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Best Water Heater to Buy in Canada in 2023

Written by Priyanka

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In Canada, home water isn’t just a source to quench the thirst of a dry throat but also an essential ally. It’s the secret to completing everyday household chores, including bathing, laundry, hand washing, dishwashing, and more.

Imagine living life without it! What would happen? Unquestionably, the work would pile up, and the luxuries would run out. Indeed, hot water reminds us that comfort starts with reliable warmth and keeps things moving smoothly from everyday tasks to special times.

If you want to have an adequate hot water supply without interruption daily, then choose the best water heater. Choosing the right model will help you say goodbye to cold spouts and cold showers.

Well, to make your selection easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 best water heaters (electric and gas), as well as discussed a comprehensive buying guide in this article. Without wasting your time, let’s dive into the information below:

Why Do You Need To Buy a Water Heater?

Following are some of the reasons why you need to choose a water heater for your home:

Things to Consider before buying a Water heater in Canada in 2023

Top 8 Water Heaters in Canada in 2023

1. Ecosmart ECO 24 KW at Electric Tankless Water Heater



Price: CAD 639

2. Rheem 7.0GPM Propane Tankless Water Heater



Price: CAD 1,720

3. KENUOS Mini-Tank Electric Water Heater



Price: CAD148.61

4. Camplux Tankless White Water Heater, Battery Powered



Price: CAD 216.19

5. Ariston Andris 8 Gallon Electric Water Heater



Price: CAD297.27

6. Rheem Prestige 9.5GPM Tankless Water Heater



Price: CAD1543.39

7. GE APPLIANCES Electric Water Heater



Price: CAD404.03

How to maintain your Water Heaters?

Water heater maintenance will often prevent breakdown, be more energy-efficient, and prolong its life shelf. The tips will help maintain your water heater with great ease. If you are looking for professional assistance, at SmileHVAC, our experts are available to help you keep your water heater system in newer condition.

Bottom line!

When scrolling for water heaters in Canada, you’ll come across many gas and electric water heaters in both tank and tankless variations. However, every household has a different hot water supply system, thus, understanding the key specifications and construction of each water heater model is crucial to make an informed decision. The best part is that the above top 8 options have been handpicked by our experts after extensive research. Weigh their pros and cons and pick the one that best meets your needs.