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Smile HVAC offers a one-stop solution for all your water heater installation and repair needs. Our team can handle all types of water heater repairs in Thornhill.  With us, you won’t have to worry about routine water heater maintenance and repairs. We cover all your HVAC needs – furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioners. With our services, you will forget all cold water issues. With years of experience, we are now a household name for water heater repair in Thornhill.


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Water Heater Repair in Thornhill

Hot water is a necessity, especially during the chilly winters of Thornhill. A continuous supply of hot water is a must for daily household activities. If your water heater acts up, you immediately try to book a water heater repair in Thornhill. For Canadians, a water heater is a vital appliance. Routine water heater maintenance is essential to keeping it in working order.

Availment of professional water heater installation and maintenance services boosts the efficiency of your water heater. An energy-efficient water heater helps in reducing utility bills. You should be aware of potential water heater problems to handle them effectively. It will also help in the timely availing of water heater repairs in Thornhill. We offer many water heater maintenance options to suit your busy schedule.

While recommending any HVAC appliance, we consider area, budget, product efficiency, and other industry standards. Aside from water heater installation, we offer water heater maintenance services to reduce breakdowns. Professional services save you from frequent water heater repairs in Thornhill.

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Water Heater Problems in Thornhill

It is common for any machinery to develop issues over time, and so is the case with water heaters. Following are some common issues for water heater repairs in Thornhill.

Limited Hot Water

One of the frequent complaints that we receive is not having enough hot water. It is frustrating to face the issue of limited supply even after choosing the best water heater as per your needs. Common reasons behind it are poor water heater installation, clogged pipes, and damaged heating elements. With our professional water heater maintenance, such issues can be avoided. If you continue to face this problem, contact us to book a water heater repair in Thornhill. Our technicians can easily and quickly solve such issues.

Temperature Issues

When you have access to either cold water or burning hot water, it is a sign of temperature issues. Wrong thermostat settings or faulty heating elements usually cause temperature fluctuations. Dangerously hot water is a potential health hazard, especially for babies. This can happen when you forget to change the thermostat with the change in season. Before booking a water heater repair in Thornhill, try resetting the thermostat and ensure a continuous power supply. With our water heater installation and maintenance, you won’t have any of these issues. Such problems can be fixed before they become significant through regular inspections on water heater maintenance visits.

Poor Water Quality

Are you tired of dirty, foul-smelling hot water? If you face quality issues only with hot water, then something is wrong with your water heater. Otherwise, it may be a plumbing issue. Sediment build-up and rust are two main reasons for poor quality hot water. When minerals accumulate in a water tank, they cause a foul smell. Buy a water heater maintenance plan to keep the tank clean and free from bacteria. When an anode rod gets damaged, the water tank may start rusting. To replace an anode rod, book a professional water heater repair in Thornhill. Even proper water heater installation can enhance the life of an anode rod.

Need Emergency Service?

We know that life can be unpredictable, and the emergencies do not happen according to plan.

Emergency Water Heater Repair in Thornhill

Homeowners pay attention to water heater maintenance and repairs only when they start facing cold showers and laundry issues. Avoid such an attitude. Ignoring water heater issues will lead to accumulation and then sudden breakdown. You may need an expensive replacement. Stay regular with water heater maintenance and routine inspections. If you need any immediate help, contact us for water heater repairs in Thornhill.

It is difficult to imagine having cold showers when the temperature drops. Hot water is a necessity for the harsh winters of Canada. You can not wait for the next appointment in case of sudden water heater breakdowns. That’s why we offer emergency water heater repair in Thornhill. Whether it’s a quick repair or a comprehensive water heater installation, we’re here for you. We offer emergency water heater repair in Thornhill on a 24/7/365 days basis.

Best Water Heater Technicians in Thornhill

Before buying an appliance, you seek advice from friends and family and do in-depth research. But when it comes to technicians who will handle those appliances, you settle easily. Why? Always trust the experts when it comes to water heater installation and repairs. Our happy customers are proof of our reliable water heater repairs in Thornhill. We have built a team of the best technicians. We keep our technicians up-to-date with the latest technology. We offer the best water heater repair in Thornhill. Many customers across many cities of Canada trust us for their HVAC and plumbing needs. Contact us to avail of discounts on the best water heater repair in Thornhill. We also offer the following services:

Troubleshoot Tips with your Water Heater in Thornhill

There is a general notion that water heater problems come with hefty repair bills. But it is not entirely true. You can avoid water heater repairs in Thornhill for small matters by using the following tips. It is also possible with regular water heater maintenance. Some quick troubleshooting tips are:

  • If you have limited hot water, ensure the supply of power/fuel is consistent and proper water heater installation. If the issue persists, book a water heater repair in Thornhill.
  • For the problem of water leaks, tighten loose valves and connections. Don’t avoid regular water heater maintenance as it helps in the early fixing of issues.
  • To avoid loud banging noise, keep the water tank clean. A continuous boiling sound is an indicator of overheating. Contact us to book a water heater repair in Thornhill with an expert.

We recommend avoiding self-water heater installation as it may cause problems in the future.

Common Water Heater Problems?

  • No Hot Water
  • Smelly or Foul-Tasting Water
  • Leaking Water Heater Tank
  • Strange Noise
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Pilot Light won’t Stay On

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