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No one is a fan of a broken furnace because it’s not just a matter of the additional furnace repair services cost but also the time and energy that goes into the process to be ready before winter.

Or god-forbid it’s happened to you in the middle of winters and it’s freezing cold outside; then all you want is to have it fixed as soon as possible.

It can feel a bit overwhelming to DIY the components for repairing and not to mention a possible fire hazard if not done right, so we would sincerely advise to let us at SmileHVAC help you for your furnace repair services in Toronto.

Whether you need our services for a quick emergency or schedule an appointment for an annual repair, our experienced technicians can work on any model of furnace.

We pride on being a high-quality furnace repair services company that works with you for your budget and needs.


Find Out What Went Wrong with Your Furnace?

Did you know there are various types of problems that can possibly happen to a furnace? Do you have a furnace not working at an optimal level?

Here we have a quick checklist for some simple solutions that we can guide you in:

  1. Did you try to reset the home circuit breaker or do you have a clogged filter by any chance?
  2. Did you check the safety switch on the furnace door?
  3. Check the burner flames they may have some sort of contamination or debris!
  4. At least once a year, did you oil your furnace blower?
  5. Insulate your ductwork to cut down on a noisy furnace.
  6. Always check all the vents around the entire house.
  7. Clean leaves and debris from heat pumps or vents.
  8. Do you know how old your furnace is? Maybe it’s past its prime time now?


When to Call a Furnace Repair Consultant?

What are some of the problems when it’s time to call a professional? Here are some indications you can keep your eye on:

  1. Heating or rapid cycling problems – when your furnace is turning off and on again too quickly
  2. Installing a new safety switch to the furnace door
  3. Replacing a burner flame that is in poor condition
  4. Replacing the limit switch because the blower is running continuously
  5. Faulty ignition system


Don’t worry about the cost of furnace repair services in Toronto because we here at SmileHVAC work within your budget.

We understand your needs and your furnace. Our consultation includes detailing every single aspect of your furnace repair and discussing what makes it work at its optimal level.


The Best Repair Services for Furnace Repair

Whether it is a furnace repair or furnace maintenance you’re looking for, SmileHVAC has the answer for your needs. With our team of highly trusted and experienced technicians in Toronto and GTA, let us take care of your furnace repair needs.

Remember, if you don’t need a replacement, we will never sell you one. Call us today at (+1) 437-777-4555, or contact us through our contact page, to book a consultation.