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The team at Smile HVAC Service and Installation has a unique philosophy toward our customers. We focus our time and resources on building relationships on a solid foundation of trust and integrity.

Based on these guiding principles, we developed 5 rules we use every day in our customer interactions:

  1. First Time Quote – We stand by our technicians’ original quote, even if we end up doing more work, we don’t make customers pay more than the initial quoted price.
  2. No Hidden Fees – No hidden fees in any of our plans, all our fine print is written in large font to ensure the customer understands the work that is being done, along with the financial details.
  3. No Cancellation Fee – If you change your mind, we will cancel the work order at no extra charge.
  4. Rent to Own – We offer customizable financing plans available to clients regardless of their financial situation.
  5. No Program Change Fee – We allow our customers to switch their existing program at any time without incurring additional costs.
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Home Furnace Repair Experts

When our technicians enter your home you can be confident they are well prepared to resolve your crisis. We support our team with ongoing weekly training along with updates on the latest equipment and codes, along with market and industry trends.

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BBB Accredited

Smile is fully accredited by our local BBB. You’ll be leaving your next home project in the hands of professionals.

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Our Vision

We believe in building a strong relationship with our customers and ultimately a reputation for being credible and honest within the community. We make sure there are no hourly rates or final calculations, and we always provide you with the final cost upfront.

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What we do

We are focused on assisting our clients with their home comfort needs. No matter the customer, whether big or small, we focus on providing the highest industry standard of customer service and integrity.

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