Water Softener Installation, repair and maintenance.

Water Softener Installation in Toronto

Smile HVAC will help you with the repair, service, and installation of your water softener in Toronto and GTA. We have certified and experienced technicians to help you install a water softener at your place.

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Most people do not know if their water softener is not working correctly. The following are some of the signs that you need a water softener repair.

  • If your faucet releases hard water
  • If your water pipes are clogging
  • If your water has a salty taste
  • If you have been observing a change in the quality of water
  • If your water pressure has been increasing over time

If you encounter any of the above signs, you need to look for a water softener repair service. As a result, this will remove the limescale and mineral buildup present in your pipes and plumbing materials.

There are many benefits of a new or well-maintained water softener. First, it helps to keep your home clean and promises better hair and skin. Proper maintenance of your water softener ensures that your water-using appliances will also last longer than expected. Getting a new water softener will also enable you to use the latest technological features for treating water. For instance, they can use salt monitors to alert you when you need to put water softener salts.

It is essential to know that water softener does not fix problems such as excessive iron and acidity. As a result, water softener service can help to fix the correct equipment to solve such problems. If you want your water softener replaced or serviced, you should get your house water tested first to get the best equipment for treating water. Our experts can offer you quality advice and recommend the best workable solutions.

Types of Water Softeners We Install and Repair

Our company has skilled and knowledgeable technicians in repairing all types of water softeners regardless of the brand and type. In the past, we have fixed water softeners from brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Rainsoft, and Novatek.

We have secured many spares that help to fix faulty water softener at your home.

We are experienced in repairing ion exchange water softeners. This type of water softener softens hard water by replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions, which do not affect the water system like buildups on pipes. We repair any non-functional unit of ion exchange water softener. Second, our technicians are competent in improving salt-free water softeners. This device employs a mechanical filter to eliminate calcium. However, it does not remove water hardness effectively because it does not remove magnesium.

We fix any errors that can arise in this softener to ensure that all calcium is removed. Third, we repair and maintain reverse osmosis water softener. The setup filters water through a semi-permeable membrane that eliminates about 98% of water impurities.

Our water softener repair cost is not expensive to ensure that we serve even customers who do not have a good money flow. To reduce our water softener repair, we offer advice to clients on how to fix their faulty water softener in case the problem is easy to solve.

This improves the skills and knowledge of all clients who interact with us. Smile HVAC also organizes training for our customers to educate them on maintaining their water softener at their homes. As a result, this reduces the water softener repair cost that might be incurred to hire professionals to fix a small problem that you could have improved.

Everyone who we send to come to repair your system is our staff. We never hire sub-contractors to handle our jobs. This helps to build trust and meet the satisfaction of the clients. We offer regular training to our technicians to ensure that they know how to repair all the water softeners. The upskilling workforce also enables our team to understand the latest technologies that have been incorporated into recent models.

As a result, our technicians will then learn how to fix issues with the upgraded water softeners in the industry.

Water Softener Repair Near Me

If you need a water softener repair near you, you can trust us because we are just one phone call away. You can also arrive at our offices near you, and we will help you with our best. You can also reach us online and give us a description of the kind of services that you need us to do. We have a customer support team that quickly responds to customer queries. We create a friendly environment that allows customers to express their views without hesitation.

We are located in many towns to ensure that we are accessible and near our customers. We offer water softener repair at customer-friendly prices to ensure that you can afford the services. The quality of our water softener service is top-ranked by many customers that we have served in the recent past. We respond on time to avoid inconveniencing our clients. Our industrial experience gives us a higher advantage in repairing water softeners.

Smile HVAC knows the best place to ship cheaper and quality equipment for reinforcing our water softener repair service. Also, we compensate our customers in case they have complaints about our services. You can trust Smile HVAC to get your water softener back up and running in no time. Plus, while we’re there, we’ll take the time to identify and diagnose any plumbing issues that may have caused the trouble in the first place. Our experts will offer you quality advice and recommend the best workable solutions.

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Water Softener Maintenance Toronto

To start the water softener maintenance, we first evaluate the root cause of your softener fault. We usually begin by washing the tank, which keeps the hard water ready for treatment. Then our team will clean the resin bed and eliminate the iron that has built up over time. Afterward, we will examine the resin tank injector and bypass valves to spot and eliminate all the sediment clogs. Then we will renovate the softener system and add salt to it to ensure that you don’t have extra tasks left!

The following tips can help you to maintain your water softener:

  • Track and eliminate salt bridges and salt mushing: Salt bridge is created when there is space between the water and the salt. Salt mushing is a more severe problem than salt bridges. To avoid this, it is recommended to have high-quality salts.
  • Always Choose the Best Salt: Generally, rock, solar, and evaporated are the three commonly used types of salts. Avoid using rock salt because it has many insoluble minerals and impurities. Always select evaporated salt, which is made through mining and evaporation processes. In a nutshell, you should use the purest salts that rarely form deposits in the storage tank. This stops the forming of salt bridges too.
  • Resin and Bed Cleaner: You should pour the manufacturer’s advisable amount of water softener cleaner in your brine tank. Then you have to renew the system in a manual way. Next, the cleaner will be getting rid of during the usual flushing process that is observed during the normal softening procedure. As a result, this process helps to clean resin and absorbs many calcium and magnesium that are present in the water.
  • Clean the Venturi Valve: This is achieved by unscrewing the valve cover and removing the inner parts. Then, use soap and clean water to clean all the internal components of the tank. Ensure that you keep repeating this process at least two times a year to create adequate water softening monthly procedures.
  • Check the salt levels: It is obvious that a decrease in salt levels makes the water softener to start releasing hard water. As a result, you should ensure that salt level is checked monthly to ensure that it is not below normal; to avoid challenging water issues in your home.

Use the tips that we gave you above to detect a faulty water softener and act immediately to ensure that everything is working efficiently as expected.

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If You Need a Water Softener Repair – Contact Smile HVAC

Water softeners require regular checks and maintenance. Smile HVAC has experienced experts who can help to fix your equipment in your home. In case you are not aware when you need repair, the following are possible signs:

  • Your water heater is leaking: If your water softener tank is leaking, we have many plumbers who can respond to your call as soon as possible.
  • Presence of rust in a water softener: Rust is unmistakable evidence that your heating system needs a repair. Rust can reveal that water is entering in odd places inside your heater. This can finally cause corrosion and failure of the tank. Our experts will help you fix this problem at an affordable price.
  • Old equipment: If your water softener is more than 15 years old, it is the right time to keep in touch with us so that we can closely maintain and repair your equipment. Since water softeners have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, we can advise you to hire us to replace it. An old system does not work efficiently. Therefore, it can consume higher power energy and increase your monthly electricity bills.

You can trust Smile HVAC to get your water softener repaired and running in no time. Plus, while we’re there, we’ll take the time to identify and diagnose any plumbing issues that may have caused the trouble in the first place. We also help to repair your furnaces.

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