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Smile HVAC will help you with furnace repair in Toronto and GTA. We have the best professionals at your service to do excellent furnace repair in Toronto. We provide all kinds of services for any heating system equipment in Toronto. You can trust our licensed and skilled technicians for your next Furnace Repair.

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Furnace Repair and Installation in Toronto

Being a Toronto resident, you’re aware of the extremely cold climates there. Especially the coldest month of January when the average low temperature is 18°F and the high is 30°F. It’s a nightmare to wake up one morning in such freezing temperature only to see that your furnace isn’t blowing hot air. Such a helpless, frustrating, and tense situation. However, you need not worry. You just need furnace repair in Toronto and some maintenance tips for your furnace.

Irregular furnace maintenance in Toronto and wrong inspections are subject to serious furnace problems in Toronto.

Furnace Issues in Toronto

furnace repair in toronto by smile hvac

Dirty or clogged filters in Furnace

Reduces airflow thereby pressuring the air handler to work harder to counterbalance blocked airflow. This overheats the heat exchanger along with a rapid increase in your utility bills. Replace those filters with the help of licensed furnace repair in Toronto expertise.

Weak and flickering pilot light

To determine the exact cause behind pilot light issues, you need the help of professional furnace repair in Toronto. There may be a damaged thermocouple a blocked pilot orifice or a damaged safety switch.

Thermostat malfunctioning

Loose connections and old or frayed wires are reasons for thermostat defects. Perform thorough furnace maintenance in Toronto to find thermostat issues. Replace any damaged wires with the help of furnace repair in Toronto professional.

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When do you need a furnace repair in Toronto?

Some other furnace problems where you need the help of a professional furnace repair Toronto:

  • Electric ignition problems
  • Wear and tear ball bearings issues
  • Blower problems,
  • Over-cycling problems etc.

These furnace problems, if left unrepaired or ignored, may lead to permanent damage to your furnace. And, you will have no option but make a new furnace purchase.

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We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan. So if you need any urgent help with your equipments, we will send an emergency crew out to take care of you as soon as possible. For work that can be scheduled, we will arrange a day and time that suits best for you.

Best Furnace Repair in Toronto

Why’re you hassling yourself with Furnace repair when you’ve many urgent tasks to take over?

Leave your furnace repair problems with Smile HVAC.

Smile is quick to help you with your furnace repair in Toronto.

We help you with furnace repair, maintenance, and furnace installation irrespective of your commercial or residential needs. Our technician team has several years of experience in furnace repair in Toronto.

If you’re living in Toronto and looking for reliable Furnace maintenance in Toronto, just call us and we’ll be right there for your furnace repair in Toronto or furnace installation.

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Emergency Furnace Repair in Toronto.

If you’re suddenly experiencing nausea, headache, irritated eyes, etc. probably your furnace’s heat exchanger has been damaged. A cracked/damaged heat exchanger releases toxic carbon monoxide into your home causing some health issues. You need furnace repair in Toronto immediately in the following emergencies:

  • Loud banging sounds of the blower motor
  • Yellow pilot light – indicates leakage of harmful carbon monoxide gas.

If you experience any such issues, shut down the furnace and immediately Call Emergency furnace repair in Toronto – SMILE HVAC.

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