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Smile HVAC will help you with furnace and air conditioning repair, service and installation of any HVAC equipment in Innisfil, Toronto and GTA including furnace, air conditioner, water heater, humidifier, water treatment systems and more. We have best HVAC professionals at your service.

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HVAC Services in Innisfil

Smile HVAC has become one of the leaders in furnace repair in Innisfil. Regularly trained and experienced, our technicians have all the qualifications and certifications required to perform any type of repair, of all brands and models available on the market.

If you are faced with an unexpected event, you can call our emergency repair service. We will dispatch a technician to your home the same day to quickly resolve your problem. If you want to benefit from competitive rates and customer service that will exceed all your expectations, and get an impeccable air conditioner repair in Innisfil, call Smile HVAC.

Furnace Repair in Innisfil

We have repaired and serviced hundreds of HVAC units in Innisfil, using a checklist to diagnose the problem. We have already performed hundreds of furnace repairs in Innisfil so that we can boast great expertise and impeccable quality of our work. When you contact us about a problem with your appliance unit, you will always speak to a member of our team (regular business hours). Once the service technician is on-site, he will analyze the problem.

The common issues are a lack of heat, leakage, strange noises, pilot light failure, a problem with steam due to mud and limestone (kettling), frozen pipes, or a loss of pressure. When our experts know what your issue is, they will explain it to you in a very simple manner and will suggest you the best solution to solve your problem.

We also have experience in repairing and maintaining all major brands. In addition to repairing, we also offer the tune-up of your device, which can significantly increase its lifetime. Annual maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC will solve the majority of problems before we are forced to turn off your device and find a replacement. For impeccable furnace repair service, you can count on our Innisfil heating and air conditioning professionals.

Furnace Maintenance in Innisfil

Our professional technicians at Smile HVAC will help you with anything concerning furnace maintenance in Innisfil. The first step in maintenance is evaluation. This is when our technician takes the time to fully understand your needs and assess the problems that have arisen in the past year. This diagnosis makes it possible to verify the overall performance of your equipment and to offer the right solutions.

For example, they can suggest improving the building’s thermal insulation instead of replacing equipment. Conversely, it may also happen that a more economical solution would be to replace your obsolete equipment. A replacement is sometimes more commendable, due to available subsidies and potential savings on energy costs. This assessment is usually carried out in conjunction with an energy optimization expert. Don’t hesitate to call Smile HVAC if you need help or advice with furnace maintenance in Innisfil or any other HVAC-related issue.

Emergency Innisfil Furnace Repair

Smile HVAC is proud of providing exceptional services to our customers. That’s it why your comfort is the most important thing for us. We offer emergency furnace repair in Innisfil in case you need to fix your furnace as soon as possible.

Our technicians will come to your place, make the necessary estimation and evaluation of your HVAC unit(s) and repair your appliances on the same day. In some exceptional cases, it may take more time – but we will do everything to fix your problem fast and with extraordinary quality. Call Smile HVAC now and book an appointment to repair your furnace today.

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Smile Protection Plan

Smile Protection Plan is specially designed for those of us who don’t like unexpected “surprises”. “Surprises” like when you suddenly have to get out of pocket hundreds of dollars to repair your broken equipment.
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  • Heating
  • OR
  • Cooling Maintenance

Innisfil Air Conditioning Repair

We love a job well done and we will ensure the high indoor air quality in your home by providing the best air conditioner repair in Innisfil. From the choice of your appliance to sound advice for optimizing the system and its installation, Smile HVAC will make your home a comfortable place to live.

Air conditioning is no longer an unaffordable luxury. You can have an efficient air conditioning system installed in your home for less than $3,000. When you call, a customer support representative will take the time to assess your needs and determine the cost of the work if possible. For a larger project, an appraiser will come to your home for an assessment of your needs free of charge, without any pressure or obligations.

Smile HVAC technicians based on the years of experience will give you the best recommendations to offer you the best air conditioning systems for your needs. We will propose you the most competitive prices, exceptional service, and top quality products.

A good air conditioner is crucial for working indoors during the summer. It can sometimes be impossible to work in a building without it at that time of the year. Smile HVAC can save you if your air conditioner does not work when you need it most. Day and night, we answer the call to solve the problem – efficiently, quickly, and safely. We diagnose and repair any type of air conditioning system using the best solution for you. We provide professional air conditioning and HVAC service in Innisfil.

Best HVAC Service in Innisfil

Having an efficient heating unit will save you a lot of time, trouble and money in the long run. The good news is that an HVAC system in excellent condition and working well is relatively easy to have. We provide professional heating services in Innisfil for many years so that you can expect a professionally done work, expert knowledge in all HVAC appliances as well as a good price.

To begin with, we check your HVAC appliances, which will guarantee that all system segments are in acceptable condition. You need to check whether all issues are distinguished before they are produced and that the HVAC system is cleaned to guarantee that soil, dust, and other unwanted debris don’t meddle with its activities. This is an errand that can be handily performed by Smile HVAC in Innisfil.

Air filters keep allergens, mite, and other unwanted things out of your place through vents and your system. Over time, they get filthy and even blocked. In that case, if you do not replace them, they may also lead to a number of health problems for you and your family. We recommend changing your filters once a year as a minimum.

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Water Heater Repair in Innisfil

Do you need a water heater repair in Innisfil? Several types of breakage can occur on hot water tanks. Water heater mechanism is made up of several components:

● thermostat
● light switch
● gasket
● screwed element
● drain valve
● plunger pipe
● safety valve
● outlet fitting
● anode etc.

If you do not need a replacement, our HVAC team of professionals can provide effective repair services to save you money and get your appliance units up and running in no time. Customer satisfaction is a key element in the success of all our services. We will never encourage you to replace a product when it is not required, but we will explain the repair options available to solve your problem.

Here are some warning signs of water heaters are need to be repaired:

● less hot water than before
● slower water heating
● a water leak from the water heater tank
● noise from the water heater tank

Don’t wait for these seemingly minor problems to turn into something serious! Let our qualified repairers identify potential problems and take the preventive measures necessary to resolve them. One of these parts is sufficient to prevent the water heater from meeting the demand for hot water from the occupants of a building. Maintenance of the mechanism is required, and it is wise to call an HVAC technician as soon as you discern an anomaly in its operation. A broken water heater can cause water leakage and, as a result, serious damage. These can be expensive, depending on its location and the extent of the problem. Call Smile HVAC for fast and high-quality water heater repair service in Innisfil.

Air Quality

Smile HVAC also offers air filtration services in Innisfil. The air ducts are often improperly installed. Sometimes, they are also poorly designed or crushed and the air quality control methods generally boil down to removing excess moisture. It must first be remembered that the role of the air exchanger is to bring outside air into your home to renew the indoor air entirely once every three hours.

This mechanical air change is necessary for new homes because their exterior walls are sealed to counter natural air changes. However, the mere fact of breathing releases CO2 and many household products release toxic or irritant chemical pollutants into the air.

Unfortunately, 25% of new homes do not have air distribution in the bedrooms. It is worrying to note that more than half of the installations in new homes are only controlled by a humidistat. The humidistat activates the air exchanger when the humidity exceeds 45% in the indoor air. This means that if your house naturally stays below 45% humidity, the air exchanger never works and your air is not renewed to expel chemical pollutants from the house.

Smile HVAC also offers humidifier repair in Innisfil. A well designed, installed and well-controlled air exchanger system by excellent HVAC technicians will be able to control the air exchange in all rooms of your house and especially in closed rooms, where we spend several consecutive hours.

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Our goal is clear: To offer you the best possible service for the purchase, installation, and maintenance of air conditioning, heating, air exchanger, air filtration and humidification systems for gas fireplaces and ventilation and other HVAC units. Whether it is for a furnace, central air conditioner, central heat pump, wall mounted air conditioner, heat pump, gas stove or fireplace, air exchanger, air filter or humidifier, all our models are supported by unbeatable guarantees.

We want to save you the trouble of spending too much time and money on HVAC services that won’t do you any good! This is why we offer you energy-efficient devices and systems. All air conditioning and heating systems require regular maintenance. Smile HVAC offers a complete maintenance and inspection service for heating and air conditioning equipment.

Is your device defective or makes funny noises? Smile HVAC offers repair services for air conditioning and heating equipment. Once you call us, our professionals will take care of you on the same day! No delays and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Book an appointment today and get 10% OFF.

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Smile HVAC is aurthorised and licensed to service over 30 brands, so if you own any HVAC equipment from these brands, you don’t need to call two companies. We will manage all your needs and will provide assistance for repairs and installations.


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