5 Tips on How to Optimize Work of Your Furnace (And Save Up on Utility Bills Up to 37%)

Furnaces are extremely important especially if you live in a cold region like Canada. A furnace is a heating unit that helps to keep your building warm and cozy despite freezing temperatures outside. Furnaces are usually a part of a central heating system and can function on either gas or electricity. A traditional forced-air furnace works by drawing in air through ducts, warming it over a heat exchanger, and then with the aid of a blower motor, pushes the warm air through a chain of ducts that branches into different rooms of your building to equally distribute the heat.

It is highly important that your furnace is well maintained; after all, it is the core element that keeps your place warm and comfortable. Without regular maintenance, your furnace can experience several problems. Some of the most common furnace issues are dirty filters, regular wear, and tear, the furnace does not heat adequately or does not heat at all, thermostat problems, and so on. This is why regular maintenance and servicing of your furnace is of utmost importance. Here are 5 simple tips on how to optimize the work of your furnace and save up to 37% on your utility bills!

Get annual furnace check-up done by a professional

One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace is working at its optimum level is to have an annual furnace check-up by a professional HVAC technician like Smile HVAC. An experienced and professional technician in furnace maintenance and repair service will meticulously inspect your furnace for any issues and ensure that it is in its best condition. They can also detect any small repairs that are necessary to be done and fix them at the earliest to avoid costly and major repairs later on.

Clean the furnace filters regularly

Many people wrongly assume that the main job of the furnace filter is to improve the air quality inside the building. However, the main job of the furnace filter is actually to prevent the build-up of dust and debris from clogging up your furnace system. After some time of use, it is normal for the furnace filter to become clogged with debris but this can reduce furnace efficiency greatly as your furnace then has to put in more effort to pull air through the clogged filter, which puts additional duress on the furnace and thereby reduces its efficiency. When and how often you are required to clean or change your furnace filter depends on several factors.

For example, if you have a pet at home or you have done recent renovation work in your home, chances are that your furnace filter will be easily clogged with additional debris from the pets or renovation works done. It is best that you inspect the filter on a monthly basis and if you find it is clogged, then either replace the filter or clean it depending on its kind. If it is a replaceable kind, then it is recommended that you get it changed every 90 days for maximum efficiency.

Clean the air ducts regularly

In addition to cleaning the furnace filters regularly, it is also essential to have the air ducts cleaned from time to time. This will allow free airflow from your furnace into the room for proper heating. If the air ducts are dirty or clogged with debris, then airflow is restricted and your furnace has to put in more work to provide warmth and heat up space, thereby reducing the efficiency.

Keep the furnace area free of clutter

Most of the time, you are likely to have the furnace in the basement where a lot of space is used up for storage. It is highly recommended that you keep at least three to five feet of the area around your furnace completely clear of any clutter. This not only helps the furnace to function smoothly but also prevents unwarranted accidents from burning gas in the furnace. In addition, you should also keep the space around your vents clear of any clutter. This will help in free airflow around the room and make heating up the room much easier, thereby reducing the workload on your furnace and reducing your utility bills.

Get a smart thermostat for timing use of furnace

Investing in a smart thermostat is a great way to determine when you want your furnace on or off. Most people do not know of this nifty device that can greatly help in reducing your monthly utility bills and reduce unnecessary hassle. This smart device can not only turn your system on or off depending on your presence but it also learns your routine and acts accordingly which not only saves your energy bills but also welcomes you to a warm place after you come back to it. Based on its feature, a smart thermostat can also perform diagnostics on your heating system and find out if something is wrong so that you can fix it right away and avoid future costly repairs.

Most people do not pay any attention to the furnace once the system is installed unless it is too late – that is when it is no longer doing its core job of heating up the building. However, in order to maintain its optimum performance, reduce your utility bill and avoid costly repairs, it is important to ensure that the furnace is well maintained by doing annual check-ups by a professional HVAC technician, utilizing it properly, having the filter and air ducts cleaned and replaced timely and so on. With these easy to follow tips, you can enjoy a warm place throughout the year without worrying over expensive furnace repairs.