. It may cost you a fortune.

We offer water heater installation, maintenance, and repairs at the most reasonable price. With professional water heater installation, you can avoid many issues.


Do we offer gas water heater installation?

Yes, we do offer gas water heater installation. As long as it is a water heater, regardless of brand or model, we can handle it. We offer water heater maintenance packages along with installation services.

Why is water heater maintenance important?

Maintenance is important to make the best use of any machinery. The same is the case for a water heater. It helps to deal with issues before they become worse. With us, you can customize water heater maintenance plans at your convenience. We can also take care of any water heater repair in Whitby.

What precautions can you take to avoid expensive water heater repairs in Whitby?

We understand you don’t like to spend your hard-earned money on any unnecessary thing. You can take the following steps to avoid expensive water heater repairs in Whitby.

  • Invest in a good water heater after considering all the factors
  • Avail of professional water heater installation services
  • Sign up for a routine water heater maintenance plan
  • Don’t avoid water heater repairs in Whitby when necessary


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