Water Softener Installation in Toronto

Water softeners filtrate water and remove calcium and magnesium and soften the water. Smile HVAC provides installation services for all types of water softeners


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Sometimes everything we clean ends up having a soapy film coat, and the most likely explanation is – hardened water. Hard water continues to be a common phenomenon despite the bad name it has. The attempt to increase the provision of soft water has led to the spread of water softener installation services worldwide. Water softeners have a lot of benefits fo you.

Hard water does not pose any health risk at all. However, putting up with it is problematic since it affects the household’s daily life in various ways. Dishes out of a dishwasher may have hazy spots, fresh laundry may feel like sandpaper when touched, and chalky films may develop in some of the plumbing features like faucets.

Water tends to absorb lots of minerals from the rocks and soils before it reaches the municipal supply. Though this is a good thing, high concentrations of these minerals make the soaps less efficient since they gradually lead to a limescale buildup. If this occurs in pipes, the consequence is reducing water flow and pressure – a problem that worsens over time. The efficiency and lifespan of an appliance that needs water for it to operate are also impacted negatively by hard water.

Our company has well-equipped technicians who install the softener properly at basements, garages, and utility closet or generally at the point the water enters the house. Our team comprises technicians who are highly skilled and have a strong understanding of water softener installation. We install the softeners regardless of the brand. We connect the softener tank to the home’s water supply line. This ensures that the water is first softened before being used at the homes for various purposes.

How Water Softener Works?

A typical water softener system eliminates minerals that make water hardened, one of the shared water quality problems we face in our homes. When water passes through the ground, it dissolves the available soluble bits of various minerals it comes across. While this could lead to contamination making the water not fit for drinking mostly points out that the water contains minerals found in the earth. Of the many soluble bits, calcium and magnesium are singled out because they upset the water’s ability to function in our domestic routines since they harden the water properly.

Water softener offers a solution to one of the upsetting water problems in our homes, hard water. Hard water is devastating in our homes. It leads to scale buildup in the water supply pipes, blocking them, and reducing water pressure. Also, scale radically condenses the lifespan and effectiveness of home appliances. Another consequence of hard water is decreasing the efficiency of soaps and detergents. By softening water, we protect our homes from the effects of hardened water, and we improve the skin and hair of our families.

The solution to the hardened water problem is the installation of a water softener. While there are other methods to soften the hardened water, such as chemical use, the most popular and efficient solution is a water softener. A water softener works by eliminating calcium and magnesium minerals dissolved in the water through ion exchange, changing it from hardened water to soft water. All water softeners use this principle, swapping the minerals for something else, often sodium.

In water, both calcium and magnesium are positively charged. Though the sodium ions are also positively charged, they are a bit weaker compared to both the calcium and magnesium ions. Since opposite charges attract, the calcium and magnesium ions will hang to the resin beads and tale the place of sodium ions as the hard water passes through the mineral tank removing them from the water. The resin beads eliminate all the hardness from the water, and soft water flows out into our home.

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Water Softener Installation Near Me

Are you looking for a water softener installation near me? The water softener types and brands that are installed vary depending on the need and preferences. When seeking water softener installation services, one should ensure that the installation adheres to the set rules to avoid loss. Water softeners work efficiently by removing salt bridges and salt mushing in your water tank. We offer professionals water softener installation services that adhere to the local plumbing codes.

While one may acknowledge that they need a water softener in their home after testing the water hardness, the thought and process of installing a water softener system can be intimidating. Since water softener involves plumbing, it is always good to hire a professional to do the installation, though the labour cost will go up.

Most times, professionals recommend and sell specific water softener brands familiar with fewer problems based on their past experiences. But before settling on the type and brand of water softener that you want to install, it is always a good idea for you to do a background check from professionals and homes that have already installed one.
We have qualified plumbers with broad experience in water softener installation.

We have well-equipped technicians who install the softener properly at basements, garages, and utility closets or generally at the point the water enters the house. They are always well informed on the newest installation regulations and will guide you accordingly. We have a vast customer base that is happy with our services. We conduct regular checking and cleaning of the product’s internal components, and through this, we assure maximum life and proper function of the product. Hire us today for water softener installation.

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Water Softener Installation Cost

If you reside in an area with hardened water, a water softener is not a frill but an integral necessity in the home. The house’s size and the degree of hardness of the water determine the size and model of water softener appropriate for the particular home. The water softener installation cost depends on several factors and the kind of system you pick. Also, the complexity and cost of installing a water softener differ by households and the plumbing alterations required.

The water softener installation cost ranges typically between $500 and $3000. The price depending on the size of the water softener is determined by the water softening system’s capabilities, which is measured in grains. Usually, the greater the grain count, the costlier the softening unit is. The degree of use and the number of people in the household offers a good foundation in determining the least number of grains to consider when installing a water softening system. Though the best option is to acquire a new and maintain your water softener unit, a practical alternative is to rent one.

Over the long run, hiring is likely to cost you more than purchasing your own. However, renting costs much less upfront and is a good option when you are a temporary resident in an area. If well maintained, a water softener can last for more than 20 years. They also incur minimal operational costs, which mostly go into refilling the brine tank with salt in the ion exchange system. In the long-run, the cost of installing a water softener system is way much lower compared to the daily expenses and frustrations associated with hardened water.

A water softener is eventually a venture that will save you a substantial amount of money. Its installation cost is significantly overshadowed by the stress and energy saved from hard water outcomes. Call us today for water softener installation.

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The water softener should be installed in places where the temperatures do not go below freezing. Besides, install the drain line to a floor drain, sump standpipe, laundry tub, or else for other ideas, look at the local codes inside that are not subject to the freeze. On installing the softener in an outdoor location, implement the steps to ensure that the water softener installation process is protected from the elements, dirt, construction work, and direct sunlight. Electronic controls can be damaged when exposed to moisture.

Always leave an air gap of one to two and a half inches between the drain and the hose’s end to prevent water’s backflow into the softener. Also, never put the end of the drain hose in the drain. Water softeners should not be installed in places where it could block access to the shut-off valve or the water heater. Do not connect water softeners in parallel. This will double the amount of water, and the hardness will remain unchanged.

Before the technicians install the water softeners, they consult the local building and plumbing codes. Upon water softener installation, we inspect the installation periodically by testing whether it complies with the local regulations. We do this twice per year as the installation is not expected to develop faulty problems soon. We retest all the products after successful maintenance of the products.

We conduct regular checking and cleaning of the product’s internal components, and through this, we assure maximum life and proper function of the product. Also, our technicians are very competent in repairing salt-free water softener. The softener deploys a mechanical filter that eliminates calcium in the water. However, the softener does not remove magnesium; hence it is not effective in removing water hardness. Contact Smile HVAC for water softener installation near you.