10 Common Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

10 Common Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air 10 Sep

When the furnace is turned on after a certain period, whether it be days, weeks or months, turning on the system does not mean that warm air will automatically begin to pass through the vents.

It is usual for cold air to enter the heating system until it is warm, and then for warm air to continue to blow after the air heats up. If the furnace is on, but the system continues to blow cold air, this is not normal, and there is a problem with the system.

There could be several reasons for this, so it’s always a good idea to troubleshoot your furnace, especially as it can help the heating engineer who eventually will be needed to repair your appliance.

1. Clogged filters

Always check the air filter as your system must “breathe”. A full, clogged filter reduces airflow and minimizes system performance. A dirty filter that remains unchanged can even cause a fan motor to stop completely. The air filtration system is designed not only to filter the air in the house but also to protect your system against dust build-up.

A 4 to 5-inch thick disposable cartridge should generally be replaced every six (6) months if your system is equipped with an air conditioner or heat pump. If you only have a furnace and the ventilation works only in winter and don’t have pets, replace it once a year.

2. Not replacing your filters often enough

Note that the filter needs to be replaced more frequently in new construction due to interior finishing work while the system is in operation. The excess dust will be removed after about a year. Note that cleaning of the ventilation ducts may be required. Contact the service department about our replacement filters. We also sell high-efficiency filters more efficiently than your usual filter and ultra-violet neon lights against germs and dust mites.

3. The fan is on

Start by checking the indoor regulator to ensure the fan setting isn’t in the “ON” position. If the fan is set to ON, it will blow air consistently. Ensure the blower is set to “AUTO,” which will permit the kettle to control the blower.

4. The High limit switch is not working.

Your furnace’s fan will run persistently because as far as a possible switch is no longer working or is almost dead. On the off chance that the button comes up short, it will “bomb open.” It makes the furnace control board feel that the furnace has overheated. The most widely recognized reason for this issue is steady overheating, usually brought about by clogged channels. You will probably need to contact an HVAC expert to solve this problem, as it may be hard for you to find the part yourself. Later on, please make sure to check your channel and change it as regularly varying.

5. The thermostat may be the cause of the problem.

The thermostat is the first place to check when the furnace is blowing only cold air. There may be some problems with it, mostly if it has not been set correctly.

Have you ever turned on your heat after turning it off for months, only to find that cold air was blowing because you still have it on the cold air setting?

If everything is done to bring heat into the room, but cold air is still blowing, check the thermostat battery as this could easily prevent it from working correctly. Turning off the battery can be one way to solve the cold air problem, and it may be evident that the question arises if any new signs or signals appear on the thermostat and have never been seen before.

The low battery can register incorrect temperature inputs on the thermostat, which may very well be the cause of the cold air problem.

6. The pilot light is shut down

Those who have a furnace that heats the house will have a pilot that must be turned on in order to light the furnace quickly and allow it to heat the home. Like a gas water furnace, the pilot of a gas furnace can shut off for several reasons. If the gas pressure is low, the pilot may shut down. This means that when the furnace is on, only cold air will come out through the vents.

This problem might not occur on some of the newest furnace models, but the older ones have something called a pilot light. It is a tiny flame that is always running and is needed so that the furnace burner is lit.

Numerous new furnaces are considerably more effective and have various techniques for lighting your furnace. An electric ignitor doesn’t need a pilot light and would act fundamentally like a gas burner. It makes a flash, which ignites the burners, which spares the pilot light from being on consistently.

10 Common Reasons Why Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

7. Inadequate gas supply

It is also possible that the gas supply was shut off to the furnace, whether it was done manually at home or because the gas bill was not paid. So make sure that gas is supplying the furnace. Having a professional heating engineer examine the furnace may solve the problem. In the future, perform annual furnace maintenance to make sure it is ready for use in cold weather. Check to ensure your gas flexibly is turned in the on position (equal/by the gas gracefully pipe.

8. Ductwork Issues

One of the last places people think about is the ductwork, which is in the attic. Many do not go to the attic if it is not necessary or doesn’t know how to cope in the attic, as it is possible to fall through the attic or make holes in the attic floor.

Those checking the ducts should look for a hole or a crack in the ducts, as this can be the cause of a leak causing cold air to flow through the radiator. It is also possible that the cold air in the attic mixes with the warm air and cold air results when the heating is on. It is, therefore, likely to have the ventilation ducts repaired to resolve the problem.

9. Condensate clog

New high proficiency furnaces have what is known as a condensate pump. Its responsibility is to eliminate water that is made during the warming cycle. If this channel becomes obstructed, your furnace may keep your burners from lighting. This is something worth checking if your furnace is blowing cold air.

10. Repair and maintenance are needed.

Those who have any heating system in their home should know that their design needs to be serviced. This operation must be carried out every year by a professional heating engineer. Some will continue to use their system year after year without worrying about maintenance, and when the system fails, that’s when they realize care is a problem.

Also, remember that the repair should be done on a system experiencing problems, even if the system has been serviced regularly. Always have a licensed professional examine or repair a furnace or HVAC system when necessary.

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