Rexdale Water Heater Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Water Heater Repair & Installation Rexdale

Are you looking for water heater repair, maintenance, or installation in Rexdale? Smile HVAC provides you with the most professional water heater repair service with our brand-authorized and certified technicians. Call us today and get 10% off on your water heater repair service call in Rexdale, Ontario.



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Broken Water Heater Tank in Rexdale

Has your water heater unit made an odd noise? Or has your water heater stopped producing hot water at all? Sadly, your water heating system has ended up broken and demands professional repair.

Don’t let interruptions and other water heater problems ruin your day. Contact us today for the best service and peace of mind in the case of a failed water heater tank.

Electric & Gas Water Heater Repair Rexdale

Our cooperative professional technicians are always at the forefront to deal with water heater problems with precision. Relay on our Smile HVAC technicians as they have expertise in diagnosing and resolving problems with both gas and electric water heating systems. We ensure the solution we provide best suits your budget and preferences. You can depend on us to get the electric or gas water heater repaired the first time.

Be it gas-related concerns or electrical troubleshooting, we promise to give you efficient and accurate repairs to get your water heater back working at high efficiency.

Our Smile HVAC technicians also possess expertise in water heater maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your water quality from being affected and prevent heating problems. During your appointment with us, our specialist will check your water heating unit and take other steps to ensure it operates smoothly at its highest efficiency.

Our water heater specialists, at Smile HVAC, are adhered to giving budget-friendly and trustworthy repair and maintenance services.

Get in touch with us today and get to experience our amazing services firsthand!

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Water Heater Installation Rexdale

What makes us the most reliable water heater repair provider in Rexdale? We have several services to boast!

We provide a decade-long warranty on every water heater installation that we do. At Smile HVAC, we have trained our technicians, giving them advanced knowledge and skills to offer a risk-free installation. Our team also stays up-to-date with the latest tools to provide residents of Rexdale with the best service possible.

Are you looking for a water heater installation in Rexdale? Just give us a call. We will tackle all your water heater fixing and assure you of the quality done at the best cost.

You will also have the chance to save money on your installation, as we offer discounts on some water heating systems.

Contact us today and get your new water heater in Rexdale.

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Water Heater Maintenance in Rexdale

Water heaters need a significant amount of maintenance and care. Over time, calcium, sediment, and minerals deposit at the base of the tank. This will result in heating troubles or impact your water taste and quality.

Flushing and Draining your water heating system once a year will help extend its life and remove buildup. If you have noticed a significant difference in the performance of the water heater unit, it’s time you reach out to the water heater maintenance service in Rexdale.

If the following signs are visible on your water heater, it means it requires maintenance service:

  • Offer lukewarm instead of hot water
  • Rust-colored water is receiving
  • Bad odors coming from faucets.

Book an appointment for one of our specialized water heater maintenance professionals to flush and drain your water heater unit and look for any potential issues.

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