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Water Heater Repair King City

Looking for the best water heater repair service in King City, Ontario? Your search can end with Smile HVAC. We will solve all your water installation and repair issues through our expert technician team in King City.

Whether it’s a significant repair or a minor fix, our professionals are equipped with the required expertise to tackle all. Reach out to us as soon as possible and get your water heater system running and back up in no time.

Book your free service call in King City now and get vital recommendations for your water heater issues.


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Water Heater Repair King City

Don’t wait for your water heater to start performing normally or provide a consistent flow of hot water! Get in touch with us if you are facing issues with the thermostats or heating parts. At Smile HVAC, you will be offered with complete service or heating parts replacement.

No more damages – get the best possible solutions through the water heater repair service in King City, Ontario. Make sure the water heater gets regular maintenance, otherwise, it will end up completely damaged.

Broken Water Heater Tank in King City

Disrupt due to strange noise or irregular hot water coming from your water heater unit? Or water heater is not offering even a single drop of hot water? Your unit deserves a professional inspection as it must have been damaged. Don’t let a broken water heater affect your daily routine or hot shower experience!
Feel free to contact us now and get your hot water flowing again in no time.

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Electric & Gas Water Heater Repair King City

Discuss your gas or electricity concerns with Smile HVAC Water Heater Repair in King City. What you’ll get: Quick response, prompt access to your water heater, diagnosing the problem, providing satisfactory solutions, and budget-friendly yet efficient repairs.

We have the hands-on skill, knowledge, and experience to work with all significant water heater models and brands. Trust us to get your hot water days back and provide you with the reliable service you deserve the first time.

The good news is we also provide reliable maintenance, other than water heater repair services. Considering you will not come across water heater issues due to lack of upkeep, our team ensures your unit works effectively and efficiently. That’s why we perform some of the most important water heater tasks– water heater inspections, tank flushes, and more.

At Smile HVAC, our technicians are dedicated to offering budget-friendly, unfailing water heater repair services throughout King City, Ontario.
Get in touch with us to know our comprehensive services or to book a repair appointment.


Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Best Water Heater Repair Technicians near King City

We understand that a damaged water heater unit can be a reason for inconvenience in day-to-day life. Our licensed, experienced, and trained technician has years of experience in detecting and fixing all types of water heaters in King City. For us, no problem is too small or too big!

From tankless water heaters to simple tank water heaters, or heat pump-based water heater unit issues, all are resolved quickly and efficiently by our team of experienced technicians.

In King City, Smile HVAC delivers the following water heater repair service:

  • Replacing service: This includes the replacement of anode rod, heating element, or thermostat.
  • Fixing service: This includes repair of water heater leaks or tank-related damages.
  • Repairing service: This includes pressure relief valve repair or replacement if required.
  • Other service: This includes the removal of deposit accumulation from the tank after flushing it.

Water Heater Installation King City

Are you in need of the latest, new water heater system for your business or home in King City? Feel Free to contact Smile HVAC (backed by a 10-year warranty) today to get started with your water heater installation. Our pros team stays up-to-date with the advanced industry standards and possesses the knowledge to suggest the best water heater that suits your space and budget.

Smile HVAC understands that every business or home in King City is different, which is why we provide customized solutions fulfilled to your particular needs. Our team works carefully, to ensure your brand-new water heater will be installed adequately.
If you’ve any queries related to the installation process, we are just a call away. Book a consultation and get ready with your water heater installation.
We also have come up with discounts; check out which water heaters are available under this offer and enjoy greater savings on your installation.

Customer Reviews

Allanah Taylor Feb, 2023

Source Reviews Allanah Taylor

Starting last Friday we had no hot water. Only freezing cold water. We roughed it out until Monday when we got in touch with Smile HVAC. A technician ADESUN came out and quickly diagnosed the problem. He had to order the part but promised he would do his best to have it fixed before the end of the day. Well so said so done. ADESUN came back during the 6 o’clock hour and was done within 30 mins. He was very friendly, professional, efficient, and fast. Thanks, Adesun! My Father also wanted to make sure to thank you and give you 12 out of 10 stars!


Max Ermakov Mar, 2023

Source Reviews Max Ermakov

Our gas water heater failed on the weekend and Smile HVAC was able to install a new heater on Monday morning. Tony and Vazim were courteous and professional. They also installed a water drain pan and a shut-off valve with no extra fees. Highly recommended.


Rafal Dobosz Apr, 2023

Source Reviews Rafal Dobosz

I had an energy efficiency audit which gives refunds if you upgrade your home, so I had Smile HVAC replace my old furnace, and water heater (because screw rentals) and also install an HVAC humidifier. The price was the lowest of the three estimates I had, and as far as I know, the equipment was as good or better than others. The crew that did the installation was Valery, An, and Manmath. They were professional, did a good job, and answered all my dumb questions. They also installed the new water heater on the other side of the furnace at no extra charge. When my A/C or water softener dies, I’ll likely go with them again.


Johnny Li May, 2023

Source Reviews Johnny Li

I had a very good experience with the technicians An and Tony yesterday when they came to fix a hot water tank leak and also helped move some/change some pipes that were not up to code done by my builder. They were quick, and professional, and answered all of the questions I had for them.


Emergency Water Heater Repair King City

Save yourself from costly damages and day-to-day hassles caused by water heater emergencies. Even though you have been maintaining your water heater in King City on time, you may still face unwanted problems associated with it.

Suspecting your water heater unit consumes long hours to produce water? Observe whether temperature pressure has built up inside. Remember the higher the temperature, the greater the pressure developed. To solve this, open the temperature relief valve simply. We recommend you inspect this valve at least two or three times a week.

At Smile HVAC, our experts usually recommend homeowners repair or replace this part as it can cause the water heater to explode, which can be life-threatening.

Having the same problem with your water heater? Don’t delay for the disaster to occur! Our team of expert technicians is available round the clock to offer quick service to customers.

From now on, you don’t have to worry about water heater emergencies.

Need Emergency Service?

Emergencies can knock at your door unexpectedly. That’s why we prioritize efficient repairs and quick response times to deal with emergencies related to water heaters in King City.

Water Heater Maintenance in King City

Regular upkeep and inspection keep water heater problems at bay, as well as help prevent potential risks. Sometimes, your negligence can cause various problems, such as leakages, etc.  Looking for professional and well-known technicians to help with maintenance regarding water heaters in King City? Smile HVAC team is available for you, just contact us.

We, at Smile HVAC, provide you with the expected maintenance charges and other expenses and send a technician to your call.

At Smile HVAC, we understand your water heater longevity and performance are crucial, which is why we offer extensive water heater maintenance services in King City.

We suggest you care for your water heater in King City, Ontario with the few steps below:

  • Pressure relief inspection
  • Anode rod inspection
  • Cleaning and flushing
  • Hot water pipe insulation
  • Overall unit inspection
  • Plan professional maintenance

These straightforward steps will ensure the efficient and safe functioning of your water heater.

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