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Best Energy Efficient Furnace To Buy In Canada

Written by Chris

When it comes to furnaces and heating equipment, “efficiency” refers to how easily they can convert heating energy from a fuel source into warm, comfortable heat for your home in Canada.

Every individual need is different, so how can the need for the furnace be the same? Some look for a budget furnace to save money, some for a warranty period, some with average installation cost, and some with energy efficiency ratings.

With plenty of options available in the market, it becomes a hefty task to choose the best Energy-efficient furnace that matches the needs of the family.

How to know if your furnace is Energy efficient?

Having an energy-efficient furnace for your home is the priority of any person who is looking for a new furnace.

The energy efficiency of any furnace is written in percentages such as 80% AFUE, 90% AFUE, etc.

But what exactly does it mean?

AFUE here is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency i.e., 90% AFUE means for every 100 BTUs of natural gas, 90 BTUs of heat goes into your home and 10 BTUs get wasted in the exhaust.

This means the higher the percentage of AFUE, the higher will be the efficiency of the furnace.

Energy Efficient Furnace To Buy In Canada

1. Lennox SLP98V Gas Furnace (SmileHVAC Pick)

Lennox is a leading brand in providing the best energy-efficient furnaces. SLP98V is one of the most popular choice furnaces in the market. With Precise comfort technology that allows you to maintain the heat evenly in your home at your convenience.


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2. Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace

Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace

Carrier uses Greenspeed intelligence in its Infinity 98 Gas furnace for ideal comfort and energy savings. With ideal humidity system technology, SmartEvap technology, and ComfortFan technology it is one of the most energy efficient furnaces available in the market. It is among the most advanced furnace made by the company. The unit has an Infinity control intelligence which sets the modulating gas valve output per the home’s needs. It comes with a fully insulated cabinet with advanced temperature control and an air filter cabinet.


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3. Bryant Evolution 987M Gas Furnace

Bryant Evolution 987M Gas Furnace

This Furnace uses precise gas modulation that helps in delivering the right amount of heat with great energy efficiency. It also adjusts its system operations to changing weather with the help of perfect heat technology.


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4. Rheem Prestige R98V

Rheem Prestige R98V energy efficient furnace

This is one of the most energy-efficient furnaces with variable capacity manufactured by Rheem. This furnace is a Wifi enabled furnace and is compatible with the Rheem EcoNet thermostat. In fact, the brand Rudd is identical to this brand and its furnace EcoNet Ultra U98V is the same as this furnace just with a different name. This furnace offers quiet operations and reliable services.


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5. Goodman GMVM97

Goodman best furnace to save energy

This furnace is best suitable for those homeowners who need an energy-efficient furnace without spending extra bucks for features like communicating technology and modulating burners. These features help in increasing its heat production along with cost-effectiveness.


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