Can you install a furnace without ductwork?

The answer is here: Yes, it is possible to install a furnace without ductwork. But, it may not be suited for all households in Canada. In some scenarios, installing a furnace on a property where there are no vents or paths will provide you with minimal airflow and cooling, resulting in higher electricity bills.

If someone’s property does not have existing ductwork for heating, an air-conditioning and ductless heating system restricts interruption to the home. If we say in simple words, you can install a ductless system without making a drastic change to your home’s architecture or structure.

Suppose your basement is under construction, and you want to add warmth to it and the floor above without making a huge investment. Of course, you’ll want to do this without running lots of pipes (vents) for air. This is like heating one room rather than the entire property. To do so, you may need a furnace or a small heater that does not require various pipes. But keep in mind that these units perform best when they’re getting a boost from those ducts.

So, if you’re okay with not having lots of vents or fancy pipes everywhere, this might be a better option for making a basement more comfortable and warm. Note: Regardless, it can be possible to do without owning a dozen pipes, having a few can help the unit work at its optimum levels.
An alternative solution:

Even though forced HVAC systems or whole-house heating and AC systems are incredibly renowned for being effective and efficient, you need a heat distribution source to handle your heating and cooling, ductwork, of course. However, as an alternative, ductless mini splits are an ideal way to keep a property warm.

Ductless mini splits or ductless heat pumps, as the name suggests, do not require air ducts to evenly spread heat and cool air within the home. They are not at all a window unit or another form of space heater. A whole home system with a distinctive design, a ductless heat pump avoids bulky ductwork in your space and is easy to install. Not only do they have a significant impact on overall comfort, but they also save money on utility bills in the long run.

Enjoy the benefits of built-in zone control and feel comfortable all season long with a ductless unit!

Why to choose ductless mini split?

Hassle-free Installation

If your property doesn’t have ductwork or you want to avoid replacing damaged, old ductwork when installing an HVAC system, try to go with a ductless mini split. Opting for this will be significantly beneficial because the installation is more simple and straightforward.
Obviously, this is still the work of a professional rather than a novice or occasional do-it-yourselfer, requiring drilling a small hole in the wall to unite the outdoor and indoor parts. Plus, you won’t need ducts in attic space, behind walls, etc.

Enhanced Control of Comfort

In ductless mini splits, circulation of conditioned air within the property through a centralized system of ducts is not needed. Alternatively, they are required to use wall-mounted blowers to facilitate the heating and cooling of targeted areas of the home.

Those with minimal home space may need a single blower, while larger multi-level properties may need to use three to four blowers. Each blower operates individually using its own thermostat. So, it means you will be able to operate and manage the temperature according to your needs and preferences. Compared to ducted units that can be zoned, ductless mini splits have in-built zone controls. Overall, you’ll have better control of the comfort in your space.

Better Efficiency

With a ductless mini split HVAC system, you’ll enjoy incredible efficiency upgrades. There could be several reasons behind this, including:


Whether it’s a garage, sunroom, or cool space (hard-t0-heat), a ductless mini-split system is a great option to choose from. Collectively, with a heat pump, these units generate a unified system for cooling and heating throughout the year, optimizing the value of your investment.
Things to Consider When Looking for a Ductless Mini Split

Below are some aspects that should be considered when shopping for a mini split:

Bottom line

Using a ductless heating system can be beneficial, especially in cases where a property lacks existing ductwork. Mini-split or ductwork is an excellent solution for safeguarding the actual architecture of historic or older homes, as well as eliminating the demands of material required for cooling and heating and making the installation process more manageable.

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