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Should You Rent a Furnace in Ontario?

Written by Gundeep Singh

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Investing in a furnace for your home is a significant decision that impacts not only your comfort but also your monthly expenses. When it comes to obtaining a furnace in Ontario, homeowners have multiple options, including buying, financing, and renting. This comprehensive guide aims to provide insightful details about renting a furnace in Ontario, focusing on the benefits, drawbacks, costs, and factors to consider.

Understanding Furnace Rental

Furnace rental refers to obtaining a furnace through a rental agreement with a service provider. In this setup, homeowners pay a consistent monthly fee over a specified period, typically ranging between 7 and 15 years. The rental fee generally covers the installation, maintenance, and repair services, providing peace of mind and financial predictability for homeowners.

Pros of Renting a Furnace

There are several advantages to renting a furnace, including:

Cons of Renting a Furnace

While renting a furnace offers several benefits, it also has some drawbacks:

Furnace Rental Costs

Rental costs for a furnace in Ontario vary depending on several factors such as the furnace’s size, efficiency rating, and the rental agreement’s length. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $49.99 and $89.99 per month for a furnace rental.

It’s crucial to note that most furnace rental contracts include a clause that allows for an annual increase in the monthly rental fee, usually around 2-3%. Hence, it’s essential to factor in this potential increase when considering a rental contract.

Furnace Rental vs. Purchase

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The decision to rent or buy a furnace should be based on your unique needs and financial situation. While renting provides a more affordable short-term solution with included maintenance and repair services, it could potentially be more expensive in the long run.

On the other hand, buying a furnace involves a substantial upfront cost, but it can be more cost-effective over time. Additionally, owning a furnace gives you more freedom to choose your service provider and eliminates potential issues when selling your home.

Furnace Rental and Home Selling

If you plan to sell your home in the future, it’s important to understand how a furnace rental contract might impact the sale. Some potential buyers may be hesitant to assume a furnace rental contract, which could affect your home’s appeal.

In some cases, buyers may insist that sellers buy out the rental contract as a condition of the sale. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider these potential implications before deciding to rent a furnace.

Furnace Rental Companies in Ontario

Numerous companies offer furnace rental services in Ontario. Some of the prominent ones include Smile HVAC, Reliance Home Comfort, EnerCare, and Dr HVAC.

These companies provide a wide range of furnace models and rental plans to meet different homeowners’ needs. However, it’s essential to research each company’s reputation, customer service, and contract terms before deciding.


Renting a furnace in Ontario is an option worth considering for homeowners who prefer predictable monthly payments and the convenience of included maintenance and repair services. However, it’s crucial to understand the long-term costs, contractual obligations, and potential implications on home sales.

Before deciding, it’s advisable to compare different rental companies, consider alternative financing options, and consult a reliable HVAC professional. By doing thorough research and considering your unique needs and financial situation, you can make an informed decision that best suits your home heating needs.


Can I choose my own service provider when I rent a furnace?

This depends on your rental contract's terms. Some contracts may require you to use the rental company's service providers, while others may allow you to choose your own as long as they meet the contract's conditions.

Are there any hidden fees associated with renting a furnace?

Some rental contracts may include additional fees such as installation, removal, or buyout fees. It's important to read your contract carefully to understand all potential costs.

Can I purchase the furnace at the end of the rental contract?

This depends on your rental contract's terms. Some contracts may allow you to purchase the furnace at the end of the rental period, while others may require you to return the furnace or pay a removal fee.

Can I cancel the rental contract early?

Some rental contracts may allow for early termination with a fee, while others may not provide provisions for early cancellation. It's important to understand your contract's terms to know your options for early cancellation.

Is renting a furnace a good idea?

The decision to rent a furnace depends on your unique needs and financial situation. Renting can be a convenient and affordable short-term solution, but it might be more costly in the long run. It's important to weigh the pros and cons and consider alternatives before deciding.

Can I rent a high-efficiency furnace?

Yes, most rental companies offer a range of furnace models, including high-efficiency units. However, the monthly rental fee might be higher for these models due to their higher upfront costs.

Is a furnace rental contract transferable if I sell my home?

Most rental contracts allow for transfer to a new homeowner. However, some potential buyers may be hesitant to assume a rental contract, which could affect your home's appeal.

Does renting a furnace affect my home equity?

Renting a furnace does not directly affect your home equity. However, the cumulative cost of renting a furnace could potentially impact your financial situation and your ability to build equity through mortgage payments.

Can I rent a furnace if I have bad credit?

Some rental companies do not require credit checks, making it possible for homeowners with bad credit to rent a furnace. However, it's important to understand the long-term costs and contractual obligations associated with renting a furnace.

Are there government rebates available for renting a furnace?

Government rebates are typically available for purchasing energy-efficient appliances, including furnaces. It's advisable to check with your local government or utility company to understand what rebates or incentives might be available.