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Can I add essential oils in furnace filter? 

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And the answer is yes! Spread positivity and fragrance within your property by adding essential oils in the furnace filter.

Household hacks can sometimes be successful and do wonders. Don’t you think so? One such trick is to add essential oils to furnace filters to make the environment soothing, fresh, scented, and comfortable. Isn’t it wonderful that you can instantly bring freshness to your relaxing space without using aromatic candles or a plug-in oil diffuser? Undoubtedly, it’s a brilliant idea.

All you need to do is add 15 to 20 drops of essential oil into your clean air filter and enjoy the comfort that will last for a long. Best of all, they don’t hurt the quality and life shelve of your furnace.

Being the safest and chemical-free solution, adding a small amount of essential oil to the furnace filter will leave you amazed to see the instant change in the indoor environment. So yes, you can add the essential oil fragrance of your choice to a spread scent in your comfort space.

Things to remember before using essential oil

Before adding essential oils to your furnace filter, be sure you know how to use them adequately. Doing so will also help in taking better benefits while adding value to your well-being. While people with allergic reactions may have an adverse reaction to essential oils, they usually do not harm the health of someone who is free of such health issues. Still, you must consult your healthcare provider or health expert before trying this hack.

Over time, a variety of ingredients are being added to the product for fragrance, which is readily available online or in stores. Before finalizing any essential oil brand, do not forget to do extensive research to choose a premium-quality product for better results.

However, you can benefit from essential oils in many ways because they can be used in a variety of ways. To improve your soothing experience, you are recommended to pour at least 20 drops of essential oils to the air filter. Along with this trick, mix some baking soda in it and sprinkle it on the rug or carpet. Leave it on the floor for 1 to 2 hours, and then mop everything up. Both tricks will make your property smell nice.

How To Add Essential Oil To a Furnace Filter?

Even if you are dedicated to deep cleaning, some corners of the house and even the entire property may have to endure musty odors, especially in humid or rainy weather. Those who are living in the Canadian territories are indeed experiencing this. Adding essential oil in a furnace filter has two key advantages: you get clean air and make your house smell good. The process is as follows:

Choosing the Right Essential Oil

Liking a particular flavor of essential oil is a subjective thing. However, if we remove the subjective part, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always buy essential oils of the desired flavor, which are not only liquid enough to spread wisely on filters but also can be used through spray bottles.

Oil Applying Method

Once you are done finalizing the right flavor, it is time to clean the filter if recently installed, or you may have to replace the filter as it is already beyond the threshold. Using a new set of filters is always a better choice.

Before applying the essential oil, make sure to read the label and ingredients inside. If there is a small percentage of alcohol or flammable substances, then it is completely okay, but not beyond 10%. There are various methods to apply essential oil; some of them are:

Once you are done using any of the given methods, let this filter dry for a couple of minutes; otherwise, it will get dirty instantly in the filter due to the wet mesh. Install the filter back into the furnace, and you are ready to have a pleasing smell throughout your house.

Some other ways to improve air quality

It can be challenging to keep the indoor air quality fresh and clean, particularly for those living in humid climates and winter. And Canadian properties are designed to be tightly sealed, so it may be difficult for you to get proper ventilation from windows and doors in inclement weather.

Even more than the weather outside during winter, indoor air pollution can adversely affect you, especially if the indoor air quality is poor.  Besides adding essential oils to the furnace filter, various ways to improve the air quality in your home are available. Below are other ways to clean the air in your home and improve indoor air quality for your family’s health and well-being.

Some popular essential oil fragrances (Alternatives)

As the market is flooded with a variety of essential oil fragrances from different brands, you can pick one that best suits your needs and preference. Below listed are the most common and famous essential oil fragrances you can select for your home:

Benefits of Adding essential oil to the furnace Filter

One of the biggest benefits of having essential oil in a furnace filter is that you can enjoy a fresh and clean environment all year round. Let’s look at some other mindblowing benefits of this trick:

To sum up!

A common way to bring in a pleasant scent is to spend on fragrances available in the home. But, if you have pets or small children at home, using them for a long time can lead to many health problems. Furthermore, they can sometimes be very strong due to their pungent smell.

People with good ventilation or such a setting can get peace of mind. Talking about the candles used by most homeowners, scented candles are generally responsible for causing skin and eye irritation and headaches.

Therefore, adding essential oils to your furnace filter is the most effective and smart way to achieve a naturally clean and fragrant environment. They are effective, chemical-free and long-lasting, 100% safe, and do not cause any physical or functional damage to your furnace and its components.