Is it legal to install your own furnace in Ontario?

And the answer is no, setting up your own furnace in Canada is illegal, particularly in Ontario. Since laws and regulations constrain non-specialists, the homeowner will need to find a qualified, reliable, and TSSA-certified HVAC technician for furnace installation. Without an HVAC license, it is impossible to do the installation work yourself because the potential risks associated with such work are even greater. If you obtain a gas and electrical installation permit, you can install your unit.

People who are into DIY often consider assembling and repairing equipment themselves instead of relying on a technician. Are you one of them and currently planning to install the purchased furnace yourself? But wait, do you get a specific certified or technician license? If not, there will be a possibility of going wrong with this. Before you decide to handle furnace installation based on online videos, keep in mind the complications and potential risks involved, especially if you’re a home-based or novice in the DIY expertise field.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the legal norms of furnace installation, the risks associated with furnace installation, and how self-installation negatively affects furnace warranties.

Can I Legally Install My Furnace?

Wondering whether or not it is lawful to set up your furnace? You may want to take on the job, and a lack of expertise and knowledge can lead to a host of problems, from high utility bills to inefficient operation to a fire hazard or dangerous carbon monoxide exposure. Faulty installation can sometimes be life-threatening or cause severe injury or illness. While installing a furnace can be an effective way to save money, gas, and electric furnaces demand safe installation only by a well-trained and qualified professional.

Nearly in all regions of Canada, including Ontario, the question is being raised Is it legal to install your own furnace? If it is accompanied by a permit, then the answer is yes.

Moreover, it depends on where you currently reside. However, each province has its own guidelines and regulation related to home improvements, including installing furnaces, hot water heaters, furnaces, etc. If you want to install a furnace without contacting an HVAC specialist, confirm with your region or country’s local heating and electrical authority.

Well, Canada is one of those countries where no one is allowed to install a furnace unless they have an HVAC license. If you opt for an electric furnace, it may be legal to install it yourself, but again it depends on where you live.

In what cases will you need to get a permit?

If you plan to install a gas furnace, a permit is a must, especially if you want to attach it to a gas line within your property. In the case of a wood furnace, permission from the local authority is also required if you want to attach it to a wood stove in your space. Knowing that it is legal to install your furnace yourself will make the installation process more straightforward.

But, before delving into the process in detail, be sure to determine where it is installed and follow all guidelines and instructions for the heat source. Also, make sure all critical components and connections are securely placed and your gas line is adequately connected. You may also need premium-quality installation tools and hardware for maximum performance.

Speaking of permit restrictions, they could vary from region to country. However, the furnace size plays a crucial role in permit requirements. If you choose to avoid the permit process, you may run into problems when you sell your home. Generally, new buyers always check all the permits and documents attached to your property, If you do not have a furnace permit, then the value of the property will decrease.

What are common issues with DIY furnace installation?

Installing a furnace yourself is not as simple as doing a household DIY or mounting a light bulb. Even the advanced furnace models are not easy to install as they are complex in terms of technology. As a result, you may end up with a technical glitch in the process and increase your chances of exposure.
Installing your own furnace at home is tough when you don’t have the technical expertise. If you attempt this, it could result in damage to the unit, heating problems, gas leakage and a fire hazard. Aside from that, the warranty of the furnace will also be affected, and you will have to pay for damaged parts or repairs.

Let us discuss the possible risks that can occur while installing your own furnace:

Responsibility for Equipment Damage Lies on you

For furnace installation, you need to be aware of the potential risks associated with it. Incorrect installation can damage components, which can lead to expensive repair costs. While high-quality furnaces can withstand damage from improper or poor gas connections, electrical problems are more dangerous and damaging.
Inadequate cable connections may damage the circuit board, resulting in higher replacement and technician service charges. If you think your warranty covers these damages, forget about it. Ultimately, the cost of repair will be on you, even if the manufacturer’s damage caused the actual failure. For full warranty protection, it is imperative to have a furnace installed by an HVAC professional.

Unprofessional installation may lead to combustion issues

If the furnace and other components are not installed adequately, this will likely result in excessive carbon monoxide production during the combustion process.

As a result, it can lead to serious health problems or even death. Improper combustion or gas leakage can also increase the risk of fire. However, depending on the level of impact on the pipes, the amount of gas leakage may vary with the size of the furnace. These leaks can be where you connect the gas to the primary unit or pipe and are probably hard to find.

Risk of fire due to improper handling of gas equipment

One of the biggest risks of gas leaks is explosions, and fires occur when the gas is exposed to fire flames. To avoid such risks, you should hire a licensed HVAC expert like Smile HVAC to do all installations related to the furnace.  Even though the installation is done by a professional expert, it is good to have a fire protection system beforehand for further safety.

Wrong installation may reduce furnace heating outcomes

When trying to install a furnace at home, there may be chances of getting it installed in the wrong place or in the wrong way. As a result, the actual heating capacity will not be revealed. In addition, it would be prone to high humidity and temperature fluctuations that would damage the gas pipes. The worst part is that you will end up paying a lot for energy bills.

Inadequate or poor heating is a clear symptom of not having the proper size furnace installed in your home. If the furnace is too large, you will experience poor performance and excess moisture, while a furnace that is too small will not heat your property properly.
However, the size of the furnace indeed varies, depending on the size of your property, the number of rooms, window sizes, layout, occupancy, insulation quality, etc. Contact Smile HVAC professional technician to help you choose the right furnace size according to your home needs. Finding the furnace best suited for your needs will ensure optimal heating while helping you save on your utility bills.

An inappropriately installed furnace may have a shorter lifespan

You might have experienced reliability issues if you installed the furnace yourself. Improper installation will result in frequent wear and tear of your furnace as well as reduce its shelf life. While professional and correct installation helps to achieve optimum performance, reduce repair costs and get the longest service life from your unit.

How much does it take to install your own furnace?

The furnace installation usually takes 5 to 10 hours of period. This could be more if you are re-doing the ductwork or replacing an old furnace. However, the exact duration will often be based on the size of the furnace, whether the previous unit is compatible with a newly purchased furnace, and the complexity of taking off the old furnace. For those who are going to install a furnace for the first time, it may take more hours. With Smile HVAC Service, the entire process can take less than 5 hours.

Bottom line

Before planning to install the furnace yourself, you will save on the setup cost, but it can result in various pitfalls and risks. After all, no one has the right skills and knowledge to do a technical installation except for an HVAC specialist. However you start, it is important to check whether it is legal to install a furnace in your area. In our opinion, you are well advised to leave the installation to Smile HVAC professionals to get the job done correctly.

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