Water Heater Annual Inspection Services in Toronto

Just like your body needs regular visits to the doctor for annual check-ups, your water heater needs to be checked for operational and physical damages, or wear and tear.

You can’t solve a problem until you know what’s causing it. And it applies to your water heater too.

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Replacing or repairing a water heater (tanked or tankless) can be very expensive, but regular inspections by a trusted HVAC company can help you find and fix problems before its condition deteriorates.

Timely water heater inspection and maintenance is vital to ensure your water heater will last for a longer time.

SmileHVAC has reliable technicians to help you inspect and identify problems with your water heater. Call us today to get a quote and book an appointment, and let us save you the hassle and money in the long term.

Importance of Your Water Heater’s Annual Inspection

Water heaters are expensive but they are a very important part of the modern lifestyle. Using a dishwasher, washing machine, or even showering, requires hot water, and are part of our daily needs.

As soon as you notice your water heater is not maintaining its temperature properly, or the water is not as hot as it is on a regular basis, it may be time to pick up your phone and call SmileHVAC expert technicians to schedule an annual inspection of your water heater.

These are some of the first signs that point towards problems with your water heater. Don’t ignore them because these will turn into bigger problems if not inspected and fixed today.

Be conscious of how your water heater is working lately, and if you notice any inconsistency in the temperature of your hot water, it is time for a water heater annual inspection.

Steps to Follow for a Water Heater DIY Inspection

Identifying issues with your water heater early can help you save thousands of dollars and minimize the hassle.

If you want and have the time, you can do your water heater inspection yourself. Here is a quick DIY guide for you to follow to inspect your water heater yourself:

  • Inspect for rust or corrosion on the exterior of your water tank as well as the anode rods.
  • Turn the pressure relieve valve to check whether it releases water or not if it doesn’t, you need to get it replaced.
  • Run the water from the water heater through the floor drain (or outside), to expel any sediment from your water tank. This needs to be done at least once (twice is ideal) a year.
  • Remove the front panels to check the heating elements; if you see rust accumulated on them, it’s time for a replacement; otherwise, you will wake up to no hot water in the middle of the night.
  • Ensure your temperature is between 49C to 52C to keep your utility bill low and to limit wear and tear that high temperatures can cause

Alternatively, you can give SmileHVAC experts a call today, and schedule an annual inspection appointment for your water heater.

After carefully inspecting your water heater, we will let you know if there are any parts that need replacement or repairing.

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SmileHVAC Can Take Care of Your Annual Inspection

An annual inspection by a reliable technician can ensure your water heater survives for a longer time. Most likely, even longer than its life span. And it will also continue to provide you with hot water in adequate supply by keeping your electricity and gas bills low.

Take care of your water heater and it will continue to take care of you. Schedule your annual inspection with SmileHVAC at an affordable inspection cost. Our expert local technicians will check your tanked or tankless water heater for proper functioning.

Avoid facing any breakdowns, minimize long term costs, and reduce unwanted stress.

Call us today at (437) 777-4555, or contact us through our contact page, to book annual maintenance for your water heater.

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