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Furnace & AC Repair in Markham

Smile HVAC is a trusted company that operates in Markham and other cities in GTA. We provide furnace repair and installations, air filtration systems, air conditioner installation and repair, water treatment, R.O. water filtration and other HVAC services. Book an appointment now and get 10% OFF.

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Smile HVAC is specialized in furnace repair in Markham that stands out, thanks to our team’s expertise and skills in residential heating our company provides exceptional HVAC related services. At Smile HVAC, we quickly assess the extent of the malfunction and find the causes of the failure to fix the issues.

Use our air conditioner repair services to solve problems with your HVAC units quickly. Contact us at (437) 777-4555 or leave us your contact details, your request will be processed the same day.

Furnace Repair in Markham

If you want to increase the lifespan of your furnace, we recommend having it inspected by HVAC professionals. Furnace repair in Markham might be costly; that’s why you need a professional who will evaluate the problem and provide excellent services. Our simple rule – no need for your HVAC unit if you can repair your current furnace. This way you can save much money. Whether you have electric, oil or gas appliance, we recommend to check it before the start of the winter. It will help to ensure that your heating and air conditioning system will function correctly when you need it. Among other things, the technician will do:

  • verify and fix (if required) safety systems
  • ensure proper operation of the heating elements
  • clean components that tend to get dirty
  • assess pollutant emissions 
  • check the burners

However, it may happen that your furnace is not working correctly due to more complex problems. To prevent the shutdown of your HVAC unit, do not hesitate to contact us. If you hear abnormal noises coming from your furnace or if you notice that it does not heat sufficiently – Smile HVAC is here to help. We act quickly to find the cause of the malfunction, for example:

  • worn bearings
  • an unbalanced fan
  • loose holding parts
  • a faulty fan motor
  • obstructed ducts

Emergency Furnace Repair in Markham

When your central heater is no longer working, Smile HVAC provides same day services to fix your HVAC unit quickly and let you come back to your normal life. If you need to fix your furnace immediately, our company provides emergency furnace repair services in Markham. The most common problems for an emergency furnace repair:

  • a cracked expansion tank
  • a faulty pressure regulator
  • a break on the circulator

Our experts repair all kinds of HVAC systems allowing you to extend the life of your appliances. For quick and efficient repair of your furnaces in Markham, call Smile HVAC. Before completely changing your furnace and investing a large amount of money, have it inspected to see if we can repair it. You can save a significant amount and have a functional furnace for many years to come.

Your furnace breaks? Smile HVAC technicians are here to solve your problem with the extensive experience and great knowledge. No matter what kind of furnace type you have, our technicians can repair your HVAC unit so that you will have comfort in your home. If your furnace has died, we have alternatives by offering several heating systems adapted to your residential needs. Call Smile HVAC if you need a professional emergency furnace repair services in Markham.

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Smile Protection Plan

Smile Protection Plan is specially designed for those of us who don’t like unexpected “surprises”. “Surprises” like when you suddenly have to get out of pocket hundreds of dollars to repair your broken equipment.
Ask us about discounts on combined plans.
  • With Smile Protection Plan:
  • You pay a low monthly fee
  • You'll never have to worry again about paying for repairs
  • You'll get free maintenance of your equipment
  • You don't have to pay for emergency calls
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$ 14
/ Month
  • Heating
  • OR
  • Cooling Protection
Starting from
$ 9
/ Month
  • Heating
  • OR
  • Cooling Maintenance

Air Conditioner Repair in Markham

If you are looking for air conditioner repair in Markham – we are here for you at Smile HVAC. The air conditioning helps you spend pleasant days and nights, even during the hot weather. However, if it is not maintained regularly, it can be prone to even more troublesome breakdowns when they occur during the warm months. Our team of professionals will repair your air conditioning system on the same day and with no unnecessary delays.

Do you want to avoid enormous heat that is very common in GTA during the summer? That’s why it’s essential to use the services of the professional HVAC technicians. Our air conditioning products will bring a cool environment into your home. The experts at Smile HVAC have a wide selection of products from several renowned suppliers. We offer our air conditioning systems and reliable services.

We offer you products and services that will allow you to be comfortable all summer long in your home. With the right HVAC unit suited to your type of property, you will feel relaxed and in the best conditions to spend a summer season. Always on the lookout for new products on the market, we offer you only reliable air conditioners, verified by our technicians. We will present our selection of efficient and reliable devices. Smile HVAC provides a professional air conditioner repair services in Markham. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best Markham Heating service

Smile HVAC team specializes in heating and cooling services in Markham. From thawing pipes to installing heated floors, our clients like our services because of the quality and affordability. The same is true for our water heater installation and repair services. With years of experience in the field, our experienced professionals will be able to advise you on the heating system best suited to your home or office. We also install energy-efficient heating systems and provide emergency services.

Do not stay in the cold due to a faulty heating and cooling system. With professional repair services, we help you to find comfort and warmth inside your home or office. Smile HVAC also provides emergency furnace repair in Markham if you need to fix your appliance as soon as possible. We can also take care of the maintenance of your HVAC unit to keep it in good working order. Our professional and reliable heating services will offer you an unparalleled “comfort zone”. Our expertise and experience allow us to recommend the best units on the market, taking into account the type of building or house you have and your heating needs.

Don’t wait any longer. A good heating system will allow you to feel comfortable at home and save money in the long term.

Call us at 437-777-4555 or book your appointment online.

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Water Heater Repair in Markham

Smile HVAC has already performed hundreds of water heater repairs in Markham. The reliability of your HVAC unit hugely depends on the quality of its installation. That is why it is crucial to deal with experienced professional technicians when you get a new water heater. Our team can advise you at the time of purchase according to your needs what type of water heater is the best for your situation. The capacity of the hot water tank depends on your consumption. We will advise you if a 40-gallon or 60-gallon water heater is preferable for your home. Our Markham heating experts can also recommend you the maintenance measures to keep your appliance in good condition as long as possible.

We are always aware of the importance of having access to hot water until the water heater fails. You could face two possibilities: repair the water heater or replace it. If the water heater component burned out or a thermostat is defective, we will be able to fix your water heater. If there’s a leak in your water heater or if it is a water heater ten years of age and over, you should consider replacing it. Even if you make the necessary repairs with your old water heater, it may break soon due to its old age.

We strongly advise you to rely on the Smile HVAC team’s expertise to choose the right solution. We have already served thousands of customers with water heater problems like yours. Our professional advisers will be able to assess the repair of your water heater and give you different options that you may want to consider.

At Smile HVAC, we have made our reputation on the trust that our customers give to us. For this reason that we can guarantee you that we will make a prior assessment to save you as much money as it’s possible. If repair is necessary for your water heater, we will not hesitate to fix it quickly and with good quality. If you need to replace your water heater, we will offer you a water heater that will perfectly meet the hot water supply needs of your home.

Air Quality

Do you need air filtration services in Markham? Implementing and maintaining effective filtration systems has never been more critical than it is today. You and your family’s health and wellness are directly linked to the quality of the ambient air. The latest research reveals some troubling facts: The increase in international trade increases the possibilities of air contamination significantly; air pollutants, gases, toxic compounds released by new materials, viruses, and bacteria multiply in the buildings. There is an exponential increase in respiratory issues, especially in kids. These studies will shortly make government agencies strengthen their filtration standards. It is now imperative to know the consequences of poor air quality and how to deal with this problem.

Smile HVAC has excellent expertise in the filtration technologies that exist on the market. If you need air filtration services in Markham – we’ve got you covered! Based on your needs, our HVAC technicians help you to improve air quality problems at homes such as repair of the humidifier, ventilation and others. Thus you will get the best performance according to the Canadian standards.

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No matter what problem you are having with your heater or air conditioner, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our certified technicians at Smile HVAC are handpicked and trained according to Ontario requirements. They guarantee the quality of the work done and provide you with fast and courteous service. From adjusting the condenser to changing the filter on your wall-mounted heat pump, we carry out each type of heating system repair following the rules of the trade. Besides, we make sure to use only original parts that have a warranty. 

To carry out this type of repair, the Smile HVAC team favours equipment that reflects the latest technological advances in heating system repair. We are available seven days a week and in the event of an emergency. Our customers choose Smile HVAC because we have:

  • affordable prices
  • no hidden fees
  • no appointment cancellation fees
  • flexible working hours.

Don’t hesitate to call us at (437) 777-4555 or leave us your contact details and we will process your request on the same day.

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Smile HVAC is aurthorised and licensed to service over 30 brands, so if you own any HVAC equipment from these brands, you don’t need to call two companies. We will manage all your needs and will provide assistance for repairs and installations.


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