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Maintaining the right levels of humidity is vital to your family’s health. When the humidity levels are higher than the recommended limit, they could encourage the growth of bacteria and even dust mites.

But when the humidity levels are lower, the air in your home gets dry and it can lead to dry skin and can cause breathing problems.

The right levels of humidity also help to keep your household items such as hardwood floors and wooden items in good shape.

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Which Humidifiers Are the Best for Whole Home?

Whole-home humidifiers integrate with your home’s HVAC system.

Furnace humidifiers (also known as power humidifiers) are a whole-home solution. They can help to maintain the humidity levels in your home by using water tanks to diffuse the right amounts of moisture in the air.

This helps to reduce the dryness in your air and helps maintain optimal humidity levels in your home. Plus, you don’t need to fill a tank or check the water levels every day because furnace humidifiers connect to your water supply directly.

Furnace humidifiers are very efficient and effective in maintaining humidity in your home and help you and your family enjoy the air quality.


Types of Furnace Humidifiers

Furnace humidifiers connect to the air duct directly. The warm air from the furnace passes through the humidifier before spreading through the rest of your house through the vents.

There are 3 types of furnace humidifier installations that SmileHVAC’s technicians can take care of:

  •         A drum humidifier is inexpensive when compared to the other furnace humidifier options, but it requires diligent checks to avoid mold from forming in its water pan
  •         Steam humidifiers are capable of producing the most moisture; they are very easy to maintain and have no risk of forming a mold
  •         Flow-through humidifiers are low maintenance humidifiers available on the market with no risk of forming a mold. You would only need to change its filter pad every season.

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How to Check the Humidity Levels of Your Home?

The most accurate way to check for humidity levels is to buy a humidistat (they’re inexpensive) from a hardware store nearby. On the contrary, some simple ways to tell if your air is too dry or too humid are:

  •         The air is too dry when you get static electricity shocks from literally anything you touch
  •         The air is too humid when you see condensation and moisture on your window glass


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With Canadians spending most of their time indoors during the winter season, humidifiers help to protect not only your family’s health but also prevents damage to your home.

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