What to Do if a Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out?

What to Do if a Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out? 16 Oct

The water heater pilot light is considered one of the essential things that keep the appliance on for a long time. This also makes sure that the water is getting warm in a short period, and one can use warm water at any time, comfortably. This is a valuable and essential part of a heater.

There are many reasons that can make a pilot light go out. Some of which are easily solved and others that require the assistance of an HVAC expert. Keep on reading to know more about this problem and what actions to take when it happens to your water heater.

Common Causes of a Water Heater’s Pilot Light Go Out

One of the pervasive and most occurring problems that can take place in some of the old water heaters, is their pilot flame light that keeps going out after a short time. When this starts to happen all of a sudden, your burner won’t begin to ignite on its own, and the water at your home will be cold.

Here we will look at some of the widespread reasons why the heater’s pilot light at your home might go out and what can be done to avoid it. Some of the principal reasons due to which the light of the water heater goes out to include:

Problem with a Thermocouple

Your water heater’s thermocouple is responsible for sensing out when your pilot light is lit. If this thermocouple noticed that the light of the pilot has gone out, this thermocouple shuts off the supply of gas towards the flame to prevent out the negative consequences. Over time, thermocouples wear off and they may shut off the gas supply, even if it is burning appropriately.

Dirty Thermocouple

In addition, the thermocouple of your water heater can suffer from the dirt that is being buildup inside it. In this case, it will be harder for the thermocouple to sense the light of your pilot, and it will shut off the flame of the gas supply.

The Flame Was Being Blown Out

If the water heater at your home doesn’t have any sealed chamber of combustion, there are chances that the pilot’s light can be blown out because of the much stronger draft that is present near the point. Make sure that your water heater is in a closed room and that no window is open next to it.

Your Water Heater Doesn’t Have Enough Combustible Air

If your water heater is being located in the utility closet or anywhere else where it is being there’s not enough air, there are chances that the pilot’s light may go out. This is the kind of situation that may lead to a Carbon-Monoxide leak that is life-threatening.

What to Do if a Water Heater’s Pilot Light Goes Out?

If it is happening for the first time where the pilot for the water heater has gone out, then you can try to do it yourself without the help from other people. Here are some steps that need to be undertaken:

  • Make sure to turn the thermostat to the lowest setting
  • Turn out the on/off switch of the pilot towards a pilot’s position.
  • Make sure to remove out the outer and the inner panel to access out the light of the panel.
  • Hold the pilot’s button and then make sure to use the long lighter or a match to ignite the flame. Many different kinds of water heaters don’t have any of the pilot buttons and can be lit easily without pressing anything.
  • After the flame is being lit, yous should hold the pilot’s button for a maximum of 60 seconds, and you should make sure that the flame stays lit. It keeps on burning a bright blue.
  • Switch the knob towards the ON position by setting it at the desired temperature. We recommend you to set it on the A button.
  • Put the panels back and then put the thermostat towards its standard temperature.


The pilot of the water heater is an essential part to keep the water warm. Without this, it is not easy at all to maintain the temperature of the water. The pilot of the water heater can turn off due to many reasons that have been discussed above.

In general, and to be on the safe side, you should request for water heater maintenance at least once a year. In case you always keep your water heater’s temperature high, then it is best to have maintenance performed every 6 months.

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